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Part 3: Endgame

Chapter 23 – Lord of the Uchiha – Fugaku's Return!

"Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu!" Fugaku roared at the two girls and summon.

The fight had gotten off to a slow start; Konan was still somewhat worn down from battling Kagura, while Sakura's initial shuriken attack was foiled by a return volley. As this new fireball flashed towards her, Sakura leapt out of the way, planted her feet upon landing, and launched herself with a chakra-enhanced punch at the Uchiha patriarch.

Konan for her part took a brief moment to re-focus and form a plan. Unfortunately, nothing she thought of hit her as an effective plan. Nevertheless, Sakura would be in serious trouble without the blue-haired woman backing her up, so Konan quickly formed several paper shuriken and launched them at the Uchiha.

Across the battlefield, Naruto and Sasuke continued their deadly dance, weaving in and out of each other's attacks. For every high-speed strike, there was a complimentary dodge, followed by a retaliation shot that was also usually dodged. Neither man was giving an inch.

After a particularly lengthy exchange, the two men broke apart to catch their breath.

"What do you expect to accomplish Sasuke?" Naruto snapped. "You've lost before and now your new team is being decimated."

"That's just it; I don't care about our survival!" Sasuke responded. "My one and only goal is the destruction of the Hidden Leaf Village. It has caused my clan endless pain ever since it was founded. Now that pain will end with the village's annihilation. You're merely a stepping stone."

"I won't let you anywhere near the village Sasuke. We've come too far now."

"You're not going to be able to stop me!" the crazed Uchiha yelled as he resumed his attack.

Despite giving Karin a numbers advantage against König, Tayuya was unable to land a hit on the slender Zoid. She had tried summoning her Doki, but the red head on the side of the ridge took all three of them out with some strange attack. The sniper would have tried taking out Tayuya herself, but after the three Doki-slaying attacks, she was re-engaged by Bando.

König was getting frustrated as the battle went on. She had scored a number of small hits on the glasses-wearing girl, but her enemy had healed herself before there was any lasting damage. Now, this second opponent had made things even more of a hassle. The only saving grace was that Tayuya, without her Doki, was staying back for the most part. König had a few scratches from the red-head's kunai.

"So we have a long range fighter who's not going to let me get close, and a girl who heals herself of any hit." The Wolf thought to herself. "This is more Shadow's area of expertise."

As if on cue, the black-clad Zoid suddenly appeared next to her, a little bit of blood spatter the only evidence of his battle with Aoi.

"He wasn't expecting my Strike Laser Claw to cut right through his blade." Shadow said to her. "Well, right through his blade and then his neck."

"Lovely" König responded. "Maybe you can use that Vulcan of yours to take out the long-range girl? I don't have any of my guns."

"Thought you had one?" Shadow questioned.

"System malfunction. That's what I get for accepting a gun from that Champ kid back home."

"Oh yeah, him." Shadow muttered with a shudder. "There was something wrong with that guy."

The two Zoid's banter was interrupted by a shuriken zipping towards them. Shadow leaned his head to the side to dodge it before casually turning and shooting Tayuya in the face with his Vulcan gun.

"That one?"

"Yeah, her. Thanks."

"No problem. I'm going to go help Kakashi." Shadow told his companion before turning and dashing off.

As he left, König turned back to Karin, who was fearfully staring at Tayuya's body.

"Why don't you and I have a little chat about surrender?" König asked with a smirk.

Not far off, Liger and Kisame continued to try to slash each other with their respective weapons. Kisame was enraged when Samehada was unable to absorb any chakra from the Zoid. Liger meanwhile kept the Akatsuki member on his toes with the high speed of the Jager armor.

"Something's not right." Liger thought to himself. "They're getting massacred and don't seem fazed. What're they planning? We need to wrap this up."

Liger ducked another slash from Samehada and followed it up with a swift kick to the stomach of the ex-Kiri nin. Though Kisame gave no opening, it was enough of a distraction for Liger to leap backwards and eject the Jager armor. Before the shark-nin could react to this development, a flash of orange signaled the arrival of the Schneider armor.


Schneider's blades came down hard on Samehada. To Kisame's great shock, the once nigh-indestructible blade was severed in twain, the blade giving out a pitiful cry as it succumbed to the damage. Liger was shocked by the blade's sentience, but did not let it distract him, instead pivoting to follow up the slash with a two-bladed stab through the shark's torso. Kisame coughed up blood, then collapsed without a word.

"We need to regroup and figure this out."

After a little while, the two opposing sides were able to dis-engage to regroup. Bando had gone down to a chance slip on some rocky terrain (a tactic Red learned from her first fight with Liger). That left Sasuke, Fugaku, Raiga, and Kusuna on one side, and all of Team Nova on the other.

