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1: Prologue- Then and Now

Flames danced around in the air of Fake Karakura Town, surrounding Captain-General Yamamoto and Traitorous Shinigami Sosuke Aizen in a circular ring. "Now it can really just be a fight between us," Yamamoto said to the Ex-5th Division Captain.

"You shinigami really are amusing," Aizen smirked. "And while I would like to fight spend my time fighting you; I'm afraid I must be quick about it. To make sure you want to dispose of me quickly as well, I might as well show you something interesting…" Aizen reached into his outfit and pulled out a small spherical object.

"Is that…?" Yamamoto said opening his eyes slightly.

"So you recognize it," replied the calm Aizen. "Yes, this is the Hogyoku. Defeat me here and now, and it is yours. That should make you want to fight, eh?"

Yamamoto grimaced as he raised zanpakuto in preparation to fight. "I didn't need anything to make me motivated to destroy you here and now, now get ready to fight!"

Aizen aimed his sword at the ground and held it out. "Don't worry, I know who I'm up against and plan on fighting accordingly. Shatter, Kyoka Suigetsu!"


Tercera Espada Tia Harribel quickly dodged another of Vizard Lisa and Hiyori's strike. The battle had dragged on for a long time since the Vizards had entered the fray. Harribel's breath was getting ragged as she blocked, parried, ripped, slashed, and garroted. Without warning, Lisa put on her Hollow Mask and appeared behind her at superhuman speed. Harribel was quick to react and aimed her sword at her.


The wide cero missed Lisa as she jumped to avoid it. Before the Tercera knew it, Hiyori was on her yet again. She tried desperately to block her sword with her arm, but her hierro was getting weak from expending so much energy. She grunted as she was forced to dodge Lisa's attack again.

Captain Hitsugaya was busy focusing his energy while the two Vizards kept Harribel busy. He suddenly snapped open his eyes and knew it was time. With a sly nod to both of his companions, they both jumped away from the confused arrancars. Harribel soon understood why they left as several ice pillars surrounded her. She immediately knew this was Hitsugaya's doing as she stared right at him.

"Remember what I said," Hitsugaya smiled. "One faces the most danger during one's best attack. One of the rules of battle. Time to end this. Sennen Hyoro!"

"Damn…" was all Harribel could mutter in defeat.

All of the pillars closed around her and trapped her in a casing of ice. "Nice battle arrancar, but it's finally finished."

"All thanks to us Baldy!" Hiyori angrily retorted. "Otherwise you wouldn't have stood a chance!"

"Yeah, yeah," Hitsugaya quietly said, knowing there was truth to that statement.


Vizards Rose and Love fought raggedly against the Primera Espada Stark. He himself had also sustained some damage, but he knew he was winning against the two former captains. He aimed both pistols at them and fired. Both Vizards barely had time to dodge as they both appeared behind Stark. He sighed as he sensed them both and was prepared to strike.

He aimed his pistols at both of them again and was about to pull the trigger. Love, however, put on his Hollow Mask and tacked Stark, stopping his attack. Stark grunted as he struggled against the ferociously strong Love. Rose took this opportunity to put on his mask and levitated his sword and scabbard in the shape of a cross.

"Perfect," he said. "Now, Espada, let's see you come captive to my melody!"

Sound waves emitted from the sword and assaulted both Stark and Love. Stark was unprepared and lost his balance in the middle of the fight. Love, however, who had seen this power before, didn't appear affected as he took this chance to use his monster strength to smash Stark's head, sending him flying into the buildings below.

When it was clear Stark wasn't getting up, both Vizards took off their masks and sighed. Not soon after that, they felt their fatigue and collapsed themselves.


In Hueco Mundo, the exhausted group looked up at the gargantuan Espada Yammy. Even with Ichigo, Uryu, and Orihime's arrival, it barely made a difference against the strength of the arrancars.

"Is that really all? You were the one that beat Ulquiorra? What a pathetic joke; die!"

Yammy's giant fist went crashing down, scattering the group. "Tsugi no Mai, Hakuren!"

A large ice wave hit Yammy's leg, freezing it. The Espada merely laughed at this as the ice shattered just as quickly as it formed. "I told you that won't work!" he yelled, firing a large cero from his mouth at Rukia.

The cero missed her, but the explosion caused her to fly to the floor in pain. "Rukia!" Orihime yelled as she rushed towards her ailing friend.

"Bastard!" Renji yelled swinging his Bankai at the monster.

