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P.s. all italics are Bella's thoughts.

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The Work-Out Plan

"Bella, we should stop."

Urgh! Of course we had to stop, just when it was starting to get good...

I reluctantly allowed myself to be pushed away from his embrace before opening my eyes to look at his face. He wore a mask of resignation as he rose up from the bed and moved to the window where he gazed out at the snow covered ground silently. I looked at his face, for how long, I couldn't tell. After what felt like an eternity, even though in reality it was several seconds, I realised that I was waiting for him to smooth out his furrowed eyebrows and return to his bed like usual. He stood at the window unmoving and I started to get agitated the longer he was standing there.

"Edward...?" I all but whispered, knowing that he could hear me.

His eyes stayed fixed on the ground outside and he refused to answer me.

"Edward, what are you staring at so intently?" I was sure annoyance had started to creep into my voice.

"Nothing, Bella," he replied dejectedly.

"Well, that 'nothing' must be very interesting since it's holding your attention so keenly" I chided.

With a deep sigh he turned around and captured my eyes with his beautiful golden orbs.

Did he just me?

The fresh feeling of rejection mixed with the rapidly cooling haze of lust swirling around my head did nothing to curb the indignation that coursed through me at his sigh.

"Please, don't turn around on my account, Edward" I spat sarcastically "Don't feel like you have to humour your pitiful human girlfriend because she's throwing a tantrum! God Edward, you really do get on my nerves sometimes." I scrambled to get out of the bed but my temper didn't help my lack of co-ordination so my foot got tangled in the comforter and I flew forward. I felt his hands on my hips steadying me before he engulfed me in an embrace that endangered my flow of oxygen.

Oh god, he smells so divine! I could stay here forever if possible, but I actually need to breathe.

"hmnpmhpmhmphmahehmdphamehdpmdehadmepdheai," I mumbled into his shirt

"Oh sorry Bella, what did you say?" he asked while pushing me gently from his chest

"I said, I know that you don't need oxygen but I still do!" I grumbled "You didn't need to catch me, I was trying to make a dramatic exit."

"Oh, it would have been dramatic alright, just not the way you would have wanted it," he chuckled "besides you don't get to run away, we promised to talk about things instead of leaving them unsaid."

"Well you already broke that one didn't you?" I mumbled to myself.

"Bella, we can't communicate with you being snarky with me. Please baby, I don't want us to fight, we seem to be doing that a lot lately," he pleaded.

And it's always about the same bloody subject...

"I don't like fighting either Edward, but it pisses me to high heaven when you treat me like a child -"

"Bella I don't..." he interjected

"Let me finish Edward," I said with a new found determination. He nodded his head and I continued. "I know you feel like I'm pushing your boundaries but how do you know what they are if you've never even tested them out? It's really starting to affect me baby, which I think is what's putting the strain on our relationship."

I feel like I'm walking around with the female equivalent of blue balls all the time. If it doesn't get sorted out soon, I'm pretty sure I'll combust.

"Bella, I don't want to hurt you..."

Here we go again... "Edward you won't..." I started.

"No Bella, you've had your say so now it's my turn," he said. I nodded at him to continue "I know it must be hard for you, I'm not saying your...feelings...are no more important than mine but I ask you to have a little patience with me. I'm not gonna make us wait until we get married or something, god forbid," he added with a minute shudder that caused me to giggle "but I do need a little more time. I'm fairly new to this and you don't realise just how big an effect you have on me."

His words caused a grin to break out on my face and I flung myself into his arms before peppering small kisses all over the side of his face before capturing his perfect lips into a soft and gentle kiss. This time, I was the one who pulled away to gaze lovingly into his eyes.

"I love you Edward, I love how we can talk about stuff and mostly I love that you put up with all my crap," I stated meekly.

"It's not crap Bella, it's what makes you, you and I wouldn't change it for the world, besides when we get to that stage, we will get to indulge in hot makeup sex," he said with a smirk.

His words caused wetness to pool between my legs and I pulled his head to mine for a searing kiss. I felt the familiarity of his pulling away and my eyebrows began to furrow. He used his thumb to smooth them out.

"Baby, I'm not pulling away, well I am, but it's for a good reason. Alice is going to enter the room in about 3 seconds."

