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It's been two weeks since we got back from a trip none of us could forget. Sara was almost too out of character and now walked around the lab with her head down every time I spotted her in the hallway. Grissom was constantly clearing his throat around the two of us and tried his hardest not to show how much of a problem he had looking at the two of us, but I have received a few questions here and there from the team about our awkwardness and to all of them I'm vague and den any accusations.

I'm about to step into the break room when I feel a familiar body bump into me. I shudder at the contact remembering every movement made that night that is burned into my mind. I'm sure she feels the same way as she pushes past me and into the break room with a quick apology. I open my mouth to tell her she has no need to be sorry and that it was my fault I didn't seen her there, but she's too far inside the room for me to explain and I let it go as I make my way over to the chair opposite from Nick.

"Hey, Catherine," Nick warmly welcomes me. We haven't seen each other in a few days and he's always joyful to see a person if he hasn't interacted with them in more than twenty four hours.

"Hey, Nick, what's up," I ask as calmly and casually as I can, but keep my eyes as glued to Sara as possible, not wanting to give away the fact that I'm picturing her naked as she pours herself a fresh cup of Greg's delicious special brand coffee.

"Not much. I've had the slowest week in the lab I've ever had in my entire career as a CSI. What about you?"

He is too cute when he smiles his innocent and charming smile. It always brings a smile to my own face when he does exactly that and I could never deny the way he warms my heart, but I never think about taking things anywhere with him. As crazy as it sounds, I've only been thinking about one person being in my life since the incident we promised to never speak about again and the truth is that same person wasn't even close to being on my Love Radar before our little time together.

Finally Nick's next words register as he asks, "Catherine? Catherine, are you okay?"

I shake my head and go from staring at Sara to confusingly focusing my attention on Nick. Warrick, sitting beside him, is as worried about me as his cowboy resembling friend and waits for my answer.

"I'm sorry, what did you say," I ask, genuinely lost after I heard half of his answer to my question. Accidentally, I let my eyes dart in Sara's direction seconds before she slowly turns with a hot cup of coffee in her hands. Before she even takes a step in our direction toward the table, Greg enters cheerfully and Warrick has to draw attention to me for my eyes not being able to control themselves.

"Why were you looking at Sara," Warrick asked, turning to look at Sara then focusing back on me.

My cheeks suddenly felt hot and I could tell I was blushing. To make the situation even worse for Sara and me, I meet her gaze, only locking eyes for a moment before hers fall onto the floor as she harshly swallows down the lump in her throat that had now settled in mine.

"Are you guys drinking my coffee again," Greg's cheer turned to agitation. He hates it when people drink his coffee because by the end of the week he has to make yet another expense he isn't ready to have to pay for quite yet.

Sara relaxed only slightly when she locks eyes with the spiky haired blonde and quietly responded, "Sorry, Greg. I didn't think you'd mind. It was just me."

I want to reach out and pull her into my arms because of the weakness and vulnerability she demonstrated but knew that would look suspicious to the guys and create more of an issue between the two of us since the conference.

"Oh, it was only you? Then that's okay," he shrugs off the anger that had rapidly built and smiles, flinging his hand in her direction to perform how fine with it he is, letting her knew to let it go.

"Okay, thanks," she replied, stronger than her confession about the coffee, but still a little too quiet for the usual Sara.

The three of us weren't the best people to keep a secret as big as what happened during the trip and we all knew the team wanted to know more by every reaction we gave. Sara took a seat next to Warrick, forcing her to seat between him and me. She had no real choice in the matter because asking to sit between Nick and Warrick were there was no chair conveniently placed would cause more curiosity and the only other choice she had once Greg took his seat on the other side of me was to sit between him and Grissom, when our supervisor finally decided to get here.

I was glad to say the least that she feels more comfortable with sitting beside me instead of Grissom. I was also surprised because given their history I figure it wouldn't be that hard a situation to deal with, but I guess I overestimate how close they were in San Francisco.

She nervously taps her fingers against her coffee mug as both her hands were protectively wrapped around the slightly beige cup. She looks adorable when she is at a loss for words and needs something to do to keep herself from panicking her way out of the room. I smile at the thought of her fleeing the second Grissom gets here and giggle as silently as I can, but am unsuccessful.

