Fishnets, Bats and Cats 1

New Students

Disclaimer: I do not own the Powerpuff Girls in any way shape or form.  When I was getting our family pictures taken at the Mall one night, I saw a T-shirt at Hot Topic (a gothic kind of store) that said, "What are Girls made of?  Fishnets, Bats and Cats"  and it had a picture of a little Goth girl on it.  So I hope you like it.


"Oh, Robert, you invented a new model!" squealed Mrs. Utonium.  "Honey, isn't our boy a genius?"

"Yes," he insisted.

Eight-year-old Robert Utonium smiled as he poured something into a beaker. "When I grow up, I'm going to be the best scientist in the world!  I'll build machines and create things!"


"I bet you will!" Mrs. Utonium said and she glared over at her other son.  He was Robert's twin brother, Richard.  "I wish you had a hobby, Richard.  Why don't you go out and play with the other kids?  Get some sun, some exercise."

Richard looked up from a dark comic book, "but I do have a hobby.  I read comics and stuff."

"You fill your mind with such trash!" she hissed.  "I can't believe you're my son."

"Yes," said Mr. Utonium, "I want you both to succeed in life.  Ricky, why can't you be more like Robby?"

Richard frowned.  Everyone loved Robby more than him.  Robert always got straight A's in everything.  He invented things and was always so…so perfect.

"Why can't I just be me?" Richard demanded.  "You don't understand me!" he stomped up to his room and read some more, dark, gothic books.

"Poor Ricky," Robby mumbled.  "He's turning into one of those monsters from those horror films."


"He's fascinated with the occult," Mrs. Utonium said.  "Charles, call Reverend James before Ricky begins some sort of ritual!"

"Would that do any good?" Mr. Utonium asked.

"Oh, I think Ricky just needs some time alone," Robby said.  "This is just a phase he's going through.  He's always seemed to like those scary movies and stuff and there's no such thing as super-natural nonsense, just, well, science."

Robby was very wrong.  It was not just a phase.  Through the years, Robby was becoming more successful, even popular.  He became the class president and graduated at the head of his class.  Robby was in a lot of clubs and activites.  Richard just slid through with B's and C's and every day, he wore black.  He just took interest in history, English and myths.   Robby seemed to be afraid of his brother that he'd turn into a vampire or something.  After their high-school graduation, Robby and Ricky lost contact and didn't speak to each other again.

"The Powerpuff Girls saved us!"

"Bless Professor Utonium for creating these sweet super heroines, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup!"

A man was reading through the paper.  The Powerpuff girls were on the front page, again.  The man growled and tossed the paper in the trash.  "Powerpuff Girls this, Powerpuff Girls that.  Oh, Professor Utonium is a genius!"


The man's surroundings were dark and rather creepy.  "They're so…so happy and bright, it makes me sick!  Why did my no-good brother create these girls so, so sweet?"


  They would have been better heroes if he used something different to create the girls."  He cried.  He picked up three articles, "well, I'll show Robby a thing or two.  I'll create my own girls to save the world."

Richard seemed to be fascinated with the occult, death, myths and legends but he wasn't evil.  He was only left out and neglected.  He didn't like cheerful people. 


"People just don't understand Goths like me!" He said.  "Just because we have pale skin, hate the sun, and wear black all the time doesn't make us evil!  I'll create 3 gothic girls, three anti-hero girls and then we'll see who makes the front page this time."  The man lit three candles. The candles were black.  He was in some sort of laboratory.  There were books of ancient gothic mythology laying around and super-natural creatures.  He pulled out a rusty cauldron and set it on a table.

"Yes, let's see now, what are dark girls made out of?" he asked himself then quickly answered. "Fishnets, bats and cats."  He looked around the laboratory and found a dirty, old fishing net. He ripped the net off the handle and put it in the cauldron.  "And bats."  He looked around.  There were no bats, where there?  Then, out of pure luck, a bat with a crippled wing fell into a window and onto the cement floor.

"Ahh," he picked up the bat and dropped it in the cauldron.

"Now, I just need a cat and that Chemical-X."  He felt a rubbing on his leg.  His orange cat named Ambrosia. 

"Ambrosia, you're getting two old to chase mice," he said picking up the cat.  "You're on your last life.  You'll thank me for this when I'm all done."  He picked the cat up and set it in the cauldron.  Ambrosia looked up at him, with a confused-cat face.

