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Euphoria had traveled from the Nereid's place towards the last place where Virtuous felt a lot of souls disappear, in her map the location was market as the thurist city, however she knew that the place did no longer exist since her brother destroyed it when he returned to his real form, how then was it that so many souls disappeared from that place if none were supposed to remain there? She didn't know but she planned to find out, she planned to find his brother and if necessary she would face him although she didn't want to, she had come to love this world as much as her "little brother" but she also owed Endroph and the nereids, Virtuous was still too weak and there weren't any more world masters, if a whole bunch of souls were to enter or disappear the cycle the already unstable balance would be forever destroyed and both worlds would collapse and die, if things came to worse she would have no choice but to fight her brother no matter the consequences for her and her future child.

She was planning how to fight her brother when Virtuous alerted her of another huge disappearance of souls a bit closer in what should been Muku village, Euphoria didn't waste time and started to run, she was almost as fast as her brother, and when she finally arrived close enough at the place she saw a red blur taking away some crimson tears from her brother, then the red blur became Revya and said something, however she wasn't close enough to hear what but she managed to hear her brother say -"Give me back those crimson tears Revya"- moment Euphoria used and screamed –"STOP BROTHER!"- And using the moment of confusion she stood between Revya and Levin.

-"Euphoria! You're! I'm glad you're alive. You came in the right moment, Ill leave you two alone for a family reunion".- said Revya and then she flew away, Euphoria only felt the wind as Revya leaved, when she turned around a bit the red haired girl wasn't there anymore.


Revya had been ready to fight Levin when they were interrupted by a very alive and lively Euphoria, she was truly glad that the girl was alive, however she could not waste this change (or Euphoria's life if she decided to fight her brother) and she flew away taking with her the crimson tears she had stolen from Levin.

Later on she arrived again at Orviska, she also landed a bit afar, this time she took her time in reaching her destination and explored the city a bit, the city was vibrant with life, a big weight had been lift from it with the old Dio gone while the new one was looking out for everything making the citizens more happy ,and without sacrifices for the maize forest's seal the kingdom didn't have to spent on crimson tears or slaves any more so the economy were slowly recovering.

Thinking about that she remembered how they defeated Raksha, she figured Rakshas´s real body or what was left of it anyways was probably still rusting in that forest with no seal trapping it, not that it mattered really as she was going to be get away to Drazil real soon, but she also wondered how much did a world eater's body could last, would Raksha die when that seph body gets old or would he find a way to heal or repair his own body? Would she grow older? This was her real body, and also Layna had been a world eater for a long time, no to mention that Feinne, Thurist and Raksha were hundreds of years old, she didn't want to live that much, she had no reason to, but she would definitely not die before accomplishing her goals, not that they were truly goals like defeating the gods of Drazil or destroying the world eaters had been when those missions had been dumped on her, but her plans would at least give her a form of release because that was, it could not been called revenge either, at least not completely it was something in between, the name didn't matter, one way or another the outcome would be bloody.

After some walking she arrived to the castle, however the atmosphere was different, the guards didn't stop her as she made her way inside the castle, they rather straighten up immediately upon seen her and kept looking at her intently for as long as they could, she also was a bit disappointed at not seeing that nice knight from the other time... after asking a maid where the queen was, she headed for the same room , where the queen was again expecting her alongside the same Dracon from last time.

All preparations had been make as farther as they could go, however without the crimson tears the process to open the portal could not be started, and without the most powerfull Dio it could take longer, however the portal would be reliable. She presented the dracon with the red jewels and thanked the queen once more for her cooperation, while the portal was being prepared the queen lead Revya to the side chamber to eat something before she would be gone.

A feast was waiting for them, Revya tried a bit of everything, there were many things that she never new existed, specially in the desserts and pastry department , however she kept herself away from the hotpots, she knew that they were probably delicious, however she could not bring herself to eat them. The queen meanwhile was having some tea and cookies while she observed the red haired world eater, she had been trying to think a way to tell her to stay, to take up on being the new ruler of Orviska but she didn't find world so she used a direct approach.

- So... Is there any way for you to reconsider my offer?

Revya took a bite of some pie and looked at the queen.

-I'm afraid my mind is set , I will go to Drazil .- Revya said firmly while a sudden idea came to the mind of the young queen.

- But what after you finish your business there?-the queen started.

-There is no way to comeback from there, I don't know how to open portals and there exist no crimson tears in that world.

