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Oathkeeper Or Oblivion



Her hair fell over her shoulders, framing her pale skinned face. Kairi's eyes were rimmed with red; tears welled and fell down her cheeks. She bit her lip, clenched her hands over the white dress she wore.

"Kairi, do you hear me?" the only movement was her hands- she held the hem of her dress even tighter between her fingers. She arced her feet and pressed her toes into the cold tile floor. As she blinked another tear found its way down her face.

"Kairi," the speaker, her doctor, saw movement beneath her eyes. Her mouth, which had been slightly slack, closed as he said her name a third time. Ansem reached across the table to her, palm open and up, "Let me see your hands."

She shook her head, looking up at him finally with wide, innocent eyes that were made vibrant by her tears. She caved in on herself, shrinking away from him.

They were in a small white room, a one-way full length window on wall opposite Kairi and to her right. There were dome shaped fluorescent lights on the ceiling, showing off the pure color of the room. Kairi sat on a metal folding chair, her hands on her knees under the table in front of her. Across from her was a man with blond hair and orange eyes.

His one hand still extended over the table, Ansem smiled comfortingly at her, "Come now, Kairi, you know me." She met his eyes for a brief moment.

She was shaking as she bit her lip a little harder, unwinding her fingers from the stretched fabric of her dress and bringing them up to the edge of the table. Her fingertips poked over the metal surface, Ansem reached forward just a little more, encouraging her.

It took close to five minutes, Kairi taking timid, small movements to sliding her hands over the scuffed table, the plastic bracelet on her wrist skimming it. Finally, she had them close enough that Ansem held her hands in his for a moment, looking over her birdlike, thin fingers and porcelain covered bones.

There were multiple scars blemishing her hands, small, shallow cuts over her knuckles, around her cuticles and, as he turned her hands over, her palms as well. There was a fresh red bite mark in the crease of her index finger on her left hand; Ansem looked up with raised eyebrows,

"Biting yourself, now?" Kairi looked away, finally saying,

"It…It wasn't me."

"Then who was it?" He saw her eyes flick to the small black camera in the corner of the room, "Stay with me, Kairi." She looked up at him again; her voice was quiet as though a mere whisper would break the sound barrier.


"And who is 'Them'?" Kairi bit her lip again but stayed silent. "Kairi?"

She bit her lip harder, at the first sight of blood Ansem stood, let go of her hands and motioned at the windows for the nurses.


The nurses had already made their rounds and by eight all the lights were off, the only light was the natural rays of the moon coming in through the glass and steel grates over Kairi's bedroom window. The air was silent, save for the gentle whir of one of the generators near her window.

The sheets stuck to her legs, her hair matted to her head and face as she struggled weakly- the personnel at the institute had decided that Kairi had, in fact, been hurting herself and restraints were necessary for the next few nights, until her next meeting with Ansem the day after the next. She hated the restraints, they were scratchy and uncomfortable, and she could never sleep with them on.

Tugging her left arm down as hard as she could and getting no where, Kairi huffed, blew some hair from her face and lay down, defeated.

"Kairi?" her eyes snapped open, she craned her head up as much as she could and grinned, breathing out a whisper,