He hated him.

No, he really did.

He knew perfectly well he had no right to.

But he just couldn't help it.

From the very first day she had brought him home, that night of the Winter Social, he hated him.

He couldn't stand the fact that he could stand so close to her, that he could put his arm around her, that he could put his mouth to hers.

And that he himself couldn't.

Yeah, he was her stepbrother.

Okay, so he was her oldest stepbrother.

So what?

It wasn't like they were related by blood.

Seeing her with him...

Seeing how happy she was...

It tore him up.

It crushed through him, leaving a bitter, angry taste in his mouth.

She was tough, smart, kind when she thought no one was looking...

She was beautiful.

She never let anyone get in her way.

She stood up for herself and everybody she had ever loved.

So seeing her with him, with that damn Jesse had made him mad beyond all belief.

He liked her.

He had been in love with her since the very first time they had met, at their parent's wedding.

Not, of course, that he would ever admit it.

After all, they were family.

And family wasn't supposed to like each other.

Not in that way.

So all he could do was throw the occasional compliment her way.

Stand up for her once in a while.

Look at her from underneath hooded eyes, when he knew she wasn't looking.

And hope and dream...

Dream and dream and dream...

Dream a dream that he knew was never going to come true.

Because they were family.


Yes. I know. Oooberly wrong pairing. But I was reading the last book and the third, and I was just like...ergh. If you twist the whole thing just a bit, it could soooo be that Sleepy has a bit of a crush on her...so I did! :D Haha, and after my Lily/Sirius one-shots, what can I say...I just love the unusual pairings! :)

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