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Oathkeeper or Oblivion

Special Ending


It has been one year.

One year has passed since the searches stopped. One year since The Mayor and his wife had held the memorial for their daughters. One year since Ansem had seen Kairi or Naminé.

One year.

And somehow…It seemed longer than that.

It must've been, he decided, because he knew they were really gone, and where they were. He had no idea if they were safe, but he knew they were gone, and he would never see them again.

Out of all three hundred and sixty five days he had read over at least one page of notes, had watched one video- just to remember. Just to make sure it was all real.

When her parent's came crashing through his door with a tear stained letter in one hand and box of tissues in the other the morning after Kairi's phone call he was sure he was going to prison- or at least admitted somewhere.

But he wasn't.

He really didn't know how, but…her parents watched the tapes, read the notes and had walked out of the house quietly. They didn't speak to him again until the anniversary memorial service, which was just earlier that morning.

Their words had stunned him- "Thank you."

Today, Ansem owned a hospital of his own. After Kairi and Naminé's disappearances became official (As he knew they would) his business had started from out of his home office. Once he passed the suspect list as a possible "abductor" his name was everywhere. The Mayor put out a trusted recommendation for him and….

Now he owned a mental hospital, long story short.

Ansem sighed, running his hand through his hair, and glanced around the room. It was late afternoon now but the sunlight streaming in through the window was bright, clear.

"Sora, that's one of the boys, uses Light."

He shook his head; for a day like today it should be just as gloomy outside as he felt inside.

"The other, Riku, he uses Darkness, Shadow."

He sighed again, grabbing the notes on the desk- all Kairi's files- and shoved them into that same old folder.

He heard soft laughter and groaned; he had told the nurses not to bring their children in without permission. He was working on getting a day care center put in on the bottom floor but it would take time, something his nurses didn't seem to understand.

More laughter, louder- he huffed and stepped around his desk, still holding Kairi's file, and yanked open his office door. He looked down the hall both ways and saw nothing but nurses and doctors. He raised an eyebrow and sunk back into his office, shutting the door and standing there with his back to his room for a moment. He rested his forehead on the doorframe and thought of Kairi.

"Miss me?"

He jumped, his heart skipped a beat and his hand flew to his chest. He turned and saw the red head in the sunlight, transparent as she was, in the pink dress with the blond girl beside her in the white dress and he smiled.


Kairi grinned, Naminé smiled and the room grew brighter.

"We're back."



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