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So many people like me put so much trust in all your lies.

- Linkin Park: Hit the floor

The difference between the two was always noted simply by skin or merely by blood. No on ever thought to realize that just because he was the better looking of the two that he's heart was even dark as his brother. Kharg doesn't consider himself anything less than person. He doesn't talk of himself as if he's a bad persona and he surely doesn't even consider anything he does as wrong or wrong doing. He simply wants to get rid of Deimos

and what makes that so bad? Their always terrorizing the thing's he care's about or ruining other's lives. So how is it wrong to simply riding the world if it's injustices.

He if anything considers himself a hero, after all he's doing the world a favor after all. Ridding them of half his kind. It's simply justice after all. He knows they don't have feeling's after all. They simply carve destruction and death. So he thinks why not return the favor. Crushing them, burning them, destroying them, burning them, killing them all till there's nothing left. Of course it's all for the people. He'd never simply do it because he simply wants to fight death watching their bodies as they hit the floor, lifeless with looks of despair forever etched in their faces.

He realizes that's he's sorta obsessive about riding the world of them. However it's all for good cause, so people can free without worrying about the Deimos ever again. They are after all unforgivable foul creatures that have no chance of redemption. So it's of no surprise he sees no compromise

could be possible with these witless creatures. So he will continue to fight and win, he has to show these beast's what it means to have fear and terror. Allow them to feel everything they force the humans to feel. After all it's only fair fort hem to suffer they way humans have at their hands. And once he win's his war against the Deimos everyone can be free. After all in the end Justice always prevails. Everything he does is for the people. He is a Hero, so nothing he does can ever be wrong. He saves them, from damnation.

He is simply a man with a dream of world without Deimos and he'll do anything to make it a reality.

And all the lies have got you floating up above us all

But what goes up has got to fall

And then it's all gone


Alright for those that can't tell, I'm kinda playing on the ironic fact Kharg is in fact way more evil than anyone really thinks. Where Darc simply hates everyone Kharg is simply a racist with a justice complex.