She put the books aside. She was truly tired. Well, it was actually not surprising, she had been studying for the exam for three hours straight and now she had a strong head ache.

She had never been good at studying. She still preferred to exercise rather than shutting herself in with a bunch of books. But there was no way of evading this exam and she had to pass it no matter what.

She went to the kitchen, opened the fridge and took out a delicious looking caramel custard.

She needed to cheer herself up.

She had barely started classes at the university and she was already tired. Between studying, the house and working part-time, she could barely breathe, all day seemed like a long marathon.

And now, the exams. She was scared. No matter how much her father told her that it was only a matter of time, for her to get used to the rhythm of college life, the exams made the hair in the back of her head stand on end, it had always been like this for her.

The only things that she was even more afraid of than an exam were those terrible horror stories of ghosts.

There are things that never change. It did not matter where she was right now.

The light coming from the small living room told her that her father was still awake.

-"Poor Dad" -She thought- "all the paper work he has as a Dean makes him just as nervous as the exams make me; I guess he would prefer to still be teaching rather than take care of all this paper work. "

-"You are still awake?" -Asked her father coming in to the kitchen.

-"I needed to cheer myself up to continue studying" -She smiled at him while she showed him the dessert in her hands -"really Dad!!!!...I doubt I'm going to pass this exam!!!!"

-"If you put all your energy into it I'm sure you will be able to" -He answered with a warm smile -"don't forget it's the last one."

-"The last one of a long line of exams that are going to come till I finish my career"- She complained- "but this exam is definitely the hardest one….why is it that they all leave the harder stuff till the end?"

-"Maybe because they want to know if you have what it takes to continue"- He told her before leaving -"besides, the fact that things have gotten harder is a sign that you are ready to take them on. Well, see you tomorrow; don't forget to pick up the mail on your way home please, good night"

She nodded in silence and washed the plate where her dessert had been. She still had to study a little bit more before going to bed. Thank goodness that tomorrow she was off work. This would give her the afternoon off giving her time to go pick up the mail. Igushika-san had called to tell them that they had found a couple of boxes in the basement of their house in Tomoeda and had sent the boxes to them. She had no idea what those boxes could possible contain. Books and old stuff probably. After all, they had been living in an apartment in Tokyo for almost 5 years now.


She basically ran away from the university. That exam had been truly horrific. All of her classmates had the same mourning look in their face, save a couple who look pleased.

She didn't want to think about it…she wasn't going to think about it!!! She had had enough and the best thing she could do was to run to the post office and take a stroll on her way there. Maybe she could forget that exam before getting there.

-"Where are you going?"- Inquired Chisato. -"Aren't you going to the library with the rest of the class?"

-"I have to go to the post office" -She replied.- "They have sent a couple of things for my dad and he doesn't have time to pick them up, so I'm going to take advantage of it and try to distract myself a bit"

-"Cool, with luck maybe they are things that he needs for the university…I would like to go and rest a bit like you, after that nightmare of an exam…"

-"Well, where are you going?"

-"To pick my little brother up from school. It looks like Ryo is in trouble again and my mom cannot leave work and my dad is out of town…so guess who gets to hear the teacher's complaints…"- He replied sulkily -"Can I tell you something? … Younger siblings are little monsters!" He told her while waving goodbye "You have no idea how jealous I am of you, you don't have a brother that bothers you so much!!!...well, see you!!!"

She was left standing alone and in the quiet, feeling embarrassed. She could literally hear her mind working:

-"Breakfast is ready monster!!! Hurry up!"

And then Chisato said that younger siblings where monsters. Maybe it was true, but she couldn't ask the expert, after all, the last time that she had seen Touya was four years ago.

The day he left home.


She flopped on the bed with happiness. Sunday!!!! The best day of the week and the only one that she could stay in bed without the necessity to get out running at the sound of the alarm. She looked at the clock. It was almost 9:30 in the morning. She had done the laundry yesterday as soon as she got home so she could have nothing to do on her free day. Well HER free day. Her father was away on a conference for the deans, it was a shame, but she felt proud of him. Only the deans of the best universities where allowed to attend that conference held in the Sunshine building that weekend; her father deserved to be there because he had worked really hard since he became the Dean of the Archaeological College at the University of Tokyo. She was glad that they finally recognized his hard work.

She stood up with a yawn. This was the best time to cook herself a good breakfast! She turned on the stereo in her room and walked toward the kitchen, cheery before the prospect of an entire day without work and complete relaxation. In no time she came out of the kitchen with a tray full of food that she placed on her desk.

Maybe she could eat her breakfast while watching TV, or maybe she should watch that movie that her friend Mako had recommended with such enthusiasm. She turned on the DVD player, sat down to eat and immediately her eyes fell on the box.

She had picked it up from the post office three days before, with some other boxes, but this one had been almost hermetically sealed and had been marked with enormous letters "DO NOT OPEN, THIS IS MINE"

-"I think this one is yours"- Her father had told her when he looked over all the boxes and found that one. -"It's better if you open it and see if the things in there are still valuable to you"

A small sweat droplet appeared in her forehead when she saw the childish handwriting.

Something about the box was weird. When they moved out from the house she had made sure that she had not forgotten something of value or important in there. Well she had been a young girl then, but now she couldn't even remember what was in the box.

Without hurry, and forgetting about her tray of food, she began to open the packet.

-"I'm sure I'm going to end up throwing all of this in the trash" -She murmured- "But I would like to now what it's in here"

Enormous was her surprised when she opened the box.

-"……Books?....wait there are something other things in here…."

The first was a notebook. It had the picture of a sun and a moon on the cover- she recognized it to be her work-it was carefully painted. There was her name on the cover along with the year she had written in it. All the pages where full of writing and some of them had several pictures glued to them.

-"Well it sure is old!!" -She smiled before opening it while she read her name on the cover."

-"Hello my name is Sakura Kinomoto….."

-"It's….it's…the diary I had when…..when I was a Card Captor!!!!" -She whispered "then… All of that was real?"