Yammy simply deflected it and laughed. He stomped the ground with his foot, causing a large tremor and grounding the group. "This is bad…" Uryu said with a grimace. "There's no way to pierce his thick skin."

"Don't worry," Ichigo said while gritting his teeth. "I know the one spot where we can damage him."

Yammy let out a huge yawn. "You shinigami are boring me. I suppose I will end it now."

He charged a cero in his mouth again, aimed at the entire group. "Shit!" Renji said. "That's way bigger than before."

"Of course," Yammy laughed. "This is the Espada's Gran Rey Cero. It will demolish all of you in an instant."

"Damn!" Ichigo yelled while putting on his Hollow Mask and jumping towards Yammy. "No time!"

"Kurosaki!" Uryu yelled. "Wait!"

Ichigo jumped as high as Yammy's face and was charging a Getsuga Tensho on his blade. "I'm the one who killed Ulquiorra, not them. Aim for me instead!"

"True," Yammy smiled.

He fired the Gran Rey Cero at Ichigo from point blank range. The blast was so massive it tore through the sky above the battle. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" the largest Espada laughed. "SO MUCH FOR THAT!"

His laughter quickly died as he saw Ichigo was still there and very conscious, with his Getsuga Tensho still on his blade. "Impossible…" Yammy said.

"TAKE THIS!" Ichigo yelled behind his mask.

He kept the Getsuga Tensho on his blade and stabbed it right in Yammy's right eye, driving the blade deep into his head. Yammy screamed as the force sent him falling back. Before he fell, he charged one last Cero and fired it at the defenseless Ichigo, sending him flying back to the ground.

When Yammy hit the ground, he felt himself starting to fade. "D-Damn it…" He then disappeared into nothing.

"Kurosaki-kun!" Orihime screamed as Ichigo hit the ground with a large thud.

Everyone ran over to him and saw that he was mortally wounded. "Damn, we're losing him!" Renji said as he felt his spiritual pressure fading.

Ichigo weakly smiled at the group as he said, "It's alright. This isn't that bad. Besides, I'll just go to Soul Society anyway." He turned to Chad and Uryu and said, "Don't ever let Inoue out of your sights again."

Both men nodded as they understood. "Kurosaki-kun, let me try to heal you," Orihime desperately said, but was stopped by Rukia.

"Even you should be able to tell that your powers can't save him," she said. "He's lucky he wasn't vaporized after the first blast. Besides, he's happily accepted it."

Orihime started crying openly at this news. "It's alright Inoue," Ichigo said, trying to calm her. "I'm just glad that you're safe." He then gave his final words to all of his friends. "See you on the other side…"

With that, Ichigo died, leaving a mix of sorrow and happiness behind.


Yamamoto deftly dodged a blow from Aizen. Even with Kyoka Suigetsu, Yamamoto could see through his rouges and was able to counter them effectively. The battle had been dragging on for some time, and no one could tell what was going on outside of the flame ring. Yamamoto quickly charged at Aizen, while something suddenly made Aizen hesitate. Yamamoto took this chance and stabbed him right through his heart.

Aizen's face was stamped with surprise as he stared straight at Yamamoto, uttering the words, "A god…I was supposed to be a god…"

"You won't be becoming a god anymore," Yamamoto replied. "You will simply become ash!"

Aizen suddenly erupted in flames and was incinerated into nothing, destroying the Hogyoku along with it. When the battle was done, the flames disappeared and Yamamoto breathed a sigh of relief and looked around. He no longer saw any fighting as all of their enemies were defeated.

"Captain Yamamoto," Hitsugaya said. "Is Aizen…?"

"Dead," the Captain-General answered.

Those words rang for several seconds before all the shinigami gave a cheer. "It's finally over!"

"It's too early to celebrate," Yamamoto said. "We have some things to clear up."

The Captain-General went down to the street where Ukitake and Kyoraku were wounded. Captain Kyoraku looked at him with a smile. "Finally took care of it, eh?"

"How are you and Jushiro?" he asked.

"I'm fine, but looks like Jushiro is gonna need some medical attention," Kyoraku said.

"That's fine, I'll get Kira to come and—" Yamamoto suddenly stopped as he heard a groan in a nearby destroyed building.

He and Kyoraku quickly used shunpo to see Stark and Lilynette in the destroyed building, both in pain. "Still alive?" Yamamoto said to himself. "Sorry, but you two must disappear."

Shunsui Kyoraku stopped Yamamoto before he could strike the two. "Hold on a sec Ol' Yama. I don't think we should kill them just yet."

"Are you kidding? They should be destroyed immediately!"

