How To Save A Life

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I walked into my office. It was a typical day at the hospital. In a town this small, I saw much of the same thing day in and day out. Before I had entered my office, I had checked what I was going to be doing. An immunization in room 205, a simple checkup in room 312, and then an operation on Mrs. Smith later in the day.

Suddenly, I could hear the sound of an ambulance rushing towards the hospital. Another doctor that had been at the front desk when I entered came rushing into my office.

"Doctor Cullen, there is a woman being brought in who needs attention NOW or she could die." I wondered how somebody in a small town such as this could get into such big trouble.

"I'm coming," I replied quickly as I wondered who it was that was coming in close to death

This was almost an everyday routine for me. A doctor would comes running in, saying something like: a woman's giving birth, or a man got in an accident, or something along those lines. The people in this town tended to overreact, saying that someone could die without immediate attention. Nevertheless, I followed the other doctor out to the entrance. When the entered, I was shocked by who I saw lying on the gurney.

Esme, the women whom I had seen late in the night before to deliver her baby, was lying there, nearly completely still. She was the most beautiful woman, even with the cuts, blood, and scars, she was beautiful. The medics who had rushed her in were somber when they told myself and the other doctor that she hadn't made it through the car ride. Only I could hear the faint heartbeat and see the spaced and shallow rising and falling of her chest. One of them rolled her past us and into the morgue. I followed,debating on whether or not I should change her: keep her alive and have her join my small family. But, she might not like being a monster, as Edward referred to our kind as. But, I had become deeply attached to this woman in the 2 years that I had known her. It was too hard to let her just slip away from me. I did what I had known that I was going to do. As the medic left the morgue, I bit her. Gathering her in my arms, I jumped out of the window before the screaming could start.

A/N-I would like to thank my beta reader animallover0109 for basically redoing the whole story THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!