Her long legs wound around the pole as she slowly slid down the beam. Men were clapping and ogling at her body and the way she could move it. She twirled and spun, slid and stretched, she new they loved her and so did everyone else.

No man could resist her, that's why all the girls envied her, they were always jealous. She couldn't help it though; it was just they way she was. And no- I'm not talking about her looks. I'm talking about her personality.


Every night she would change. Instead of being a cute, shy, and 'cool & spicy' Hinamori Amu... She would become a sexy, outgoing, and 'erotic & seductive' Hinamori Amu.

None of her friends knew about this change, only her family. Not that they were mad, because it has always been a curse. Every woman in their family would change like that… every night, until they found true love.

It started on her sixteenth birthday, her first change… it was only a mild change, but she still couldn't have any boys around her. She had to practice controlling her hormones… so she wouldn't pounce on anybody. [lol]

Her mother had explained what would happen to her before it happened, so she was prepared… meaning nobody stays past 10:00pm.

"Mom! Why i-is this going to happen to me, I've done nothing wrong!" The scared girl shouted.

"I'm so sorry dear, but this happens to all of us until we find love." Midori said trying to calm her daughter down.

"This isn't fair! I don't want to become a w-whore… what will my friends think?!" Amu replied.

"There's nothing we can do about that, but try to keep it a secret. Besides, you're 16 now; you should be looking for love not friends." Midori sighed.

She really didn't want to be mean to her daughter, but it was the only way to get through to her. They have had this conversation many times and it always ended the same way.

Amu would start crying and so would Midori, they both apologized, try to accept what would happen, and fight again the next week.


It was now one year later and Amu was used to it. She worked at a strip club called "The Rabbit Hole", in the next town. Her friends never found out, and none of them would if she had anything to do about it. She was really good at keeping secrets.

She loved to work there, it was great pay, and she got the release she needed from all the heat that was burning up inside her. Oh, and it was great exercise to keep her really fit.

"Hey bunny, can I have a lap dance over here?" A man with messy brown hair shouted.

"Sure, cutie." Amu winked at him.

He really was cute; he was about a year older then Amu, and probably still in high school. She would see him there sometimes, but she didn't know him.

"What's your name?" She whispered into his ear as she crawled onto his lap.

"Soma Kukai." He replied with a smile.


Amu woke up the next morning happily. Another day of secrets over. She ate breakfast and walked to school. School was her favourite place because she could see all her friends.

"Hey Amu!" Rima shouted running up to her friend.

"Hello Rima, how are you?" Amu replied.

"I'm good, what about you?" Rima asked.

"I'm great. What's with that huge crowd of girls over there?" She wondered.

"Oh, well there's this new guy who just transferred. His name is Tsukiyomi Ikuto and he's from the next town..." Rima said.

"Cool, but that doesn't explain why there are so many girls following him…"

"I was getting to that, and it's because he's extremely gorgeous!" Rima squeaked.

"Oh boy." Amu said, not very enthusiastically, and the pair walked to their classes.

Secretly Amu was kind of worried; nobody that went to their school was from the next town. What if he was a playboy? What if he liked to go to strip clubs?? What if he found out about me?! What if he told people?!

"Ah class, this is our new student, Tsukiyomi Ikuto… Please introduce yourself." said.

"Yo. Call me Ikuto." He winked. –All the girls squeaked.-

"Thank you; now please take a seat beside Himamori-san." The teacher said.

"It's HiNamori not HiMamori." Amu said.

Ikuto took a seat beside Amu and eyed her up and down.

"Hey, here's my number." He smirked.

"What's this for?" Amu raised an eyebrow.

"For you to call me, duh." He whispered.

"O-oh… well nobody said I wanted you're number, don't just go assuming things about people." She said while blushing.

"Awe, that's cute, she blushes like a strawberry." Ikuto smirked again.

"Sh-shut up!" She shouted.

The whole class looked at her like she was insane.

"Is there something wrong Himamori-san?" asked.

"Eh? N-no sorry." She replied and glared at Ikuto, who just chuckled.

The bell rang and Amu started to walk home with Rima, when they saw Ikuto. Amu had already told Rima the story about the phone number thing and instantly didn't like him.

Ikuto looked like he was talking on his cell phone. But all they could here were bits and pieces of the conversation… not that they were eavesdropping. They just heard as they were passing by.

"Yo, Kukai. What's up? There- yeah- soon-" That was all we heard before we passed him.

Wait! Did he just say Kukai? Amu was sketching balls as soon as she heard his name. Rima didn't notice, which was odd because any other person would have.

Amu hoped that he was talking to a different Kukai, but she knew that it was unlikely that it was. She hoped that they weren't that close. She hoped that he wouldn't tell Ikuto about the strip club or about her dancing there.

"Bye Amu." Rima said as she turned down the street.

"Bye Rima, see you tomorrow!" Amu replied.

She was sad that Rima had to leave, but at least she would be able to think to herself now. She had to think of what she could do incase anything happened with Ikuto.

This was going to make things much more complicated.