"Everyone alright?" Naruto asked while warily watching their opponents.

"Yeah, little tired, but good for the most part." Red answered for the group. Liger spoke up next.

"Naruto. Did you notice anything weird about this whole situation?" the Zoid questioned.

Naruto's eyes did not leave Sasuke's as he answered.

"Yeah. They were buying time."

"Buying time?" Sakura questioned. "For what?"

Before any of Team Nova could answer, Sasuke chose to.

"You're smarter than I remember Dobe!" he shouted with an insane grin on his face. "It's true, we had to make some sacrifices, but it was all in the name of waiting for the time to be right!"

"Time for what Sasuke?" Kakashi demanded.

"Something very special." The Uchiha responded as his eyes shifted to the Mangekyo Sharingan. Beside him, Fugaku's eyes underwent the same transformation. "This is the true destruction brought forth by the Susanoo. The ultimate summoning of Madara Uchiha himself!"

Team Nova braced as the two Uchiha were quickly surrounded by their respective Susanoo. Kusuna created two chakra snakes that transferred dark chakra to the already explosive Sasuke and Fugaku. The Susanoo raised their hands and formed several hand seals.


The sky grew dark as a shadow covered the landscape. Team Nova looked up in horror at the sight of an enormous meteor began its descent through the atmosphere, heating up to an angry orange glow from the air compression.

"That's big enough to wipe out everything!" Kakashi exclaimed. "We can't let it hit the ground!"

Liger's eyes narrowed before his gaze snapped back down to the rest of the team.

"Fury, you know what to do." he barked. "Red, Shadow, full support, take out the fragments."

"Got it!" the three Zoids replied.

Liger motioned the humans back as Fury, Shadow, and Red all spread apart. Fury's face twisted into a rather maniacal grin before he threw his head back and roared loudly, his voice becoming more reptilian in the process before he began glowing with a bright lavender light. To his right, Red performed a similar action, glowing instead a bold red color. Finally, to their left, Shadow's yell turned into that of a fox's howl as he started shining a dark gold color. All three morphed and grew before the light died down, revealing their true Zoid forms.

Shadow was a large, black mechanized fox with glowing orange eyes, a gold snout, and gold joints at his shoulders and hips. The front of his shoulders and hips were fitted with gold vents and there were gold braces around each of his four feet. The Vulcan cannon was now mounted to his back.

Red had turned into a large red Velociraptor-looking dinosaur, with an orange visor over her face. Two boosters were on her back and two small purple guns were affixed to each wrist. Grey knobs stuck out from each joint and the vicious claws on each foot were the same color. The most distinguishing feature however was the large gun that replaced the end of her tail.

Finally, Fury was a truly intimidating monster. Like Red, he was a large dinosaur, but Fury was more Tyrannosaur in appearance. Sharp angles across his body added to the sleek, predatory look and the glowing red eyes shone with a burning rage. The triple-bladed drills were now on his back, attached to two black arms that were folded back along his body. Two lavender boosters completed the assembly. All three Zoids roared again at Sasuke's team.

"Behold the true forms of the Berserk Fury, Shadow Fox, and Gun Sniper." König observed.

"Seeing you two transform was one thing." Sakura said in awe. "But this really drives it home. There's an entire planet like this?"

"Thousands and thousands of Zoids." Liger confirmed. "Different types and different configurations. Zi is a fighting world and almost every Zoid is ready to battle."

Fury redirected his attention to the falling meteor. He crouched down and braced his legs apart. Two silver supports on each foot slammed down to the ground and his entire body straightened to point tail to snout at the falling rock. Then, three things happened that further shocked the assembled shinobi.

The first was that the lavender sections of his tail snapped open almost like angry jaws. His actual jaw opened and a round silver barrel slid forward to almost the edge of his teeth. At the same time, the drills on his back unfolded outwards and rotated forwards to join his body in aiming at the meteor. With a metallic clang, the three blades on each drill snapped open in a triangular pattern while small yellow orbs of light began appearing in a whirlpool pattern around the drills and barrel in his mouth. The six blades and the inside of Fury's mouth started shining brightly as a loud humming sound pierced the air.

"Everyone get back now!" Liger shouted. "He's going to use his Charged Particle Cannon!"

Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi leapt away as fast as they could. It was just in time, for as soon as they landed again, Fury's three cannons fired three massive purple beams of energy. The lasers tore through the rock like tissue paper; after the cannon's energy died off, all that was left of the meteor was several large chunks of rock. These were then taken out by Shadow, using his Vulcan Cannon, and Red, who had turned around and was blasting the rocks with her tail's rifle.

"Such power." Sasuke thought to himself. "But it doesn't matter, they're not invincible!"

"I don't know how you were able to do that," he said out loud, "but an Uchiha doesn't give up after the first try!"