"Damned cock-blocking lil' pixie," I muttered under my breath while getting up from the bed and smoothing out my clothes.

"I heard that Bella!" Alice shouted.

Edward broke out into a hearty laugh and right on cue, Alice burst into the room.

"I hope I wasn't interrupting anything?" she asked in a sickly sweet voice.

I rolled my eyes before answering her in a sarcastic tone. "Oh no Alice, of course you didn't I was only hoping to teach Edward here, the highly acclaimed art of tonsil hockey."

Using my peripheral vision, I could see Edward's shoulder vibrate slightly as he fought the urge to laugh. Alice however, was not impressed and her posture stiffened, her eyes narrowed into slits.

"You keep being snarky with me Bella, and we'll see where that gets you," Alice threatened.

My eyes widened in horror as I tried to imagine the different punishments she could unleash on me.

Oh god, she'sgonnamake me go shopping! Or even worse, play fucking dress up!Gah, only Alice could take the things I don't actually mind doing and turn it into a fucking chore... I better crank up the ass licking to prevent the torture...

I turned on my pout and channelled all my inner cuteness into my puppy dog eyes as I pleaded with her. "I'm sorry Alice, I was only joking. You know I love having you around, come on tell me, what did you want?"

Alice wasn't in the least affected by my glare but she her body softened visibly...well, you know, as soft as a vampire's body could get. "Bella, you should know that I created that look you are attempting you use on me, so it's not going to work...but I forgive you nonetheless." And with vampiric speed, she glided to me and kissed me on the cheek. She then repeated the action to Edward, but not before whispering in my ear.

"You keep trying Bella, you'll perfect it someday..."

I chuckled softly to myself very glad that Alice wasn't miffed with me. She relayed that her reason for visiting was to invite me along on a shopping trip with Rosalie, pausing to add that resistance was futile on my part and that it could turn out to be in my favour if I played nice.

"Alice, why are you blocking your thoughts?" Edward cocked his head to the side with a slight frown.

"Edward stop being so nosy, it will be in your favour as well, now stop being such a wet blanket," Alice replied.

Edward pouted and the effect it had on me was probably not the one he was aiming for.

Mmmmm...justlook at those lips. I wouldn't mind having a little nibble and then have them lick every inch of my...

"Bella, don't even think about it." Alice jostled me out of my lustful thoughts.

Oops, she must have had a vision...oh no! Does that mean Edward saw it as well?

I glanced at Edward to see him sporting a devilish smirk on his devilishly handsome face with those devilishly delicious lips.

Yep, he definitely saw it.

"Come on Bella, we've got to get a move on, time's-a-wasting!" said Alice as she danced to my wardrobe to pick out my clothes...again. "Edward, say goodbye to Bella, she has to get dressed."

He sauntered up to me in what resembled a predator stalking his prey. My heart beat started beating double time and I felt my breath hitch. In no time, I found myself in his arms with my chest crushed to his and his cool breath in my ear.

"Don't worry baby, when you get back, I'll let you have your nibble," he whispered.

Oh damn...I think I actually drooled.

I felt the wetness seep out of me as my state of arousal increased 10 fold, but Alice wasn't having any of it.

"Edward, leave."

He chuckled as he placed a gentle kiss on my lips and glided out of the room. I remained in an Edward induced haze as Alice proceeded to drag me towards the bathroom and dress me. I noticed that thankfully, she was in a rush so she didn't prolong the ordeal. In no time, we were ready and on our way to pick Rosalie up for our shopping trip.


We were speeding down the highway and I refused to allow my eyes to shift to the dashboard lest I confirm my fears that we really were sailing down the road at over 100 mph. In an attempt to take my mind off the speed of the car, I decided to join in the conversation around me.

"So Alice is there a particular occasion we are shopping for or is it just for fun?" I asked.

"Well, actually we're going for you. You would have asked me sooner or later so I figured I'd make it sooner." She turned to give me a dazzling smile. I had learnt never to bet against Alice but I couldn't help but be curious as to why I would ask Alice to take me shopping. I racked my brain for anything I may have realised that I needed in the past few days but nothing came to mind.

"Ok Alice, I'll humour you. Why was I going to ask you to go shopping? I don't think I need anything...I mean a girl could always use some new clothes but I have no pressing need for them."

