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After Amu got home, she thought about what seductive things she could do to Ikuto. She thought and thought, but couldn't come up with anything! She was certainly annoyed with herself.

I mean, what girl that transformed into a pervert, every night, couldn't think of ONE seductive thing to do to a guy? I guess Amu was hopeless… until, she got the best idea ever!

The idea originated at the club. You know? Where Amu worked the night shift. It was wet t-shirt night. And well, that's how she got the idea.

Would you like to hear about her night at the club? Well I'm going to tell you anyway! :D


"Woooh!" Screamed the men and all the girls lined up.

"Imee-chan! Get the hose!" The girl's boss instructed.

"Are you guys ready for some wet T-shirts?!" Squealed the pink-ette.

"YEAAAAH!" The men replied.

And one by one, Nekiri Imee showered the girls in very cold water. The men were ogling and the girls were shivering. You know what that means? The girls are going to need some body heat…

"Were going to need some volunteers to help warm up our girls!" The boss yelled.

She chose four different guys to come up on stage. The girls were soaking wet, see-through shirts, and guys were coming on stage…

What happened next, well… that needs to be in an M rating ;). Though, Amu didn't have sex. She wanted to, very much so. BUT she didn't. She had to control her hormones, or she wouldn't be able to tease Ikuto without… you know.

Amu was still a virgin. For now. She wanted to wait for the right person, no matter how strong the urge…. [A/N: What a good girl…?]

That night, Amu went to bed with the perfect idea to start off her 'Make Ikuto love me and break the curse' plan.


"Today is the day…" Amu and Ikuto whispered to themselves.

Amu had to find a way to spill water on her white T-shirt, without it looking… on purpose?

Though, what she didn't know was that it was already going to be taken care of. By none other then Ikuto.

"Amu, change into your gym shirt, quickly!" The teacher yelled at her.

"Hai!" She replied.

Amu changed as fast as possible and ran out with the others. Amazingly, Ikuto was in her class. This was the perfect place for her to work her magic.

"Amu and Ikuto…" The teacher started. "You too will be a pair in running today."

'Perfect' they both thought.

"I-is it possible for me to have another partner?" Amu said in her fake persona… Knowing the teacher would say NO.

"NO." It was like she could read her mind.

"Ikuto, you b-better not try anything, I'm s-serious!" Amu said.

"Awe, but strawberry, I know you secretly like it." Ikuto winked.

"Wh-what?! I do not! You p-pervert" She said getting flushed.

"Whatever. Lets just run." He replied smirking.

Ikuto's POV.

After they ran their laps, Ikuto got out a bottle of water… He took a sip and looked over at Amu. She was sweating and breathing heavily.

He walked over to her casually, holding the water.

"You look hot." He said calmly.

"What?! Pervert!" Amu yelled back.

"I didn't mean it that way, look who's the pervert now." He smirked.

"O-oh, well yeah. I guess I am. Could I have some water?" Amu asked, blushing.

'bingo' he thought.

"Sure." He said. As he said this, he dumped the water bottle on her. On her white shirt. Which was now see-through.

"Ahhhh! You p-pervert! Why did you do that?!" Amu screamed noticing her plan was going perfectly. Oh and everyone could see her bra.

"I'm sorry, it was an accident…" he snickered.

"You're such a lie-" Amu was cut off.

"HINAMORI! TSUKIYOMI!... what's going on here?!" The teacher yelled.

"W-well… you see… Ikuto spilled water on my shirt and-" She was cut off again.

"I see that. Go dry it off, now!" The teacher retorted.

"O-of course. But since it was Ikuto's fault, I think he should come and help dry it." Amu said.

I stood their, wide-eyed. She wanted me to go with her? Why? Revenge? Or maybe she was starting to like me… No. That couldn't be it. Must be revenge… yeah.

We walked towards the change rooms.

'I get to go in with her. This could be fun.' He thought, smirking to himself.

Amu's POV.

'This is perfect, it's going better then I thought. Thank god for Ikuto's perverted ness… WHAT? Wow, did I just think that… I must be insane…' Amu thought.

They walked into the change rooms and ikuto sat on the bench. Amu looked at him, then at her shirt, then at him, then down and blushed.

"You know… if you're too embarrassed to take your shirt off, I could do it for you." Ikuto winked.

[A/N she has to take it off to dry it, and its part of her plan… don't ask lol]

Amu walked up to him slowly. She leaned up to his ear and whispered…

"You're right, maybe I do need you to remove it for me" …seductively.

She pressed her chest against his and begged 'please' with her big, bright eyes.

Ikuto just sat there… gaping at her. She guessed he was stunned by her sudden mood change and giggled.

"Fine, don't help me then…" She said turning around and removing the shirt herself.

Ikuto: Still gaping, but eyes are wider.

"What? You've never seen a bra before?" Amu asked, smirking. [A/N yes! smirking.]

Ikuto got a sudden jolt of reality back in his head and stood up.

"Why, of course I have my strawberry, I was just surprised by how small you are." He lied, chuckling. Of course he lied. Amu was actually had a nice size.

"Whaaaat?!" Amu yelled. "I am not small!" She finished.

"Sure." He said slithering his arms around her waist.

"Wh-what are you doing?" She asked, flustered.

"You'll see." He said bringing his hands up to the back of her bra.

Amu, being a dense as she is, didn't notice where his hands had gone until…


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