Fishnets, Bats & Cats 3

Competition & Compromise

I just own the characters you would never see on Powerpuff girls.

The bank was being robbed and the mayor called the Powerpuff Girl hotline.  "Powerpuff Girls!  Help…the bank is being robbed!"

"We're on it, Mayor!" Blossom said.  "Girls…let's go!"


"Hah-hah!" the crooks laughed.  "that was easy."

"Oh really?" three girls stepped in their way.

"The Powerpuff girls?" the lead crook demanded.

"What happened to them?" asked another.

"We're not the Powerpuff Girls!" Bambi shouted.  "We're the…"


"And we're way worse than the Powerpuff girls!"  Bailey cried.

"Get 'em!" Bliss hissed, "Gory goth style!"

"I vant to suck your blood!" Bambi said, flying to one of the crooks with her mouth open.

Bliss jumped on one and began to claw his eyes out.  Bailey hit one over the head with the bag of money.

"All right, there's the bank and---what the?" Blossom gasped. "Bliss!"  The Powerpuff girls stopped in midair.

"Bailey?" Bubbles muttered.


"Where they the robbers?" Bubbles asked.

"I don't think so, Bubbles--it looks like they're the heroes!"  Buttercup said, jealous.  "They beat us to it!"

"Man…look at them…they're worse than we are!" 

Blossom flew next to her cousin Bliss, "Uh, hi Bliss.  It's okay now, the mayor just called us.  We'll take it from here."

"Oh, you think you're better than we are, is that it?" Bliss demanded as she knocked the lead crook unconscious.

"Our heroes!" gasped the bank owner.

"All in a day's work…sir," Blossom began, "we--"

"Not you, Powerpuff girls," he muttered, "I meant these three girls right here!  What are your names, girls?"




"You are our new superheroes now," he said, picking up the money and taking it back to the safe.

"Hey…Townsville is our town!" Buttercup cried, "and we protect it!"

"Yeah," Bubbles said.

"Well, not anymore, you don't," Bliss said and they flew away.

"Let's go talk to the Professor about this," Blossom said.

"Okay," Bubbles said. 

"Then maybe he'll tell Uncle Ricky to get out of Townsville!"  Buttercup added.


"Professor," Bubbles began, "Bliss, Bailey and Bambi are stealing our identity!"

"Yeah!  We protect Townsville!"  Buttercup muttered.  

"Is there some way you can talk to Uncle Ricky about this?" Blossom asked.

The Powerpuff girls began to jabber on all at once. "It's not fair, Professor!  We're the Powerpuff Girls!  They're just our cousins. Who do they think they are?"

"Girls! Girls!" The Professor said.  "Calm down.  I'm sure that this is just one time thing. They can't replace you."

"But Professor…ah…"

"Now why don't you go outside and play?" he suggested, "it's a nice day outside."

The Professor was wrong.  The Gory Goth Girls were stealing the spotlight away from the Powerpuff Girls.  The mayor even changed the Powerpuff Hotline into the gorygoth hotline.  Every monster, every robber was put away from good in due time.  Miss Bellum, besides the professor was the only person who still believed in the Powerpuff girls.

There was a knock at the Utonium home.  "Bubbles, go get the door," Blossom commanded as they were watching TV.

"Yeah, okay," Bubbles mumbled and flew to the door.  She opened it.  "Oh…hi Miss Bellum.  I guess you heard our cousins were taking our job away, huh?"

"It's not too late, girls," Miss Bellum said, "I have an idea.  Your cousins wanted to get a little attention.  But what if you give them more than they bargained for?"

"You can't expect us to be nice to them after what they did," Buttercup said.

"They're the Gory Goth Girls. Not too many Goths want a lot of attention, right? They'll see that you're the better girls for the job."

"Hmm, good idea, Miss Bellum," Blossom said with a smile.  "Let's go pay our cousins a visit!"


They stopped at their cousin's home.  The door opened mysteriously.

"Hello, Bliss?  Bailey?  Bambi?" Blossom asked.  "We decided to come pay you a visit."

"How about we play a few games?" Bubbles suggested.