"I don't know the reason you wanted to go shopping, other than you just wanted to go," she replied

I turned to Rosalie in search of the answer.

"Hey, don't look at me." She shrugged. "I'm just happy to get out of the house! I needed to get away from Emmett, he was suffocating me."

"Yeh, I'm sure that all that sex was starting to feel like a laborious task," Alice said while rolling her eyes.

I burst out into fits of laughter along with Alice at her statement.

"I don't know why you're laughing Swan, it's your entire fault," she said curtly. "Don't get me wrong, the sex is fantastic but with all of us sporting cosmic horns most of the time, other things don't get done and I miss hanging out with you guys.

"I fail to see how any of that is my fault."

"Edward walks around with a perpetual boner, Jasper absorbs his lustful emission, then goes on to project the damned thing through the whole house before taking it out on Alice."

"It's true Bells. I'm not complaining about the sex either, but something needs to be done about Edward. It's all well and good when I'm with my Jazzy because I provide him with an outlet, but when I'm away, my poor baby suffers." Alice added.

"At least you guys have a way of expelling your horns and are getting some. I feel like I'm about to explode!" I ranted. "I have TRIED all that I know to get Edward to give, but it's like talking to a brick wall. He holds on to his junk so tight and I don't know what else to do to get him to give me the peen!"

There was silence in the car for all of 5 seconds before an uproar of laughter surrounded me. It was of no surprise that I found myself joining them in their mirth. The amusement soon died down on my end but Alice and Rosalie were still in full gear.

Jeez! Good thing they don't need to breathe...I wonder what I said that has them laughing so hard?

After they had calmed down considerably, they explained that they hadn't realised that I was so affected by the obvious cock-block and they were under the impression that I was the one that caused said cock-block but I set them straight and informed them it was all Edwards doing.

"Let's backtrack here Bella, you said that you've tried everything, but what exactly does your 'everything' entail?"

"Ermm" I blushed. "Well, when I'm kissing him, I tend to let my hands roam. He always catches me out, so I've tried to distract him by kissing his face and neck while my hands roam but no such luck."

I cannot believe I just divulged all that information to them.

"Well of course it didn't work Bella, you're working with a vampire that has the ability to process multiple things as well as thoughts in his brain at any one time. Kisses aren't going to get you anywhere. For that, you need to really pull out all the stops," Rosalie scolded.

"Stops like what -"

"I know why we are going shopping," Alice gasped and interrupted with a smug grin on her face. I glanced at Rosalie in confusion before turning to Alice.

"Oh, I pray thee fair Alice, do tell," I mocked.

She whispered something to Rosalie in vampiric tones that were too low for me to decipher and Rosalie let out a squeal of happiness.

Good lord, did Rosalie just squeal? Now I know they're up to no good!

But before I could voice my concern, Alice turned to me.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head Bella, all will be revealed soon enough."

"Oh Alice come on, you know I hate it when you guys plan shit for me and leave me in the dark...just tell me!"

"Oh stop your whining Bella, you'll love it. Besides, you won't be in the dark much longer, we're here."

I looked out of the window and noticed that we had indeed arrived at the mall. Once Alice had parked the car, I gathered my things in a silent protest, exited the car and walked towards the mall entrance, but not before I forcefully slammed the car door. They caught up to me in no time and I immediately felt bad.

Awwwcrap, I shouldn't have slammed the door like that. It's hardly the car's fault that I hate surprises. If I ruined her car, Alice won'tbe happy! I should apologise.

"Hey Alice -"

"No problem Bella, water under the bridge," she smiled.

I smiled back at Alice and linked arms with her as we walked into the mall together. We walked for a short while and when we stopped, I looked up to see Ann Summers. I turned to Alice in question and raised an eyebrow.

"Alice, why are we here?"

"Well Bella, it's about time you got some and the only way that is going to happen is if you are able to get under Edwards skin so much that he is unable to take it and throws all caution to the wind, before loving you like a woman should be loved and also ravaging you like a woman ought to be ravaged."

"Here, here!" said Rosalie.

"I don't think me in skimpy lingerie is going to help, he'd probably just destroy them all while I sleep and then fake innocence."

"That's where we come in Bella. Have you heard of the art of seduction? It's a skill that a woman develops after puberty kicks in and it determines how she can use her powers to bend men to her every will and make them do her bidding."