"Now calm down," Shunsui replied. "If I may make a suggestion…"

Both Yamamoto and Kyoraku appeared before the all the shinigami. Yamamoto quickly looked at Kira and ordered, "Captain Ukitake's wounded down there, I need you to go heal him quick."

Kira nodded as he took off. Yamamoto looked at the ice prison Hitsugaya had trapped Tia Harribel in. With a wave of his sword, he melted it away, revealing a very weak Harribel, with all of her power sealed back into her sword. She stared at all the shinigami and knew she couldn't do anything.

"Take this one and the other two arrancars down there into custody, but do not kill them," Yamamoto ordered. "We shall deal with them later. For now, let us return to Soul Society to treat our wounded and prepare a large celebration for our victory against Aizen."

All the shinigami happily nodded as Yamamoto turned to Hirako Shinji, the leader of the Vizards. "We couldn't have done it without your help, and I'd like to welcome you back to Soul Society."

"Are you kidding? Of course not!" Shinji quickly replied. "Don't forget Yamamoto, you're shinigami and we're Vizards. We will never be able to get along. If you want to do us a favor, just forget about us all together and let us live in peace."

Yamamoto nodded. "Very well, but you still have our thanks."

"Yeah, yeah," Shinji said while walking away. He turned to Hachi and said, "Get our wounded comrades back to our base so we can heal them."

Hachi nodded as all the wounded Vizards were enveloped in strange Kido structures and disappeared. Shinji took one look back at all of the shinigami and gave his parting words.


With that, all the Vizards were gone, never to be seen again.


Despite Yamamoto's promise of a party, there was a lot they had to do before they could celebrate. He himself was buried in paperwork dealing with the entire arrancars fiasco. He took a sip of tea as his lieutenant Chojiro entered the room.

"There's someone here who would like to speak with you," he said politely.

Yamamoto nodded as Chojiro stepped aside, revealing Ichigo Kurosaki. No surprise showed on the Captain-General's face.

"Now that I'm really a spirit," Ichigo said, "how do I become a shinigami?"

Yamamoto set down his tea cup and replied, "It's not that hard, it'll basically be the same as before for you, but instead of going through the Academy, I have another suggestion…"


Stark's snoring filled the room of the Maggot's Nest. Lilynette angrily stepped on his stomach causing him to abruptly wake up. "What do you want?" he sleepily asked.

"How the hell can you be sleeping when you know they're gonna execute us!" she angrily asked.

"It's not like there's anything we can do about it," Stark lazily replied. "We were beaten fair and square and now get our punishment. Right, Harribel?"

The Tercera didn't even open her eyes at the Primera's comment. She continued to sit against the wall and be deep in her own thoughts. "If there's nothing else," Stark said to his counterpart, "I'm going back to sleep."

"Argh! You're so frustrating!" Lilynette yelled jumping on his chest. "You're not going to go to sleep anymore!"

The violence was stopped when the door to their cell opened, revealing 8th Division Captain Shunsui Kyoraku. "What do you want?" Stark asked with slight annoyance.

"Is that any way to talk to the man who saved your lives?" Kyoraku lightheartedly asked. When he saw no one responding, he continued. "Anyway, I'm here because I've been talking with Ol' Man Yama about what to do with you and he's finally taken my suggestion into consideration."


"That's right," Kyoraku replied. "But before I tell you, I must ask you what your loyalty levels with Aizen were when you were in the Espada."

"To be honest, I didn't think much of him," Stark truthfully replied. "He simply provided me with shelter so I could sleep easier."

Shunsui chuckled at this. "Good, then I'm sure you'd take my suggestion seriously then…"


Several days later, Ichigo, Stark, Harribel, and Lilynette were surrounded by captains on both sides. Yamamoto addressed all five of them from his chair. "Due to the defection of Aizen, Tosen, and Gin, we have had three Captain positions open. After much deliberation, we have found the right candidates to fill two of the three missing Captain's positions. Becoming the new 5th Division Captain, we have Ichigo Kurosaki, now a true shinigami. Now for the 9th Division, this may be controversial, but after much deliberation, we have decided to promote Stark to the position of captain, with Harribel as his Lieutenant, and Lilynette as his Third Seat."

The news of the arrancars being promoted came with mixed reviews from the captains. Most were very cautious, but a few were very accepting of this. "I'm sure you will find over time, that these new captains will be very dependable assets to the Gotei 13," Yamamoto finished. "Now, you are all dismissed."

And with that, peace returned to Soul Society. None of them had any idea that in ten years time, the wheels of fate would start turning again.


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