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AN: I'm still early on in the show (just finally caught my first glimpse of Diva - they really stretched out and abused their time before showing her.), so yeah, if you hate Diva, Saya, Solomon, or whoever appears in these oneshots, please don't spoil the show for me with the reaosn why. 0 : )

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"Try it again." He instructed calmly, even though parts of his patience were already wearing thin. He wrapped his arms around his knees and glanced at the Rolex watch around his wrist. They'd been there about an hour.

She huffed childishly and let herself fall backwards into the grass stubbornly. Instead of listening, she just picked at the grass, staring up at the passing clouds with bright blue eyes. It never seemed to get old for her, the smells and sights of outside. One moment she'd be hunting someone down, and the next, chasing a butterfly that had just landed on a branch. But he was used to it. "Une...duex...trois...quatre.... I forget." She sat back up and pouted, like a kid whose mother had just told them that they couldn't buy candy. "I don't wanna do this anymore."

"You said you wanted to know how to count, Diva," he reminded her. The girl just shrugged, ripping up more grass. "Well what is you want now?"

She sat back up, turning away from the sky. "I wanna play seek-and-hide!" A perky giggle. She got up and started running towards the trees behind them, laughing all the way.

"Hide-and-seek." He corrected, shaking his head and laughing too. He got up from the grass, brushing off any stains that could've rubbed onto his suit. Instead of asking her to slow down, or telling her that he was too tired for it, he followed after the infantile girl. "Ready or not?"

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