I chucked softly.

Art of seduction...these people are not serious!

We were browsing amongst the items and Rosalie looked up from the pair of crotchless pants she was holding.

"Bella, do not chuckle, for it is not a skill to be taken lightly. Every woman has it but the way each woman uses it can be placed into three categories. Set A are women that know they have it and use it wisely and discreetly, set B are those that know they have it and use it carelessly thus becoming sluts and set C are those that don't even realise they possess such a power and so walk around with unnecessary blue-clit all the time."

"Well, I guess we all know which set I'm in," I joked.

"That's all gonna change very soon Bella, trust me." Alice nodded her head with a fierce determination.

"Well how does one go about learning the 'art of seduction'?" I asked.

"It is an art that can only be self-taught my young Bella-wan," Rosalie answered.

Oh great...yeh,that really helps Rose...NOT!

"Ok, let me rephrase the question. How do I, with no prior experience of seducing a man, begin to teach myself to seduce a man, a vampire no less, who has the ability to read minds and has probably 'seen' every plan on seduction that has gone through various women's heads."

"All those are minor details, Bella, they don't even matter because he hasn't seen the fantasies that go through your head." Alice gazed into my eyes. "So tell me, what are your smuttiest fantasies."

My what? That kind of talk is hardly appropriate for where we are. Granted we are in a sex shop but still...!

"Alice that talk isn't for here," Rosalie answered for me.

"Hmmm maybe you're right. Ok Bella let's start small, just tell me any fantasy of yours."

"Well," I dragged out the 'l', "let's see. Gosh, so many to choose from, I just don't know where to begin." I tapped my finger on my chin in mock thought.

"Bella..." they chorused together

"Ok, ok, I've got one. Relax! Well, you guys know that I do yoga, so I thought that we could all be doing yoga at your house -"

"We? Bella I know we're fine specimens of women and all, I mean who doesn't want to do us? But we meant a fantasy of you and Edward, dear," Rosalie jested.

I flipped her off nicely and continued.

"Wow Rose, conceited much?" I rolled my eyes. "You're only a prop in my grand scheme of things! Anyway, as I was saying, he comes in from wherever, sees me all sweaty and whatnot and proceeds to carry me up the stairs caveman style and screw me 10 ways to Sunday and twice on Saturday...Yada bing, yada boom!"

"That sounds like a plan, Bella, although the screwing may take some time, but it will at least get you somewhere," said Alice.

A plan??What is she talking about?

"A plan? Whatchutalkingaboutalice?" I said in par with the classic Gary Coleman pout.

"We have to give it a name, but nothing too tacky like the-let's-seduce-Edward-plan. It has to be original and spunky," she continued, completely ignoring me.

"Spunky? Alice what the fuck, who the hell uses words like spunky?" laughed Rosalie.

"I do, and I already know what we're gonna call it: The Work-Out Plan."

"Alice, you have to slow down and explain exactly what the plan is supposed to be and also, why work-out?"

"Because you're gonna take up exercising," she grinned.

"Alice, are you calling me fat?" I feigned hurt.

"No, not at all. The plan is to unleash your inner freak and for you to discover your very own canvas so you can decide to paint any picture of seduction you want."

"So basically, we need to get you into all sorts of activities that will get you all hot and sweaty non-sexually so you can become all hot and sweaty in a deliciously sexual way," Rosalie laid it down in simple terms.

Mmmm,I like the sound of getting hot and sweaty with Edward. I want to get on it right away.Edward doesn't know what he's got himself into, he won't be able to resist my downward facing-dog! I need to get a new mat though...and maybe some sexier sportswear.

"Guys, aren't we in the wrong store?"

"Yes we are but while we're here, we might as well get a few things. You'll need them at a later date, so come on."

"Ok Alice, I'm just gonna go with whatever you choose for me, so pick it, let's pay for it, so we can get the equipment needed for TWP," I said excitedly.

"TWP? Gee, someone's in a hurry..." Rosalie mumbled

We walked around the shop, picking various items ranging from lingerie as innocent as baby doll sets and boy shorts to freaky corsets and edible underwear. Alice paid for the items and in no time, we were on our way to Lillywhites, in the search of sporting attire. I was really excited and couldn't wait to put the plan into action and discover the 'art of seduction' for myself.

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