He picked up the last ingredient, the thing that made it all worked, a bottle of chemical X.  "My day has come!" he poured the chemical X in the mixture of a fishnet, a bat and a cat.  He waited and then….BOOM! A huge force sent him back into a wall.  When he came too, there was a black smoke rising from the cauldron with three girls wearing black dresses, black platform shoes and net stockings and sneering or dark expressions.

The one on the left had stringy, dirty blond hair in pigtails and purple eyes.  Her black dress had a purple stripe.  The one next to her had long and orange-red ratty, need-to-be-combed hair and red cat-like eyes and she wore a dark red headband and a spiky collar.  Her dress was also black but with a red stripe.  She had fishnet stockings and black platform shoes.  The one next to her had short, and spiky black hair, green eyes.  Her dress had a green stripe. 

When the Powerpuff Girls were born, they were holding hands and smiling.  These girls weren't. The one in the middle with the red hair and black dress with the red stripe had her left arm folded in front of her, holding her right elbow and her right hand was held at her face as she grinned mischievously.  The blond with the stringy pigtails had her hands on her hips and she had a blank look on her face, as if she was stoned.  The brunette had her arms folded and she was sneering.

"IT'S TOO BRIGHT IN HERE!" they yelled in unison.

"But I only have 3 candles lit," Ricky whispered in surprise and wished he put sunglasses in the cauldron too.

The one in the middle spoke, "I'm Blissssss."  She spoke like a cat and had cat-like teeth.

"Bailey," said the blond.  Her voice was a boring drawl.

"Bambi," said the brunette and her voice was rather squeaky and high-pitched.  It almost made the windows break.


Narrator: The Gory-what girls?


"Everyone, I'd like you to meet our new students," Miss Keane announced. 

The preschoolers stopped whatever and looked up.  The Powerpuff Girls smiled.

She opened the door.  "Come on in, girls."

No one came in.  Bubbles leaned forward to get a look out but she didn't see anyone.

"Don't be shy."

The Gory Goth Girls walked in, wearing sunglasses.  Everyone gasped and Bubbles almost fainted.  Buttercup rolled her eyes and Blossom swallowed hard.

"I want you to meet Bliss, Bailey and Bambi."

Everyone mumbled their hellos and they took their seats behind the PowerPuff Girls.  Bubbles tried to be her cheerful self and not be scared by the girls' scary appearance.  She turned and looked at Bailey.  "Hi there.  I'm--I'm Bubbles. Bailey, right?"

Bailey groaned, "Yeah.  Are you always this cheerful?"

Bubbles bit her lip and turned her attention to the front for the lesson.  Then they had coloring time.  While the Powerpuff Girls drew happy and bright pictures of bunnies, rainbows and saving Townsville in many different colors, the Gory Goths drew sad and dark pictures of people hanging, full moons and monsters in only black and the color of their eyes and wrote sad, depressing messages.  The Powerpuff Girls felt that something was not right at all.

"They're scary!" Bubbles whispered to her sisters, almost making a bad mark on the bunny she was drawing.

"And creepy!" Buttercup added with a scowl.

Blossom tried to be positive about their new classmates.  "Everyone's special in their own way."

"Yeah, special…as in weird!"

"They look like us somehow," Blossom said, adding the yellow stripe to her rainbow.

"Yeah, so did the Rowdy Ruff boys before they blew up!" Buttercup said as she detailed her picture of herself getting an award from the mayor.

"Um, Buttercup, me and Blossom in the picture?"  Bubbles asked.

"Oh…haven't gotten to drawing you two yet," Buttercup lied.

While Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup gossiped about how weird Bliss, Bailey and Bambi, they talked about how weird the Powerpuff Girls were weird too.

"They must be the Powerpuff Girls that Master told us about," Bailey muttered, sketching a creepy hand holding a dagger and writing a cryptic message: You cannot escape death

"Oh, gee, yah think?"  Bambi scoffed as she drew more bats on her picture of a full moon with a vampire girl that looked like her, sucking blood from an innocent victim. When her voice wasn't squeaky, it had a European accent, like Count Dracula's and that's how she sounded now. 

"I wonder how long that rrrred-head sssspendssss fihhxxxxxssssing herrr hairrr," Bliss said as she drew a witch with her cat and she smiled at her talent.  "Ahh, purrrfect.  All we have to do isss prove that we're not really bad guys and then we'll be the heroes of Townsssville."

 "And we'll send those 'Powder Fluff Girls' packing!"  Bailey finished and they started laughing, Bailey in a boring chuckle, Bambi in a high squeak and Bliss in a cat's hissing.  The Powerpuff Girls exchanged glances in their funny, weird sounding laughter.