"Why, hi Powerpuff girls," Bliss said as she and her sisters flew creepily down the stairs, "no hard feelings, right?"

"None at all," Blossom replied. "Let's play a game."

"Okay," Bliss said, "how about hide and go seek?"

"Sure. You hide and we find you."

All the lights went off as if there was a power outage.  "I can't see a thing…" Blossom mumbled.

"WE CAN!" the Gory Goth girls cried.

"Oh, maybe this wasn't such a good idea, Blossom!" Bubbles gasped.

"SCATTER!" Blossom commanded.  She used her eye rays to light a candle and flew away with Bliss on her tail.  Bailey flew after Bubbles and Bambi was after Buttercup.  They were flying all over the house.  The Powerpuff girls had to think of something to slow them down.  Blossom reached in her backpack and took out a brush. She turned around and stopped.

"Hey, Bliss, how about we brush each other's hair?" she requested.

"Excuse me?  My hair is purrrfect!"

Blossom flew after Bliss with the hairbrush as if it were a knife.  "Come on, Bliss…it will be fun!"

Bubbles tried to think of some way to stop Bailey from chasing her.  Then she remembered the magazine she had on her.

"Hey, Bailey, look at these cute bunnies!"

"Ah…get them away!" Bailey turned around and flew the opposite direction.

"How about we go to the pet store and get one?  Come on!"

Buttercup, however, wasn't having much luck coming up with a way to stop Bambi.  Bambi was twice as strong as she was and could fly faster too.  Her sonic scream could blast through the windows.

"Hey…" Buttercup said, "do you like movies?  Video games maybe?  I think I have some change here for some."

"Video games?" Bambi mumbled.

"Yeah and then we can go to a concert and--"

"Shut up!  Shut up!" Bambi cried, turning the other way with Buttercup close behind her.

"Come on, Bambi! Don't' be such a sore sport!  Hey, let's go to a soccer game or something together What do you say?"

The Gory Goth flew out of their home screaming and the Powerpuff girls were right behind them, jabbering on like birds.  They tried to lose them in the city but the Powerpuff girls were hot on their tails. 

"Hey, if we're cousins, we should spend some time together!" Blossom cried.

The Gory Goth girls stopped in middle of the air.  "All right! All right!" they said in unison.

"Master told us he wanted us to take over your job.  He was just lonely and jealous that Uncle Robby got all the good grades and attention."  Bliss explained.  "You girls are perfect and he just wanted to prove that non-perfect girls are special too! We're just not cut out for this!!  You can still protect Townsville if you want."

"Hmm," Blossom said.  She cupped her chin and came up with a cool idea.  "Hey, Bliss, I have an idea.  You girls don't like the light, right?"

"Nope," Bliss replied.

"And you can see in the dark.  How about we split it up?  You can patrol during the night and we can take care of everything during the day."

"That's a great idea!" Bubbles cried.  "What do you say?"

The Gory Goth Girls exchanged glances as they thought it over then looked at their cousins.  "Deal!"


Professor Robert Utonium and Ricky Utonium didn't find a problem with it.  It was a great idea to split up the fame.  What the Powerpuff Girls started during the day, the Gory Goth girls finished in the night.

The jewelry store was being robbed around noon and the Powerpuff Girls showed up to teach them a lesson.

"Uh-oh," they gasped.

The Powerpuff Girls beat the living daylights out of the three robbers until the cops came to take them to jail.

"Now you behave yourselves in jail," Blossom warned, "and don't try anything funny.  Especially at the night time when our cousins take over."

"Yeah," Buttercup added, "if you think we're bad, wait until you meet them!"

"Ha-ha!  Whatever," they laughed as they were taken away.

Then around midnight the same crooks tried to break out of jail.  They had just gotten over the fence when the Gory Goth Girls showed up.

"Sssso," Bliss said, "didn't listen to our cousins, did you?"

"Aren't you in for a rude awakening!" Bailey shouted. 

They flew after the crooks with their fists and mouths and gave them a severe beating.  The other prisoners didn't try to break out of prison on the Gory Goth Girl's shift.

Narrator: And so, the day is saved from the Powerpuff Girls, but the NIGHT is saved by the Gory Goth Girls!