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Death the Kid always tells himself (berates himself, destroys himself) for screwing up. That's how it is, that's how it was supposed to be. But then she came along (a petite angel with green eyes and corn-silk hair) and took his hand (hers was small, gentle, and callused), and told him to stop doubting himself. His heart was enraptured.


Kid froze in his shooting, and watched as she launched herself (recklessly and blatantly) at the pre-Kishin, black and red scythe flashing brightly, her partner yelling at her to listen. His breath left his lungs (no, no, she had to be okay) as she dodged a near-decapitation. Time sped up again, and he fell in behind her, ready to back her up. She was gonna hear it after the mission.


He dodged another pre-Kishin claw, and jammed his guns into its arm. BOOM! The creature jerked back in pain (it looked utterly dumbfounded), and Maka jumped past Kid, hacking at the creature. The pre-Kishin launched its good arm at the petite Technician (this girl is a pestilence, the creature probably thought), its claws in a position to impale her. Kid gasped and leaped in front of her.


Pain seared down his right forearm, and he felt hot, red blood flow freely from his artery. Maka and Soul screamed his name (her voice rang out clearest to him) as he felt his head go light from blood loss. He was vaguely aware of Maka's scream (as he collapsed listlessly to the ground) and the dull thud of weapon hacking into flesh as she finished the pre-Kishin.


She stubbornly looked away from him, green eyes ablaze, and squirmed against the wall. He had her trapped against it with one hand up by her head, resting against the wall, his arm blocking her escape. If she tried to run, he'd stop her. Man, was she difficult.

"I'm gonna ask you again. What the hell were you thinking?" He asked calmly.

"What the hell was I thinking? I almost had the pre-Kishin, then you go and jump in front of me, and get a major vein in your arm torn open!"

"You were about to be killed."

"So where you!"

He sighed, frustrated. How did Soul put up with her? "Better me than you."

Her huge eyes caught his, and he was lost in a maze of hypnotic, enticing green, "Don't say that."



Kid drew back a little, slightly frightened by her outburst. If looks could kill, he'd be dead right now. But God, could she be attractive when she was angry.

"Why are you worried about me? I always thought . . . I always thought you cared about . . . Soul . . . the most." The admittance of this made him unable to continue eye contact.

"Soul? Soul? Why is it always about him? Are you really that stupid?" He looked up again, hearing the tears in her voice, and indeed, (he felt really guilty, now) her cheeks were wet, "Yeah, I care about him, but it's—it's not the same as with you, Kid."

He felt his heart skip a beat, not daring to believe what he just heard, "Really? Why? What's different about me?"

Her large forest-colored eyes (he lost himself in them again) filled his vision, and he felt her lips, soft as rose petals (they tasted like vanilla and she smelled like a beach, like sunscreen), close around his, and he closed his eyes.

His stomach turned, knotted itself, jumped around and turned again. He exhaled (and tried not to collapse on his now-jelly legs) as she drew back, and he had to remind himself to breathe.

"That's what's different." She whispered.

Kid stared at Maka, not quite believing his sheer good fortune.

"I'm sorry I worried you." He apologized.

"You damn well should be!"

He swore his heart was about to beat right out of his chest, "I love you, too."

And his lips smashed against hers once again (vanilla had never tasted so good to him), and he was sure they would forget about their fight after this.

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