-But If you somehow come back would you? At least say yes to that please, our last conversation was heard and the rumor spread fast , and now everyone one the castle thinks that I have already abdicated in your favor, if you agree on that then if you dont come back there wont be any problem and if you do come back then you will have a place and people waiting for your return, please.

Revya understood the queen dilemma, that was why the guards and everyone was already treating her with more respect and curiousness, she knew that she would not come back, and she felt a little gratitude towards the queen, so it would not hurt to say yes to something that would not happen.

-Ok, I understand. Yes, if I somehow come back I agree to take on the throne of Orviska.

The queen nodded in gratitude and a mischievous grin graced her lips and didn't leave her. later on a servant reported that the portal would be ready to open in a matter of minutes, they both headed to greed the Dio dracon just while he awaited the order to finally open the portal, Revya negated any offer of equipment t or supplies and the queen said goodbye while the portal opened.

Revya walked trough the portal proudly and without looking back.


Levin was beyond surprised, he had hoped and had suspected his sister to be alive, but for her to appear so suddenly and in such situation was a really bad thing and timing as Revya had took advantage of the moment and had escaped at such speed he himself hadn't seen her leave, not that he was paying her all attention as he was looking dumb folded to his sister and now he was at a cross decision, he had to choose, try to follow Revya or attend the matter of his sis.

He noticed that his sister was in her combat stance, she was holding a combat knife with more or less the same length than Danette´s daggers but he knew she was a lot more deadlier , after all he had send and seen her in action, he had even use that body himself and knew that Euphoria was a top fighter like himself, and she was clearly set on stopping him right there if he tried anything sudden like following Revya who was probably sufficiently far away by now he couldn't catch her even if he ran a top speed since she was flying in a straight line with no obstacles in her way like mountains and deserts so his attention remained with his sister, she didn't trust him, that was clear and he couldn't blame her, that made him feel guilty he had come to acknowledge that he really cared for his sister just like he a acknowledge Revya as a crush, even if he denied the crush and changed it for friendship, but alas he had a great debt with Euphoria and he had to set things right with his sister now that h had the change to do so, Revya would have to wait.

-Sis...Euphoria...I...I...I'm sorry, for everything- Levin said and sighted, this was a lot harder than he thought, he couldn't even look her in the eyes in fact he felt so ashamed that he had to look away.

Euphoria first felt his anxiousness, they shared a deep bond and she could sense and read his emotions better than he ever realized, but when he apologized he was being sincere, he really meant it, he wasn't faking it and to her she it was funny and heart warming how he acted, the really powerful world eater Raksha was looking like a little kid , the last time she had seen that was when he took over that body and had been a bit confused while adapting to it, he was really sorry, an he least his big sis could do was try to help, her resolution of fight him was still strong but if she could she would avoid conflict.

She approached him with decision, he did not backed away or tried anything, he just continued to look away until the firm grasp of his sisters hug made him react.


-Everything is fine so don't worry…and don't make worry again, ok? –Euphoria said and tightened her hug as if to not let the moment escape while tears build in her eyes.

Levin then hugged her back surprised by his and her actions, he didn't understand how could she act so forgiving towards him, but he was glad she did, after a while both let go of the embrace and before Levin could said more Euphoria put a finger on his lips so she could talk first .

-I want to now everything, ok? You go first and then well see, start from when we last saw each other, ok bro?

Levin nodded and took a deep breath while Euphoria sat down and patted the ground motioning for him to sit down too, Levin sat by his sisters side and started to tell everything from when he was defeated, he was astonished by how easy it was to talk with his "sister" about everything and how much he actually needed to take everything of his chest all while wondering how he was trusting her so easily.

He finally came to the part of his story where Revya re-entered his life again, he of course left some parts to himself like stalking her on the mountains or looking her in the bath, those were his personal little dirty secrets, however as he advanced in the story he and his sister ware getting more serious and the atmosphere started to get tense, by the time he was done Euphoria was standing with a serious and stern look while Levin had gotten up and was having a fit while walking in circles and cursing everyone.

-Tell me bro, what do you think she is planning by going to Drazil?

-"She´s going to kill everyone there!"- Levin said still in his tantrum.

(- What are you going to do Virtuous? )-Mentally asked Euphoria.

