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All We Are


Chapter 1: Welcome to RAW

Frankie West sighed into the phone. "I don't know," he said hesitantly, glancing at his Canon Rebel camera resting on the coffee table. He nervously ran a hand through his dark hair.

"You'll do fine, trust me," one of his best girl friends, Logan Parker, said through the phone. She glanced at the other woman sitting next to her and nodded at her.

"Yeah, Frankie. Please?" Frankie's other best friend, Joanie Pierce said. "We can all be together again; it'll be fun."

"You guys, I really don't know. This is a big decision to make, and I'm not just gonna jump right into it," Frankie defended.

"Come on, Frankie. It's not that big a deal. Just think of it as a promotion. That's basically what it is," Logan rationalized to the ECW photographer. "It's RAW. 'Nuff said. We need you."

"Besides," Joanie started, "we already kinda told Vince that you'd be willing to make the switch. So you have to come."

"WHAT!?" Frankie nearly yelled into the phone. His friends were unbelievable. "You can't be serious," he whined into the phone. "Why'd you go and do that for?"

"Hey, we thought we were doing you a favor, buddy," Joanie replied. "You wanted a better job than that stupid secondary photographer position you have on ECW, so we got you a lead position.. on RAW. A little thanks would be appreciated," Joanie hinted with a little attitude.

Frankie could hear Logan slap Joanie on the arm, and Joanie let out a yelp. "Look," Logan's voice rang softly and calmly over the phone. "We put in a good word for you, and Vince already knows how hard you work. RAW really needs a new photographer, and your name came up a lot of times. What's there to be afraid of? Joanie and I will both be with you," Logan comforted. "So the Great American Bash is this Sunday…" Logan trailed off, and Frankie got the hint. All three brands would be meeting in Manhattan for the pay-per-view, which meant that Frankie had a few days until he would see his best friends again, and he had a few days to make a decision.

"I'll think about it," he finally told them, and he could almost visualize the girls grinning hopefully at each other.

"Okay, Frankie," the girls' voices rang out happily. "We gotta head back to work, so we'll see you in New York. We love you! Bye!"

"Love you guys, too," Frankie chuckled into the phone. "See you guys."

Frankie, Logan, and Joanie have been friends since their early childhood days in Hawaii. They all lived next to each other, attended the same schools, and even took the same classes. However, it was college that separated them. They all went their separate ways: Logan was the first to leave to California, then Frankie left shortly to New York, and finally, Joanie moved to Nevada.

Although they were in different parts of the country, the three friends managed to reunite through the WWE. Frankie landed a job as a secondary photographer for the ECW brand, and Logan and Joanie landed jobs in the RAW brand—Logan as an editor for the WWE Magazine, and Joanie as one of the main stylists.

The three had been working for the WWE for a little over a year now, but the two girls hardly ever saw Frankie unless they were in the same city for a pay-per-view. As fate would have it, Frankie was in search of a promotion, and RAW's top photographer had suddenly quit. The girls put in a good word for Frankie, although Vince McMahon didn't really need much persuasion to see how perfect Frankie was for the job. All they needed was for Frankie to agree to make the switch.


The Marriot Hotel in Manhattan was surrounded by wrestling fans. Even still, Frankie did not have a problem getting through the crowd; all he had to do was flash the security guard his ECW badge, and Frankie was in. He immediately recognized a few wrestlers from RAW standing around the lobby and he grinned to himself. So Logan and Joanie are already here.

Frankie excitedly walked over to the front desk to get his keys to the hotel room that he and the girls would be sharing. It didn't matter that he shared a condo with his boyfriend in Brooklyn. He hadn't seen the girls in a long time; to hell with staying at home.

"Thank you, Mr. West. Please enjoy your stay," the receptionist smiled at Frankie and handed him his card key.

"Thank you," Frankie smiled in return and headed towards the elevators. Before Frankie could get very far, however, two voices called out to him from the lobby. He turned around excitedly as two women ran towards him, embracing him in a big group hug.

"You're here!" Joanie grinned. She stood at 5'8; her naturally black hair was dyed a dark magenta that ended right at her jaw line. Her eyes were a hazel brown and her skin a fair complexion. Her spunky personality matched her outgoing attitude.

"So did you make up your mind?" Logan asked standing on the other side of Frankie. She was 5'7 with jet-black hair that was layered just above her shoulders. Her silvery blue eyes glowed against her lightly tanned skin.

"I did," Frankie confirmed. He grinned widely at his friends, happy to be finally seeing them after so long. Frankie stood tall among his friends, standing at 5'11. His black hair was styled into a faux hawk. His green eyes twinkled as he smiled, flashing his dimples against his bronze skin.

"So what's your decision?" The two girls looked at Frankie expectantly.

Frankie shrugged, giving them a devious grin. "You'll find out soon enough. Besides," he said, glancing down at his watch. "There's a staff meeting in fifteen minutes." He grinned, watching as their facial expressions fell.

"Fine," Logan said, linking her arm with Frankie's. "Let's go." Joanie nodded and linked her arm around Frankie's other arm, and the three proceeded to the elevator up to the tenth floor, which was full of conferencing rooms.

