Chapter One: The Lost Sock is Found

Hikaru's POV:

Host club was over for the day, thank goodness. It always felt so weird to be there, like the single sock without a match. Tamaki, the Host Club's king, and Kyouya, our ever calculating vice president, recently started an act together. However to them it wasn't an act. Just a month ago Kyouya confessed feelings for Tamaki, which Tamaki secretly returned. They have been dating since.

Then of course, there is Mori and Hunny. The two cousins were not romantically involved, however it was rare to see one without the other. They understood each other, and Mori could use some of Hunny's excitement.

The last member of the Host club is me. I don't know why Tamaki had insisted to have me join. Some girls didn't prefer me due to my ever growing temper, though for some reason they always were attracted back.

Tamaki said I should embrace the fact that the ladies love me, and he went on to explain the feeling of being complete he got when entertaining squealing girls with Kyouya. If you ask me, it was just Tamaki's over dramatized mouth running on high. Whenever I am hosting there is no feeling of being complete, only the lingering sense that something was missing. In fact, that feeling is present outside of the Host Club.

I shook my head wildly; someone would mistake me for Tamaki if I continued to ponder meaningless things like this. Done with my stupid thoughts I turned to Mori and Hunny, who were just leaving.

"Bye bye Tama-chan, Kyou-chan, and Hika-chan!" the blond senior waved from Mori's shoulders. The two exited through the third music rooms doors, and before it could even shut behind them I bolted out as well. Nothing quite like Tamaki and Kyouya making out to clear a room. I would be sure to tease them about it later.

Walking out toward my limo I called out to Limo driver, "I'm gunna walk home today." Before the poor man even had a chance to protest I turned the other way and headed toward what Tamaki called the 'commoner land'. He said he and Kyouya went there on a date and had a lot of fun. It wasn't as if I had anyone to go home to.

I'm Hikaru Hitachiin, the single son to the Hitachiins. Yes I mean the Hitachiins who owned Hiachiin fashion. I was told that I was going to take over the business someday. And at the moment my parents are away on some kind of business trip. Which means I'm left with the maids. Wahoo. 'Commoner land' it is.

I walked down the streets boredom slowly creeping up. Along with that was a feeling I couldn't name. I really hated feelings, I wasn't much of a sensitive person.

"Ouch..," I heard a yelp from an alley just ahead between two shops. The voice sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it to a face. I reached the scene to see a skinny redhead boy with a bleeding cut across his palm.

"That'll teach me to search in trash again," the hurt boy muttered.

"Are you okay?!" I blurted. The boy stood and turned to face me in a swift movement. I was able to put a voice to a face now and I realized who he reminded me of. Myself. But why was someone with my resemblance hurt in an old alleyway searching through trash?

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