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"Got room for one more," Grissom slurred as he pulled the two apart.

Catherine shifted her attention between Grissom and Sara before she smirked and leaned in to whisper in Sara's ear. "Let's go for it."

It was not something Catherine would ever suggest, but the three of them had plenty to drink and certainly needed to take off some of the edge they had put on through recent cases within the past month or so now. Sara grinned and bit her bottom lip, nodding along with Catherine's suggestion.

The two women looked over to the lightly laughing Grissom before each taking one of his arms around theirs and headed outside, raining a cab and heading up to Grissom's hotel room. Once inside his room, Catherine attacked Grissom's lips first. Then he alternated to Sara's lips, things being rushed and slightly sloppy due to the drinks they had been throwing back all night.

After Grissom knew the feeling of both women's lips and touch, Sara and Catherine enjoyed themselves by kissing for the second time that night. They smiled into their next few kisses and fell back onto the bed, Grissom following their actions as he stripped along the way.

Catherine and Sara laughed at how clumsily he made his way onto the sheets. Sara then rolled over and pressed her lips to Grissom's one more time before he relaxed into passing out.

Catherine and Sara shared a laugh. "Wow, I guess he can't really hold his own as well as he thought he could."

Sara giggled as Catherine ran circles around her collarbone. "Maybe he hasn't had to for a long time. You're not planning on doing the same, are you?"

"I don't plan on it," Catherine laughed before feeling Sara's lips against hers, their tongues gradually meeting.

"Good," she said before chastely kissing Catherine, snuggling up next to her face to face. "So…what now?"

"Well…we could do what Grissom did," Catherine smiled and bit her lip, loving how she had Sara were at the moment.

"Hmm, that sounds…like something that could change the friendship we never had forever," Sara lightly and lowly laughed, running her hand through Catherine's red locks.

"And what exactly, then, would we have to lose," Catherine gleefully inquired, making circular patterns now on Sara's left hip.

Sara giggled and took Catherine's hand in her own, moving it up her side and taking her shirt with it. Catherine gasped at what Sara was letting happen when the brunette let go of her hand and started undoing Catherine's pants, slowly lowering them.

Within a matter of five minutes, they were each stripped down to their bras and underwear. They both bit their bottom lips in anticipation before looking knowingly into each other's eyes, shimmers reflecting between brown and blue.

"Ready," Sara asked as she played with the outline of the left cup concealing Catherine's breast.

"Uh huh," Catherine nodded as she reached around Sara's rib cage and found the clasp she was somewhat eager to unclasp.

Sara rolled over on top of Catherine, straddling her lower thighs, their hands remaining in the same positions they had when they were lying side by side. "On the count of three."

Sara moved her hand to the front clasp bra Catherine had been wearing, conveniently. Both looked straight into each other's eyes as they waited for the right number to let go.

"One," Catherine started the count-off.

"Two," Sara gulped.

"Three," they simultaneously reached their limit before swiftly releasing the other's bra.

Both gasped at the sight and immediately crashed their lips together. Their tongues lavishly connecting, Catherine and Sara stayed as they were: deep in kisses, the remainder of the time they had before Sara fell asleep atop the older woman.

I love holding her in my arms as she sleeps. It's the most incredible feeling in the world that I will always deny any desirer of her body. She looks so peaceful as she rests beside me and I can't help but think I should be fast asleep with her. I wish I could sleep, but I can't seem to sink into slumber because what I have is so amazing it excites me to no end.

"Go to bed," Sara mumbles though I seriously thought she was out for the night.

"How did you know I was awake," I ask, curious because I know she can't possibly see me since her back is to me and my arm is draped over her waist.

"Your breathing isn't even. Besides, you keep kneeing me in the groin so get comfortable," her voice sounds thickly coated with sleep, huskily making its way through her vocal cords and passing through her luscious lips.

"Oh, sorry," I lightly laugh before easing my knee away from her center.

"Not a problem," she turns over and faces me, her lids heavy from exhaustion. I keep my arm around her waist, but loosen my grip to let her move. "Why can't you sleep?"

"Uh, Sara rush…I guess," I innocently excuse myself. She smiles though it's a bit difficult to make out through the darkness filling the room, the moonlight barely penetrating through the slit between the bedroom curtains on either side of my bed; our bed.

"Do you want to talk? Maybe have some hot chocolate or something? I find that the second one really helps," Sara jokes, though I know she is speaking facts.

"Um, I'll take both…but um, I have a question for you."

"Okay, shoot," she chastely kisses me as a sign she is all ears and won't judge me or run away. Another great thing about her I love.

"Uh, I think this might be kind of suddenly…but it's not like I'm completely asking you to move in with me, but…you could move a few of your things in and um, spend a few nights a week here." I start stammering, afraid her answer will be denial. "I-if you want, that is."

"You know, you're too cute when you're insecure," she responds, again planting a chaste kiss on my always-awaiting lips. "Yes, silly."

I could hear her giggle and I felt relief surge through my body as I let a sigh escape. "Thank, god. I was so nervous."

"Well, don't be. It isn't like I haven't been thinking about you since I first saw you. Plus, the conference brought us closer…way closer, and I really like this. I want to spend so much time with you, I swear I'm not the same Sara I once used to be because of you."

"I hope the change if for the good of things," I tense up again, worrying I've made her life strange and like hell.

"It's always like that with you…and I think it just might always will be," she smiles.

"Aw," I start to tease her. "How romantic…and sappy and cheesy."

She playfully swats the arm she had, without my notice, been stroking since she turned to face me.

"Shut up," she jokes as she starts to sit up and swings her right leg over me. "Now, are we getting that hot chocolate or are we just going to lie here and not get any sleep?"

Her toes instantly touched the glossy, smooth hardwood of my room as she stretches across me. She shows me she is more flexible than she seems to be demonstrating when we're intimate, but we've only been that way once before tonight so I guess I should give it time.

"If you don't swing that other leg over me and walk into the kitchen soon, you'll make me very wet," I honestly warn her.

"Wouldn't be the first time," she dips down and kisses my forehead as she flings her other leg to meet her right one beside my spot on the bed. She flashes me a quick smile and strolls out into the hallway, heading downstairs for the cocoa she has promised me.

I smile to myself as I throw the sheets to the edge of the bed and follow Sara down to the kitchen. This is perfect.


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