Four months later.

Calleigh lay contentedly in the bed, soaking up the morning sun as she heard the sounds of Eric in the kitchen, floating down the hall. She could hear a few pots clanking and the sound of Andrew's laughter and she sighed to herself as she sat up in the bed and reached over to the side table to grab a hair tie and pull her hair back into a neat ponytail. She heard a few faint squeaks from her left and grinned uncontrollably as she carefully climbed out of bed, still a little sore, and made her way over to the crib.

"Good morning." She smiled down at the little face looking up at her. Grinning because her eyes were an even brighter green than her own and her smile was just like her fathers. "How are you?" She patted the baby's belly and she made a gurgling sound that caused Calleigh to laugh a little. "Stay like this forever," she whispered, holding her baby's little hand in her own as she leant over the crib.

"I think that might be a little bit impossible."

Calleigh stood up quickly, spinning around to see Eric, with Andrew on his hip and a plate of pancakes in the other hand, standing in the doorway. "I can hope," she smirked, narrowing her eyes at the way his eyes scrutinized her pajama pants. "What?"

"Oh, nothing," he smirked, making his way over to the bed and dumping Andrew on it as he placed the plate of pancakes on the side table. "I've just stopped wondering where you can find so many pairs of pajama pants covered in 9mm Berettas." Calleigh chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her waist and dipped low to place a tender kiss on her lips.

"Hey, when is everyone coming?" Calleigh questioned, only now setting her eyes on the clock, seeing it was nearly ten o'clock in the morning.

"Around twelve." He waggled his eyebrows, dipping his hands beneath her shirt and running his fingers along her lower back.

"Eric," she breathed, wanting what he was doing but having to force him to stop. "I'm not ready yet." She smiled apologetically and Eric nodded, kissing her lips again chastely.

"Not to mention the fact there are two pairs of crazy green eyes, watching us." He gestured with his eyes, towards Andrew sitting up on their bed with his hands on the wooden bedpost. Then looked down into the crib at the baby staring up at her parents.

"Yes," Calleigh laughed. "There is that."

"Alright," Eric clapped his hands. Let s get ready for this christening. Bouncing over to the bed, he swept Andrew up in his arms and made airplane noises as he swung him around the room, eliciting a squeal of excitement from the boy. "Come on, you; let's go make a mess while Mommy has a shower."

"No mess!" Calleigh yelled after them, as they bolted down the hall.

She looked down into the crib to see Mareike's large eyes still staring up at her and she pointed toward the door with her thumb. "Don't hurry to catch up to them," she grinned. "We southern girls will do our own thing."


"Calleigh, she's so beautiful," Alexx grinned, holding her little name-sake in her arms as the girl squeaked and squirmed and carried on, everything but tears. Calleigh smiled, straightening her baby's shawl as Alexx's motherly instinct forced her to start rocking little Mareike involuntarily. Sometimes Calleigh wondered if she even noticed she was doing it.

"Yes, she is," Horatio agreed, stepping up beside Calleigh and she nudged him with her elbow, blushing ever so slightly. "And you look wonderful, Calleigh." He smiled, leaning down to kiss her cheek before passing a small pink gift to Natalia and stepping off in the direction of Eric, dancing around the backyard with Andrew on his shoulders and Ryan throwing popcorn at them.

"I had a moment, where I thought we weren't going to get here," Calleigh admitted and Alexx reached out her free arm, wrapping it around her shoulders and pulling Calleigh into her embrace.

"Hey," she soothed. "You're here. That's what matters."

Calleigh nodded; she knew that. But those few days she'd spent in the hospital as they scanned Mareike and ran test after test to make sure the knife hadn't ruptured her uterus, she'd been terrified.

"Hi Lambchop." Calleigh smiled as she turned in Alexx's arms to see her dad coming up behind her with a giant teddy bear. "Where's this granddaughter of mine."

"Hi Dad." Calleigh kissed his cheek and grinned as Alexx traded Duke, the baby for the bear and headed off inside to put it with the rest of Mareike's presents. "It's good to see you." Calleigh watched as her father gently ran his fingers across Mareike's brow, making her frown and he laughed when her dark little eyebrows knitted together.

"Hey, Cal," Calleigh turned suddenly, when she felt Eric's hand on her shoulder and she turned towards him, only to look up into his eyes and see that he was looking in the other direction. Standing by the back gate, with a small gift wrapped in white paper with a pink ribbon, was Alexander Sharova. Smiling softly, Calleigh patted his arm and headed toward the man.

She could feel that Eric was watching her, as well as Horatio from where he was sitting atop the low garden wall, beside Andrew and Ryan rolling a ball across the grass. She held her hand out to him, gesturing for him to come in, welcoming him into the yard. He hesitated and she noticed him catch Carmen's eye from across the yard, dropping his eyes to the ground as Calleigh reached for his elbow and led him over to where Eric stood, waiting.

"You're welcome here," Calleigh whispered, linking her arm with his and slowly, he turned his eyes up to her. "You saved me. You're always welcome here, Alexander." Stopping, halfway between the gate and Eric, Sharova grasped her arm.

"No," he stated softly. "You've saved me."

Calleigh nodded, swallowing deeply. "Come on." She held his hand, dragging him across the yard to where her Dad was holding her daughter. Alexx and Natalia were standing on the back step, each with a wine glass in their hand, watching as Eric was trying his best to make Mareike laugh, though failing rather miserably. Ryan had Andrew hanging off his back as he and Horatio, who had his hands tucked in his pockets, made their way over to the little gathering. Calleigh stepped into the middle of the group and smiled toward her dad, holding her arms out to take Mareike from him and she turned with the baby nestled in her arms, toward Sharova.

"This," she grinned when she felt Eric's hand pressed against her back, between her shoulder blades. "Is Mareike Alexxandra Delko, your granddaughter."

He touched her forehead gently, brushing his thumb across her tiny cheek before he reached up to embrace Eric. Eric hugged him back and thanked him with his eyes before Sharova took a step back, placing his small gift on a nearby table as their friends and family slowly surrounded the baby. And he drifted into the background. He caught Lieutenant Caine's eye as he too, stepped out from the crowd and he nodded.

It was over now.

Eric noticed Calleigh glance toward the gate, and he saw that Horatio was leading Sharova away, with his hand subtly gripping the older man's wrist. They all knew that Sharova had to pay for his crimes. Now that none of them were in danger, it was time for him to serve his sentence so, with a hand gently cupping her cheek, he kissed her softly and they turned back towards their friends and their daughter.

The End.