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Summary: She was his prisoner. His to keep. His to control. No one else could have her only him and if anyone tried to take her away he would kill them. Yes, he was obsessed but he didn't care, as long as she was his.

Rated M for later contents.

Chapter 1

Red Eyes

She woke up groggily and felt sudden pain come to her head. "Ugh, what happened?" She asked herself quietly. She felt like she had been hit on the head by a bat or something. As her eyesight got used to the darkness, she looked around and figured that she was in some sort of room. "Where am I?" She asked out loud to no one in particular.

The door clicked open slowly and she felt her head snap to the noise instantly causing her to crack her neck painfully. Yes she was jumpy, she didn't even know where she was. As the door opened she craned her head closer to see who it was. Who she saw surprised her greatly.

*Two Days Before*

"Ne Sakura-chan, do you want to go training today?" Naruto asked curiously with bright beaming eyes (as usual). This blond boy had beautiful sky blue eyes and although he was at the age of 18, he was still the childish, immature boy from six years ago.

Sakura smiled softly at Naruto, her apple-green eyes saddening a little, although she it disappeared as fast as it came. Yes, this cherry blossom pink-haired girl-no, woman, was not the 12-year old girl she used to be like before. She was stronger now and could take care of herself. She was no longer weak and needing help every minute of the day. No, she was a strong beautiful kunoichi now. She had succeded a lot in the past few years. She was now a medic nin and a member of the Anbu, along with Naruto of course.

They have both gotten stronger on their own and were there for eachother. "Naruto, don't you have to spend time with Hinata-chan today. I think you spend too much time with me already." Sakura teased Naruto.

"I don't spend too much time with you. I spend way more time with Hinata but don't worry Sakura-chan, I always have time for you!" Naruto cheerfully said expanding his arms out as if taking everything into his arms.

Sakura giggled at the goofy boy. Yes, this was still definitely the never changing Naruto she knew. Nothing could ever change him, he was a bundle of energy always exploding at random times. "So, what do you say to the training, Sakura-chan?"

Sakura thought about it for a second and suddenly remembered something. "Sorry Naruto, but I forgot that I had to go and meet Tsunade- shishou as soon as I could." Sakura apologized.

"Mm, it's fine." Naruto grumbled for he really did want someone to train with. He had been getting rusty lately. He then sighed and shrugged his shoulders, then smiled. "Go along then Sakura. You don't want Tsunade baa san to get angry!"

"Then I'll be seeing you Naruto." And with that Sakura jogged away while Naruto went to go look for Hinata.

*At Hokage's Office*

Sakura knocked on Tsunade's office door three times. "Come in." Tsunade said. Sakura entered and closed the door behind her. She was surprised at the sight she saw. Tsunade looked very stressed out and Shizuka was nowhere in sight. Plus the fact that the office was messy with papers strewn all over.

"Tsunade-shishou, what is the matter?" Sakura asked concerned for her master.

Tsunade finally looked up and stared at Sakura with tired eyes. "Sakura, I have important news to tell you." Sakura listened intently to what the fifth hokage told her. "We have been observing the Sound Village for awhile now. They've been becoming more restless as if they can't wait to do something. We have come to the conclusion that they might attack Konoha once again."

"And why does this concern me?" Sakura asked although she knew perfectly why Tsunade had wanted to consult this with Sakura.

Tsunade gave Sakura a soft look. She knew that this girl in front of her had grown stronger but she did not know if this girl could handle it if she had to fight one of her dearest friends. Someone who had left her for power instead of friendship. Tsunade looked into Sakura's eyes and knew that although she did not show it, her apprentice looked just like that 12 year old girl from a long time ago.

Sakura sighed and forced herself to smile. "Do not worry Tsunade-shishou, I'll be able to take it, but do you know why they are attacking us?"

Tsunade sighed wearily at this. "I'm not sure but if they come up with a reasonable proposal then we might just get a negotiation instead of a fight. I shall inform you more if anymore information comes. Now, Shizune has retired to her house from tiredness, do you think you could help me?"

This time Sakura smiled genuinely, "Yes, ma'am!"

*Late Evening*

Sakura was exhausted from all the work that Tsunade had told her to do. Although she didn't show it, she was tired from all the hard work. Fortunately she got to go home. Sakura sighed to herself as she tried to convince herself that she wouldn't even see him and that she was already over him. She had tried to offer friendship and he had refused to accept it and ran away. Yes, that's what she convinced herself. He had ran away from everything. Away from his friends the one's who cared for him most. He had ran away from his home and betrayed them. He had chosen to get stronger instead of choosing to stay with his friends. He had also ditched his best friend and nearly got him killed. Sakura had the right to hate him. The right to blame him for everything that he did to her even though she knew that it was wrong.

Sakura, who was too busy with herself and the fact that she was very tired, did not notice two red eyes staring at her from afar. She did not notice the lust in them, the need to have her, the need to take her away. She did not notice his chakra which he had concealed finely. He could not wait until the time came. He watched her go until she had made it safely home and then disappeared under the full moon. One more day. One more day and she would be his. All his.

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