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It is over, Joules, Gamma and Drazil himself were death, unfortunately Gig´s too , he changed our deal, as he said "the opposite of before" it was him who disappeared, not me. I can't feel him anymore, and I never will.

Danette had cried, she finally remembered his name but it was useless, now we are standing in front of a portal Layna had created for us to return to Haephness, she had asked me if I wanted to stay to help her manage this world, I refused, quite frankly I don't care right now, much has happened the worlds are safe, the flow of souls should stabilize itself soon without the those world rules messing with it, but it cannot be completely smooth without masters of life and death, some months ago I would have never thought I'd miss him so much.

We came back in the woods near Hidden village, maybe a day or two of travel to get there, Danette had been exited, Layna told us that Virtuous had come back , meaning Levin released her soul or that she had escaped somehow, I was glad not only for lady Virtuous but also because it meant Levin was still Alive, or at least I hope so, he had sent his doll, but when I lost Gig I also lost the power of dominion and all the dolls disappeared.

-Hey, stop looking so down, I bet Lady Lay… Lady Virtuous is waiting for us at the village

-The village was destroyed Danette.

-Oh right! That world thingy Guy! Then she must be at the nereids with everyone! Ill race´ya there! Ready! GO!

And she was off…. Not even waiting for me, she didn't even noticed I wasn´t following.

-Typical…. (Sigh) , (I don't know if I want to se anyone at all right now)

I think I need a little time with myself, too much has passed, its not that I lost much, I didn't have much to begin with, but I know that what I don't have now makes me feel empty, my identity, my soulmate, my home, my innocence , even my species…..,nothing was like I though it was, I thought I was human but Im a godly weapon of mass destruction, a world eater. I thought the world was a great place but it was dying and the souls were being stolen by other world. I thought lady Layna was just the motherly elder of the village but she is the master of life. At first I though the most evil of beings was sealed with me … looks like everything I knew was wrong…. I think Ill take a walk.

Revya then turned around and started walking in the opposite direction Danette had gone, however she forgot that the portal was right behind her and it was still open, so she walked right into it and back to Drazil.

Layna was also a bit worried about Revya, she didn't know what had happened exactly when Gig sacrificed himself and neither was she sure why had he done that, it was unlikely some plot of him, it was his life that had ended, when she heard him after all that time he had sounded less vicious than when he had killed her long ago, nop, it was something different and she couldn't place her finger on what, but he had been, cruel disrespectful and harsh with everyone except with her sis, sometimes that is; Layna had just seen her "sis" and the seph girl go back to Haephness thru a portal and was about to finish closing it, she would have liked if Revya had stayed to help her in managing this world, after all world eaters were a type of god and they had killed the upper gods of this world, meaning that they were the greatest gods and that was big responsibility, she would have to take both masters job, it would be hard, at the moment all the Drazilians were confuse and afraid, it would have been easier if Revya had stayed, but she had gone back to the other world and most likely she would not come back to Drazil again, or so she though, she had also been worried about all that energy and power Gig had used, it was too much, even for a world eater´s body. She was thinking about this when she was suddenly hit by Revya coming out of the portal, she had turned around and somehow now she was the one going into the portal, now she was trapped in between worlds, she was still in Drazil just not quite there, the portal on the side of Haephness had closed and now the side of Drazil had closed too leaving her in some kind of limbo.

Layna was confused, she was in a ghost like palace, a ghostly representation of Drazil, she stated walking around the place, she could not see the real place but she could see the glowing spheres that were the souls of the drazilians they had killed floating in the corridors aimlessly there was no master of death , she suddenly had an idea , she could use the energy of those souls for creating a portal connecting the two worlds again from these limbo, she could use it to return to the real Drazil and Revya would be able to use it to go to Haephness , but it would take time, Drazilian souls held no attachments so they weren't that powerful and manage to use them from this place would be tricky, but it was the best plan she had right now and it would have to do.

Meanwhile in the same palace but in the real place Revya suddenly found herself back in Drazil, she had stupidly walked right back into the portal, she had then trip and fall at the end of the tunnel and had hit Layna which ended up going into the portal and then it had closed up. It happened fast, it was probably bad, but it meant nothing, she didn't mind it, but she didn't liked it though, it had simply happened, she was in Drazil in the castle, and she was alone, she didn't like it, she didn't now what to do, she was trapped in this world, she wanted to cry but she somehow couldn't, and she didn't like it either , and that angered her.