Once the elevator dinged and slid opened, the three friends were greeted with a hallway full of wrestlers. "It looks like everyone else is ready for the meeting," Frankie commented as he looked around at the familiar faces of the WWE Superstars.

Frankie's eyes widened once he caught sight of the 6'4 frame of the Legend Killer. Randy Orton looked much larger, and much hotter, in person. "See something you like?" Logan grinned as she looked over at Frankie. It was no secret that Frankie was gay. Logan and Joanie were the first people that Frankie had told, and that was back in high school.

Frankie tried to hide a smile and a blush as he continued to steal glances at the 3rd-generation wrestler. Unlike Logan and Joanie, Frankie hadn't had the privilege to work with Randy Orton personally. He tried to recall all the stories the girls had told him of the Legend Killer, but all he had was an image of Logan going on and on about just how awesome John Cena was. Frankie couldn't help but to chuckle to himself and shake his head; Logan was John Cena's number one fan.

Turning his attention back to the Legend Killer, Frankie couldn't help but to be drawn to him. Randy's arrogant attitude, his cocky smirk, his physique that could put any Greek god to shame, and most of all, his thighs. Frankie unconsciously licked his lips at the thought of those damn thighs and the damage they could do in bed… Stop, Frankie, the voice in his head told him, and he shook the thoughts out before anyone would notice. Besides, Randy Orton wasn't gay—from what he heard, the 3rd-generation wrestler was also quite the womanizer. And, Frankie couldn't forget about his own boyfriend. What would Michael Mizanin think of Frankie's thoughts about Randy Orton? He definitely wouldn't be happy. But Frankie shrugged that off as well. It wasn't illegal to look, right?

The threesome made their way through the crowded hallway, and Frankie's breath caught in his throat as Randy Orton, along with John Cena, headed towards them.

"Hello, ladies," the two tall men greeted them as Randy flashed his trademark smirk. The smirk turned into a look of curiosity, however, when his eyes landed on Frankie. "I didn't know you guys had a pimp," he continued in mock disbelief, "but it all makes sense now."

"Oh, shut up," Joanie playfully glared at him as she reached over to slap his arm.

"This here is our bestest best friend in the whole wide world—" Logan started, only to be abruptly cut off.

"Frankie West," Randy Orton smirked, causing a wave of butterflies to flutter in Frankie's stomach at the fact that the Legend Killer actually knew who he was. "I know. You're with ECW, right?"

Not trusting his voice, the photographer merely smiled and nodded.

"So how do things run in ECW?" Randy continued on. "I've never been on that brand.. I'm too good," he told Frankie with a raised eyebrow and a cocky grin.

"Or you're just not hardcore enough," Frankie shot back playfully.

"Burned!" Logan and John teased at the same time. They briefly made eye contact before Logan turned away quickly, a blush creeping onto her face.

Frankie noticed this and fought from grinning wider. "Anyway.." He said, glancing down at his watch, "isn't the meeting supposed to start soon?" He walked towards the conference room, the others trailing behind him. They stepped into the still empty room and took seats in the very front. Soon, the other wrestlers and staff started to pile in.

Everyone waited patiently for the McMahons to make their presence known. It didn't take much longer for the door to open again, and the McMahon clan stepped in.

The meeting lasted very long as the McMahons broke down the storylines for the next shows, discussed advertising, juggled new ideas with the creative department, and received an update on the magazine.

"… Dismissed," Vince finally said as they covered everything that needed to be said.

"Yes!" Logan and Joanie shot out of their seats, along with the rest of the WWE staff. They tugged on Frankie's arms to pull him up.

"Excuse me, ladies," the two turned to see Vince making his way towards them.

"Yes..?" Logan and Joanie asked hesitantly, dropping Frankie's arms right away.

Vince chuckled. "If I could have a moment with Frankie here. We have some very important details to discuss."

"Oh!" The two girls nodded fervently, remembering the decision that Frankie had to make. "Yessir," they playfully saluted before skipping out of the room excitedly.

"Those girls," Vince shook his head, laughing silently. He turned his attention back to Frankie. "They speak very highly of you.. So have you made up your mind?"

"Yes, I have, sir," Frankie immediately answered.

"And?" Vince asked in anticipation.

"And," Frankie started, "it would be an honor to be the lead photographer of RAW. I accept."

"Well, then Frankie," Vince said, extending his hand towards the photographer, "welcome to RAW."


Logan and Joanie straightened up from where they were patiently leaning against the wall once they heard the conference room door open. They looked up at Frankie expectantly. "So….?"

"So?" Frankie raised an eyebrow at them playfully.

"Come on, Frankie," Joanie playfully nudged Frankie in the arm. "Tell us."

The photographer tried to keep a straight face, but couldn't help but to grin widely. "You are looking at the new lead photographer for RAW!"

Logan and Joanie cheered, jumping up and down around their friend, not caring that they were causing a scene.

"Oh my gosh," Joanie started as she linked arms with Logan and grabbed Frankie's hand. She started to drag them towards the elevator. "We so need to celebrate!"


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