Yosh! My first OP fanfic. It's a bit of an introspective RoZo twoshot. Part I belongs to Zoro. I hope you enjoy! ^^

Part I ~ Confusions of a Swordsman

'Pirate Hunter' Roronoa Zoro, a.k.a. the resident swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirate Crew, was rather irritated. Now, while this frustration was not rare due to the swordsman's awfully immense short-temperedness, for some reason it was knawing at him in this instant even more so than usual.

His usual annoyances included but were not limited to: the romantic prattle of the aho-lovelin cook, the greedy demands of the bitchy money-obsessed navigator as well as the idiotic antics of his ship's captain, doctor and sniper.

But what was prodding at him this very moment was something, or rather someone, entirely different. That woman…

For some reason, the moss-headed man found the crew's newest member, that archaeologist woman, on his mind nonstop. It pissed him off to the ends of hell and back; that he simply could not refrain from thinking of her.

In his morning meditation he thought about this long and hard. Racking his brain, he could find no explanation for his abnormal thoughts and emotions. Thoroughly unsatisfied with the lack of solutions his mind was offering up, he came to the simple conclusion that it was his utter abhorrence for the woman, Nico Robin, which was causing his irregular behavior. The only way to avoid such distraction? Avoid her.

And that was exactly what Zoro did. Or at least, attempted to do. Somehow fate (or perhaps even God??) found ways to leave him in the company of said woman.

It was not merely the fact that she had only quite recently been their enemy, but the fact that somehow Zoro felt she would leave at a moment's notice. That she could just abandon them as quickly as she so insistently requested to join. He just absolutely could not condone that! Luffy, who was literally the one who held them all together, had so much trust in her! If she were to just use them and throw them aside, the swordsman would not let his anger and disdain be concealed.

From this standpoint, it appalled the young man that the rest of the crew had so easily fallen for her tricks. The love-cook flipped head-over-heels screaming "Mellorine!" like a lovesick little boy upon sight of the rather attractive woman (not that that would matter to Zoro); the stupid, miserly woman caved like a child for candy when the oh-so-precious jewels á la Crocodile were dangled in front of her eyes; and last but not least, his own ever-trusting captain was mesmerized by her contribution to his as well as Chopper and Usopp's childish little games, via Devil Fruit power. It was unnerving how none of them could see in her what he did: Just another person who would walk out of their lives and disappear in the end.

And yet, something made him want to see past all of that.

When he saw her being electrocuted in front of his eyes, a new rage built up inside of him. It was low, it was sick; to see her attacked in such a way.

'It was only because that lightning bastard was scum enough to attack a woman, that's all. And she is our nakama, after all,' was what he decidedly told himself later on as he guzzled down mug after mug of booze at the Skypeian-Shandian celebration.

Yet still his strange reactions followed him like the plague. Moments after losing the rather bothersome "Dharma-san has fallen" event during the even more troublesome Davy Back Fight, Zoro began feeling somewhat regretful that his actions had caused the raven-haired archaeologist to remain within in the ranks of that Fox-dumbass's petty crew. (Aside from the fact that they lost Chopper again as well.)

However, it seemed her passiveness at having to leave them in the first place was prodding at him yet again. Did she trust that they would be able retrieve her, or did she just not care? It again brought Zoro back to his earlier concerns. Well that, and the fact that he could not stand her wearing that retarded-looking mask. (He thanked whatever entity existed that Luffy was never one to make his entire crew wear his same trademark straw hat.)

This was then to be accompanied by his relief that Luffy had finally kicked the Fox-asshat's ass. This time he convinced himself it was due to the sheer horror of having to become an underling of said Fox-bastard (who looked nothing like a fox, anyhow).

But then, his sense of security towards all this was eradicated. His fears, or perhaps worries, were at last realized. She left them, just as he had expected her to. She let them be upheld for her crimes just as easily.

Zoro kept telling himself that he had expected it to happen; that he had known she would have done this sooner or later. But still, something in him blazed. The feeling of betrayal, as he knew would temporarily flame over. But this – it was somehow much more intense than he had thought it would be.

Something inside him, something deeper than the begrudged feelings for his captain and the rest of his nakama, shattered. Maybe it was his own personal trust for her. A glimmer of hope that she might have been willing to be a part of them, their somewhat mishap family. Was that it? In the end, she was gone and Zoro just could not shake the feeling that her deserting of them was just all too familiar.

Several months later, long after she had proven her loyalty and returned, Zoro would try his best to keep from contemplating this awkward and slightly upsetting past. Drifting asleep aboard the Thousand Sunny, he tried his best to fend away all memories and uncomfortable thoughts in relation to her. That way, it would be a lot easier for him. That way, he didn't have to worry about it again. He had too much to think about anyways.

A sunny day on the Grand Line, the Thousand Sunny-gou grasping its true aura…

"Excuse me Mr. Swordsman. Mr. Cook has called us in for lunch. Are you coming?" the historian asked politely, after having awoken the swordsman from his afternoon nap.

"Mmm…what? Yeah, tell his majesty of Retardia I'm coming," he grumbled as he began to lift himself from sleeping position.

Robin giggled, still rather amused by the ongoing feud between swordsman and cook. "All right, I'll make sure he knows."

"OI, ROBIN-CHWAN!!!!!" came the enamored cry of the one and only love-cook himself.

"We're coming, Mr. Cook!" she replied, still letting her entertainment show. Her laughter ceased, but she still held a smile on her lips.

Zoro found himself staring after her a bit contently. He did so until his focus was clouded by the presence of a certain blond-haired cook, glaring at him.

"Oi, marimo-head, you weren't thinking of going after Robin-chwan, were you?" he asked threateningly.

With that, the spark of rivalry was lit.

"Like hell, dartboard! I'm nothing like you!"

"DARTBOARD??!! Why you son of a…!"

And thus, the classic argument began. But as Zoro bickered away with the ero-cook, he now found himself trying to bury at the back of his mind the thought that this time, just maybe the aho-lovelin may have been right…

That last part was unbelievably fun to write. Anyhow, if any of you fellow RoZo fans stop by, I hope you enjoy and feedback is much appreciated.

Part II shall be in as soon as possible. This time, it'll be Robin's thoughts on a certain marimo. ^.~