So with nothing better to do she started looking around the empty palace for anything that could help her go back to Haephness, that or anything to destroy to vent her anger.

The palace was empty of life except for her, the corpses of all those drazilians they killed still lingered in corridors and chambers, she didn't feel regret, in fact they gave her some kind of morbid satisfaction which scare her a bit, how could she have killed so many and feel nothing? Worse yet was the fact that she liked the gory sight , maybe Gig did rub on her too much, how she missed him now that he was gone.


She had spend hours exploring the castle, she was really tired, so she decided to rest a bit, she found herself a room to sleep in and she felt asleep as soon as she laid down, she dreamed with Gig, Feinne, Thuris and Levin, or Raksha, she still preferred to refer to him as Levin, she dreamed with some of the dreams Gig unintentionally shared with her from when he was commanding the 3 world eaters and destroying the world, they weren't even pawns, they were his toys, his pets, just weapons, she dreamed with her fights with them and she came to the subconscious conclusion that world eaters were just that, weapons, their function was to destroy , to be used by the upper gods as executors, even Layna was also like that, she was there to fight Drazil, and so was she…. But Gig had also said that she was she no matter what she was, and it was truth, it would had been confusing had she been awake.

She woke up and simply lay in silence for a while thinking about everything she had dreamed, that, now she understood, she had been created to cradle Gigs soul and use it to defeat Drazil, Gamma and Joules so that balance would be restored in the flow of souls between the two worlds , all this by a twisted plot from Virtuous and Hephness, she could bring herself to think bad of Hephness, she remembered her from her dreams where she was a baby, she had motherly take care of her infant self, but her opinion of Virtuous had drop to the point near or bellow the ground, she was perhaps bitter or maybe disappointed by the fact that she had kept the truth of everything to her, Revya didn't consider her a mother like Danette did, Revya had grown more alone and isolated, villagers were good with her, but she had always been the quiet, creepy child that preferred to be left alone, while Danette had spent much time with the ruler of the village as if she were her real daughter.

Nothing mattered anymore, everything has ended, Gid, the adventure they had, even the purpose for her existence was over, in the beginning she had been afraid of Gig, but soon it chanced into and odd form of friendship and ultimately into something deeper on her part, but it didn't matter anymore because Gig was no more and she knew he wouldn't come back, her first clue on that was his trademark "I'm lying" laugh of "he,he" at the end of the sentence, and then when he had used all the power of his soul to defeat Drazil his soul had vanished, but before that he managed to make her body accept those remaining particles of his, in other words had made her devour him and had done so that she would absorb what was left of his power and some of Drazil´s, in a way he would be always with her, but he would never be born again or reincarnate of whatever, the god of death was dead and gone for good.

And now she was lost, her life before Gig was plain and dull, with him it took a complete turn with danger and adventure in a mission to save the world, excitement waiting at every turn since the moment they met but now that she had serve her purpose by destroying Drazil she didn't know what to do.

Revya had began looking again trough the palace when she came to main lobby of the place, it was filled with Drazilian corpses, or so she though when she saw one trying to move, it was a girl, looking exactly like her, she drew close to inspect her, the wound was fatal, it was a miracle that she was still alive but she wouldn't last long and there was nothing to do about it, the suddenly saw her and a fright expression crossed her features, she recognized Revya as her killer and tried to move away in vain, she had a cut in her abdomen that made her entrails go out of her body, by moving it just got worse, but she was still alive, she just hoped the pain would go away soon.

Revya saw the girls intestines on the floor and the expression of pain , it was gruesome and there was no way to save her, but she could at least release her of the pain, she had already killed many, and this time it would be for mercy, that's what she tried to tell herself, but looking at that face, exactly like hers, something so pathetic and pitiful, so weak and useless, and she was supposed to look like them, she felt nauseous and angry, everything she had kept was leaking in waves of anger, she took her sword and ended the drazilian´s life, a glowing orb she could see began floating away from the body, Revya extended her hand and took it, she did it out of instinct, she suddenly remembered when Levin Devoured Virtuous soul, she had asked what souls tasted like, when she devoured Gesthal´s soul she didn't have the time to identify the flavour, without second thoughts she devoured it, it tasted good, she had lost herself in the moment, her mind made a complete shut-down in from everything with satisfaction, the strain on her mind had been long, she wasn't thinking anymore, she was just feeling angry and hungry and was acting out of pure instinct, and her instincts were more of a beast than of a god, of what she truly was, a world eater.