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Quinn's Epiphany

Part 6

Father and Son…

"But…I didn't really mean it," said Jared nervously.

"Really then explain it to me, I understand the attacks against me. You were pissed at me for locking you in but what about the other stuff?" said Quinn.

"I just…I thought…" mumbled Jared.

"Let me guess. You thought that since I didn't care I'd ignore what you were doing or was it the opposite were you doing those things to see how far you had to push before you got a reaction from me?" questioned Quinn of the now nervous looking Jared.

"A little of both," admitted Jared quietly.

"I see," said Quinn.

"Look Quinn it's just that well…I was mad and I…well…," stammered Jared.

"Let me clear something up for you Jared, nothing you say is going to excuse what you did or change what is going to happen," stated Quinn.

"But I didn't really mean it and…" said Jared.

"No, maybe you didn't but you did it regardless," said Quinn.

"I guess you didn't really mean it then did you! You don't love me or care about me," said Jared.

Quinn sighed; he knew this wasn't going to be easy.

"Wrong, very wrong," said Quinn.

"Then I guess were through here right," said Jared as he moved towards the door. He got about half way before he was pulled back.

"No, were not through here," said Quinn as he reached out and grabbed Jared's arm pulling back towards him.

"But you said…you said you loved me…that no matter what I did…," said Jared as he jerked his arm out of Quinn's grasp.

"That's right. No matter what you do I'm still going to love your regardless," said Quinn.

"Then?" questioned Jared.

"Unconditional it may be but I'm still your father and it's my responsibility to teach you right and wrong and provide consequences when you act irresponsible, disrespectful and pull stunts that put not just yourself but everyone else in danger," said Quinn.

"But I said I was…" started Jared.

"Sorry, yes you said that already," said Quinn.

"But…what…what…" stammered Jared nervously unwilling to ask the question.

"What am I going to do?"

Jared just nodded as he watched Quinn sigh and look at him.

"Didn't your little friends warn you what could happen?" asked Quinn.

Jared slowly nodded as he shifted from foot to foot nervously.

"Then I suppose you can answer your own question can't you?" said Quinn.

Jared gulped nervously and slowly nodded.

"Then I suppose we should get it over with then," said Quinn sadly as he grabbed a hold of Jared's arm and slowly walked with him over to the cot in the corner of the room.

When Jared felt Quinn grab a hold of him he couldn't help but panic and pull back from Quinn's grasp.

"Not gonna happen Jared," said Quinn as he felt Jared trying to pull out of his grasp. He tightened his grip and pulled Jared down with him as he sat on the cot.

"Shit," said Jared as he suddenly found himself face down over Quinn's lap. Quinn quickly repositioned him over his lap. This wasn't good not good at all; he had to think of a way out of this thought Jared.

"Quinn, please I'm sorry okay let's not be haste abou…owww," cried Jared as he felt the sting in his butt.

Quinn was through talking he brought his hand down hard over the jean covered backside.

"Quinn please….please okay…I'm sorry…please," pleaded Jared as Quinn continued to land painful smacks all over his butt. He started struggling to get loose but Quinn just tightened his hold on him and continued smacking.

"Oww!…Quinn…oww!…please….stop…I hate you..." Jared yelled but nothing seemed to be stopping the assault on his butt.

"Stop…I hate you….owww!…screw you….ahhhh!….hate you…" cried Jared as the smacks continued to rain down.

Quinn continued smacking. He felt the boy over his lap struggling and then heard the small gasps and sniffling coming from him and knew he'd almost had enough. With that in mind he tipped the boy forward and brought his hand down hard on the up to know ignored sensitive under curve.

"Ow!...please….Quinn…owwww!…no more…sorry…ahhh!…" pleaded Jared as he gave up the struggle and just sobbed.

Quinn felt the boy go limp over his lap and just give in to his sobs. With that in mind he delivered the last three and hardest smacks of all. He then began to rub circles on the boys back as he let him cry it out.

"Shhhhh it's okay I got you son," said Quinn as he flipped Jared over and pulled him onto his lap. Jared buried his head into his chest and held on tight as he continued to sob. He continued to mutter comforting words and rub his back comfortingly. When he heard the sobs quiet down and become nothing more but whimpers he straightened Jared out so he was looking right at him.

"Those pranks and messing with things don't happen again, do you here? Or you'll find yourself here again understand?" said Quinn as he looked at his teary-eyed son.

"Yes, I'm sorry," mumbled Jared.

"I know son I know," said Quinn only to have Jared bury his head in his chest again.

"I didn't mean it dad…didn't mean it…" were Jared's muffled words as he started crying once again.

"It's okay Jared," said Quinn as he tightened his hold on the boy.

"I said that…but I don't dad I don't ," cried Jared.

"Shhhh, it's over son," said Quinn.

"I don't hate you dad…I don't," cried Jared begging Quinn to believe him.

"I know that Jared I never thought you did," said Quinn softly as he continued to hold Jared. He held onto him as he continued to cry before long he quieted down and just sighed in his arms. Quinn looked down and smiled when he saw that Jared was half asleep. He slowly flipped Jared over and laid him down on the cot on his stomach. He smiled as Jared sighed and curled up with something on his cot. He had to hold back tears when he realized exactly what it was.

It was the blanket Jared had taken possession of the first time he'd had to leave him behind while he went out scouting. Jared had been in tears when he'd realized that Quinn was leaving and he wasn't coming along. He'd tried to explain it to him but nothing had comforted the crying three year old who was clinging to him arms wrapped tightly around his neck. Creedy had been the one that had pulled the struggling child away from him. He'd quickly made his way out to wait for the others but not before the heartbreaking cries of "don't go daddy" had reached him. Upon his return a few days later he'd found Jared curled up in bed with a familiar blanket. It was his, the one from his bed. Apparently Jared had snatched it off his bed and slept with it every night he'd been away. The blanket became his replacement for when he was away and heaven forbid it got misplaced or left behind. Now that he thought about it he himself had, had to look for "Quinnie" a couple of times. The first time had been when a certain stubborn little boy wouldn't leave his bed for his own until he had said blanket in his grasp. He'd been pissed that he'd had to look for a stupid blanket in the middle of night until tear-filled eyes had leveled him with a "but daddy Quinnie keep me safe like you."

Quinn smiled at the memory, to bad he'd ignored the obvious for so long. He slowly made his way to the door but not before taking one last look at his slumbering son, "I love you Jared" he whispered as he walked out but not before he heard the quiet sleepy reply of "I love you too dad."

The End


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