"We just need an opportunity," Bliss said.

A girl gasped and started whining.  "Miss Keane!  Miss Keane!"  She stood up at her desk and waved her hand.  Michael stole my picture!"

"I was only looking at it!" Michael lied.

The Gory Goth Girls jumped at the moment before Miss Keane or the Powerpuff girls set Michael straight.  Bailey grabbed the girl's picture back and turned back to Michael before she hugged her. 

"You know what they did to thieves back then?" Bambi demanded.

"Er, no," Michal replied.

"They cut their hands off!" Bailey shouted in a whisper, leaning on his desk.  They all kept their voices low so that Miss Keane and the other student's didn't hear them.  However, because of the Powerpuff Girl's supersonic hearing, they heard every word loud and clear.

Michael gulped.

"But you've lucked out thisss time, thief," Bliss hissed, "we're in ssschoool right now sssoo we can't do it.  Ssso the next time we catch you stealing--"

"Outside of school that is--" Bailey added.

"We'll take an ax and chop your thieving hand before you can steal again!" Bambi threatened, shaking her wrist.  "But if that doesn't stop yah, well, that's why you have TWO hands!"

"Consssider yourself warned, infidel."  Bliss said and they turned back to their desk.

  "Stacey, are you all right?" Miss Keane asked.

Stacey, the girl who had her picture confiscated nodded.  "Yes."

"Don't forget to thank our new students," Miss Keane said.

"Oh, okay.  Thanks Bailey.  Thanks Bliss.  Thanks Bambi."

"You're welcome," they said in unison.

"Did you hear what they said to Michael?" Bubbles asked.

"Whoa, he looked like he just peed his pants!" exclaimed Buttercup.  "Maybe he did!"

"It's not funny, Buttercup," Blossom muttered.  "We'll have to tell the Professor about these new girls as soon as school gets out."

Narrator:  Good idea, Blossom!  And look, the bell is about to ring! 

The Powerpuff Girls flew away and just as the Gory Goths were about fly off too, Miss Keane stopped them.  "Uh, girls, can I speak to you?"

"Make it quick," Bailey muttered.  Bliss shoved her in the ribs to make her quiet and they went to Miss Keane's desk.

"Yesss, Misss Keane?" Bliss asked, trying to sound pleasant.

"I'd like to make you the new hall monitors," Miss Keane said.  "You did a good job of handling that situation with Michael snatching Stacey's picture.  I don't' think he'll make trouble ever again!  How did you do it?"

"Oh, why thank you," Bliss said,  "Missss Keane.  All we did was tell him that it wassss wrong to ssssteal and if he didn't stop now, then he'd become a worssse criminal and go to jail."

"Yeah, jail," Bailey lied, nodding.

"So, how would you like to be our new hall monitors?" Miss Keane asked.

The three girls exchanged glances and smiled.  "Sure."


"Professor!  Professor!"

"Huh?" Professor Utonium pulled down his newspaper in time to see the Powerpuff girls flying at him full speed.  "Whoa!  Girls!"

"You won't believe what these new girls at school are like, Professor!" Blossom began.

"They're weird!" Buttercup said.  "They've got major issues!"

"They are so scary!" Bubbles whined.  "One of them looked at me like she wanted to kill me and all I did was say hi to her!"

"They're something like the bad guys we fight!" Buttercup shouted.

"And like something out of a horror film or dark gothic comic or something."  Bubbles added.

"I think one of them doesn't even brush her hair!"  Blossom said.

"Girls, girls!" Professor Utonium said, trying to calm them down.  "You shouldn't say things like that about people who are different.  I'm sure that they must be neglected and left out, but that's no reason to exclude them from anything."

"I think they choose to be outcasts," Buttercup said.

"Isn't there a Parent/Teacher Conference tomorrow?" Professor asked.

"Yeah, that's right."  Bubbles said.

"Well, I'll try to catch their parents and invite them to have dinner with us," the Professor said.

"I'm sure their parents are even worse!" Bubbles gasped.

"Maybe they don't have parents," Buttercup suggested, "These girls had to have been created by some twisted freak!  Like Mojo Jojo!  He created the Rowdy Ruff Boys!"

"He's twisted, but not that twisted," Blossom said, "It had to be someone with more issues."

"Well, whoever," Professor Utonium said, "I think this will solve whatever problem with these girls."

To Be Continued.