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"Cano tasay noni, cano nimono..."

A heavy, terrible silence fell over the breakfast table, smothering everyone there. Riku dropped the toast he'd made for "Saya nii-chan" on his own foot, not even noticing the burn of melted butter. The forever sotic Haji said absolutely nothing, but just slid his pale aquamarine eyes in the direction of the kitchen's entrance, where the song was coming from. Saya's fists clenched automatically around her glass, which was close to the point of breaking.

"Kimah strata taday dato, nimo strpey datoo..."

The now aged Kai merely looked up from the newspaper he'd been reading, dated October 25th, 2035. He just frowned, shifting uncomfortably. Takara, the twin who looked more like Saya just about choked on her eggs, until Saya thumped her back.

"Cano tasay noni cano nimono, Kamay sitodo lada nibonimoe." Takara's sister entered the kitchen with flourish, smiling at everyone like some kind of perfect little angel. She kissed Riku on the cheek and took her usual seat at the table, beaming with pride. When she saw the looks on everyone elses faces, the grin on her face grew even wider. "Well, what do you think?"

"I think-" Kai started to say, but he was quieted by a glare from Saya. "Someone's got quite a voice."