Virtuous had listened quietly to the world eater´s narration and found herself full of guild and dread but most of all full of fear, she was aware of Revya´s strength, after all she had asked Heaphness the overseer to create the strongest possible world eater, one that could contain and absorb Gig if things came to that, one that could defeat other world eaters and the masters of Drazil, she was the master of life of her world, and she could not have ever defeated Gig if not by the sheer moment of surprise she had planned by sacrificing the original Layna , and Revya was not only strong enough to hold Gig, but she had absorbed his power, and now her own weapon was going against her, she needed to stop her somehow, she knew that Raksha would not kill Revya if things came to that scenario and if Revya succeeded in killing everyone in Drazil she would not be able to coup with such and overflow of souls and both world would die, she could not trust this world eater,but she could count with Euphoria…

(-Euphoria, thi world eater wont stop her, we need to tell the others, they must stop her at all costs, now the only way to do it is to...end her, if the cycle is overflowed with souls both worlds will die.)

Euphoria´s eyes widened for a fraction of a second and they would have hardened with anger if she weren't such a good actress, she was so good that not even her internal demeanor changed, and her forced serenity wasn't because of the world's destruction treat, if any of the others were to know, they would first try to calm her first, that had already failed, then they would try to kill her, they would most likely fail and they would die, that would push Revya even further, and that would be disastrous.

-Levin! calm down bro! Now sit down and let me think.- Euphoria actually "ordered" her "little" bro and he obeyed but continued having a small fit.

Virtuous had made a huge mistake, again, she had assume that Euphoria would follow her commands and gather again the rest of the "heroes" to fight Revya and if needed kill Raksha too, she had not taken into account that Euphoria sympathized with Revya and Levin, more so the master of life had underestimated the half world eater she was sharing body with, so when Euphoria asked how could they get to Drazil and about how she could perform high spells of master of life, Virtuous didn't hesitated in teaching her the spell to open and close portals or any other that could be useful and fast to teach her in those few minutes, Euphoria rephrased them to get them right and memorized them and then she devoured the master of life.

-WHAT THE! -Levin fell backwards when he felt the power emanating from his sister, who simply stood up and held her hand to help him up while she explained.

"I haven't told you yet how I survived, when you were defeated in your real body the master of life escaped and to survived she got in the nearest body which was mine that how I survived and why I was able to recover from my own poison and how Virtuous got away, Virtuous had been to weak to use her powers and her little energy had been also supporting me. A little while ago we felt how souls were disappearing in Heaphness again and we thought it was you,

I was ready to fight you, but it seems we were very wrong in our assumptions, Virtuos had made many mistakes but what she said just now was her last."

Levin was speechless while his sister continued, he sensed how the power of the master of life was sourcing through her, she not only devoured the old goddess, she had completely consumed her.

-"Virtuous told me everything from the beginning to her when she last saw Revya, Virtuos pledged to Heaphness for the creation of the strongest world eater, a weapon to destroy the other weapons, Heaphness complied and created Revya, she even took care of her until she was old enough to be sent into the world, from the very beginning Revya was meant to get together with Gig and none of them were supposed to survive after Drazil, and now she wanted me to tell the others the current situation so that they could fight and kill both of you!

- Sis...You... You devoured the master of life! – a bewilded Levin finally said while looking for the first time in awe and a new found respect at his sister.

-Yes I did, and she tasted awful.

They both looked at each other with a mischievous grin and laughed, their feelings connecting as the siblings they were, the two of them undestanding each other:When their laughter died Euphoria took a more serious look told Levin that she could open a portal to Drazil for a brief moment, since they lacked crimson tears she would have to use some of her energy and would end very tired, probably unconscious, he would have to move fast to use the portal and once on the other world there was no guarantee that a new portal could be open again that way from Heaphness so there was a good possibility that he would not be able to come back, however Euphoria tough him about portals anyways.

Also there was the small detail of he being weaker than Revya, he did not had any chance at defeating Revya in a combat, however there was the sealing option at a last resort... they didn't now what would happen and this time Levin didn't have a plan either, but he was willing to risk it, specially since now he had the change of the first move, he could arrive in Drazil at least a day before Revya could, that would be enough to devise and set up a plan, it was his only shot.

Euphoria started to chant and gather energy while Levin prepare himself to enter the portal, the moment the small portal opened Euphoria´s nee touched the ground and Levin jumped into the dark rift in space that closed almost immediately, Euphoria was exhausted , the last thing that crossed her mind before falling asleep was that she forgot to tell Levin that he was going to be an uncle.

Levin hit ground inside a very big chamber in a luxurious building, probably a palace or a castle when a voice he never expected to hear again made him look around frankly.


However he didn't see the owner of the voice even though he felt his presence all around him. The world eater then simply grownled angrily the name of the owner of such voice.


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