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Next, a thank you to Atsushi Ohkubo for creating such wonderful and engrossing characters, as well as a brilliant series where the very fabric of the story is based on people who are emotionally rich and whole, and for creating a place where the supernatural is ordianry.

And last, but certainly not least, a very special thank you to Soul Eater Evans, Maka Albarn, and Death the Kid, as well as the rest of the case of SE, for teaching us all you have, and just all around being awesome. I love you guys so, so much! ^^



Always Save the Girl: Soul, the entire fandom's looking at you. Kid, too, in my fanon.

Anchored Ship: Averted. Kid and Maka almost stay broken up in chapter 9, but overcome it.

Battle Couple: Soul and Maka, Kid and Maka, you all know the drill.

Birds of a Feather: Kid and Maka, because they are forever destined to sit there and talk about . . . books. Ah, the nerd-love~

Opposites Attract: Soul and Maka. He's a fairly quiet musician-scythe with a meister complex, she is a loud-mouthed nerd who whips out books randomly and whams them over his head. They're both pretty stubborn, though.

Beautiful Dreamer: For like two minutes in chapter 7, when Kid wakes up in the morning with Maka in his bed.

Boy Meets Girl: Soul and Maka, Kid and Maka.

Break His Heart to Save Him: Kid does this to Maka, in chapter 7. They make up, though.

Sacred First Kiss: Between Kid and Maka, in chapter 1. "That's what's different." Much fangirl SQUEEE~~~ factor.

Erotic Dream: Kid, in chapter 7. In the morning when they wake up, and Maka starts serenading him. Control yourself, shinigami.

Everybody Has Lots of Sex: Soul and Maka, Kid and Maka. Justified by the fact that Soul and Maka have been partners for like ever, and that Kid and Maka can see each other's souls.

Interspecied Romance: Kid and Maka. He's a shinigami, she's human—they are not the same species. They get around this issue in chapter 9, though.

Their Fist Time: Kid and Maka, in chapter 9. Is the closing prompt.

Sexy Shirt Switch: Maka wears Soul's shirt in the morning after they spend all night making love in chapter 6.

Intertwined Fingers: Tons of times. Not bothering with naming all the occasions.

It's Not You, It's Me: Kid uses this with Maka, when he breaks up her at the end of chapter seven. It's not his fault, his father made him!

I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Maka. Soul. Kid. All three of them. There are various examples.

Love Confession: Chapter 1, Maka tells Kid her feelings.

Mayfly December Romance: Averted. Kid and Maka get around this in chapter 9.

Oblivious to Love: Yes, this is canon. LOOK AT IT, SOUL AND MAKA, IT'S RIGHT THERE.


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