"And what are we laughing about, Miss Catherine," Greg asks with his usual, 'fess up, I know it's something juicy' grin.

As if on cue Grissom, at a brisk pace, walks into the break room. Though his nose is buried in a manila folder, Sara still tenses and is set off when he finally looks up from the papers and makes direct eye contact with her, causing her to finally break.

"I've got to go," Sara hurries the sentence out of her mouth and as quickly scampers out of the room, leaving Grissom to make eye contact with me. He clears his throat and looks away. I know I won't be able to handle this much longer.

For the past two weeks all I've wanted to do is talk about it just to get that not-so-funny-when-it-happens-to-you conversation out of the way. I know that I'll most likely barf at the memory if we ever get around to dealing with the unsettled issues that we swear would remain forever in Colorado.

"Hey…now, no one ever told us what happened in Denver," Nick speaks up and fixes his eyes on me.

Like I'm going to be the first to crack. My money's on Sara by the end of the week!

"It's probably for a good reason, Nicky," Grissom answers for me. "Catherine, go see if you can get Sara back in here or something. She's a got a DB in Henderson with…Greg."

"I'll get her," Greg offers.

Thank god! That boy is a miracle child.

"Okay, that…yeah, do that," Grissom tries yet again to say something, but hesitates and dismisses whatever was about to leave his lips.

"Catherine, you and Warrick are working a 419 at the Tangiers and Nick, you and I have double homicide in Mesquite.

I sigh in relief that he seems to be avoiding putting the three of us in the same room any longer than we have to be and relax as he has been doing since we got back into town.


Before Warrick and I left the lab, I noticed Sara come out from the bathroom to a chipper looking Greg that seemed to be ready to pry everything about what is supposed to stay in Denver out of that gorgeous brunette. Now, at the scene, I find I'm more distracted than I ever thought I'd be and I'm not sure why.

After collecting a few pieces of maybe key evidence toward the case, I head over to the car and place the evidence bags in the trunk. Warrick notices I've left and comes out to check on me. I know he wants to know what happened just like Nick and Greg, but I want the incident to stay between Sara, Grissom and me.

"Hey, are you feeling alright? If you want I can take over from here. Maybe you should ask Grissom for a little time off, too, because you seem very distracted," Warrick reaches out and gently touches my shoulder.

"Um, yeah, I'm fine, I just…I am distracted," I sigh and admit in defeat.

"Does this have anything to do with what happened…" he slides his hand off my shoulder and I cut him off.

"Yes, it has everything to do with what happened. I think I should get some time off, but it's not like I was raped or anything. I mean, it's stupid what happened and we all need to get over it. We should be able to get right back to work and…honestly if anyone should time off because of the situation it's put us in…it should be Sara!"


This is definitely his way of figuring things out and I know there is a way to answer the question with out quenching his thirst…so to speak.

"You saw how she just bolted earlier today. I can handle sitting still and apparently so can Grissom, so…we're fine. It's fine and like I said before I'm fine."

I turn and rest my hands on the edge of the trunk and sigh, frustrated and confused and the only one willing to discuss anything at the conference. I lower my head and shake it somewhat gently before feeling Warrick's hand comfortingly on my back.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"No, I don't…at least not with people who weren't there. I'm sorry, Warrick, but there are things we haven't sorted out or come to terms with and that needs resolved before I even think about telling you," I turn and feel his hand dropping, soon completely leaving my body, forcing me to inwardly admit I miss the touch and his effort.

"It's okay. I understand, Cath, but maybe the person or people you want to talk to about this need to hear you want to work things out."

I smile, knowing that's exactly what I need to do and noticeably relax. I had no idea how tense I was throughout shift so far. Warrick has always been helpful and a damn good friend.

I nod to let him know his suggestion got through and plan on heading back into the house when he stops me and shakes his head.

"You can get back to the lab and handle this evidence while I finish sweeping the area. I'll get a ride from one of the officers…and maybe you can talk to whoever you need to be talking to, alright?"

"Yeah, thanks, Warrick."

I close the trunk to our Tahoe and make my way to the driver's seat, hoping that when I get back to the lab at least Sara will be there.


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