Team Nova wondered at this until a similar shadow to the earlier one appeared. They looked back up to see the remaining meteor fragments were quickly destroyed by the descent of a second, equally gigantic rock!

"This is the power of Madara Uchiha!" Sasuke cackled. "His strength goes beyond the very planet!"

"Fury, you have to hit it again!" Naruto shouted.

"He can't!" König replied. "It takes time for him to be able to use the cannon again!"

"We have to do something!" Sakura cried, not noticing the shining green light behind her.

A booming roar caused König and the shinobi to look behind them. Liger stood in his full Zoid form, but for the first time, he had a full armor equipped too. The heavy green Panzer armor seemed to be greatly weighing him down, but their attention was drawn to the gathering gold light of the Hybrid cannons.

With a resounding bang, the Hybrid cannons fired, sending Liger sliding backwards. The twin beams of light followed their purple counterparts from Fury and annihilated the second meteor.

"No, NO!" Sasuke cried out in rage. "I am Uchiha! I am invincible!"

As the young traitor seethed, all four Zoids redirected their attention, and weapons, towards the remnants of Sasuke's team.

"It's over Sasuke." Kakashi told his former pupil. "That attack was your last shot and it failed. You can either surrender quietly or continue to fight and be destroyed."

At König's feet, the bound Karin silently hoped that Sasuke would have the sense to surrender, but found she honestly wouldn't be too upset if he didn't. Raiga, not wanting to squander his second chance at life, dropped his blades and walked towards Team Nova, where he was quickly restrained by Konan. Kusuna took the opposite route and tried to flee, only to be vaporized with a single shot from Red's sniper rifle. That left the two Uchiha, Susanoo still active.

"Kakashi Hatake." Fugaku spoke after a moment. "Your proficiency with that Sharingan is admirable. I was always opposed to you having it, but I chose to respect young Obito's last wishes. My son spoke only of Konoha's destruction, but not of its recent history. Tell me, does the Third still reign?"

"I'm afraid not." Kakashi replied, unsure of the Uchiha's intent with this line of conversation. "He fell in battle against Orochimaru. He died protecting the village. Lady Tsunade is now the Fifth Hokage."

"I see. " Fugaku responded before dispelling his Susanoo, much to Nova's shock. "The Uchiha and Senju have been bitter rivals since the founding of Konoha. We sought to take control of the village and make her great through the power of the Uchiha. We always believed the Senju were fools who would make the village weak. Now the tables have turned. Four Hokage now have fallen in battle, protecting the village and living up to the Will of Fire that we once mocked. The Senju clan stands tall and powerful while the Uchiha have been wiped out by one of our own, my own son no less, and are now numbered at just two. It is clear to me that we are not as powerful as I once believed."

Sasuke looked apoplectic as his father walked forward slowly, arms held up in surrender.

"I will fight no further Kakashi." the man said calmly. "I have no desire to see my clan disappear completely."

After a nervous glance at her captain – which was replied to with a simple nod – Sakura stepped forward and bound Fugaku's hands behind his back, making sure to secure his fingers against hand seals. Fugaku made no attempt to resist.

"Father…" Sasuke stated in shock. "you betray our clan?"

"It is not betrayal Sasuke, it is preservation." Fugaku replied. "When you brought me back, and told me of your plans, I had assumed that Konoha was just as corrupt and wretched as I once thought. Now I see that the village is stronger than ever, and that this young man, Minato-sama's son, is a large part of that. Please stand down Sasuke. Your mother would not want her only remaining son to join his brother in death."

"No!" Sasuke shouted, becoming completely unhinged. "I will not let this happen! I will destroy Konoha! I will destroy all of you!"

Lightning flared up and surrounded Sasuke's Susanoo, which itself turned a deep black, reflecting the Uchiha's rage. The Zoids all braced, guns aimed at the Susanoo, before Naruto held up his hand.

"No, I will handle this myself." He told his comrades. "Sasuke is my battle."

Naruto's chakra flared a bright blue, before turning a deep orange as he tapped into the chakra of the Nine-Tailed Fox. As the nine tails began forming behind him, the aura turned a deep blue as the chakra ring on his right hand began shining.

"I had almost forgotten about these." Sakura remarked as her own ring started glowing too.

"They've been active the entire time." Konan responded. "Did you not notice how you never ran low on chakra?"

"Well yeah, but I figured it was the Kyuubi's chakra from before."

"No, not in this case. The chakra of the Nine-Tails is powerful, no doubt. But you would have noticed his power fueling your own. These rings are much more subtle."

"Sasuke!" Naruto called out to his former brother. "This ends now! Surrender or I'll be forced to put you down!"

"Never! You can't beat me Naruto!" Sasuke shouted back.

The lightning surrounding Susanoo began gathering in his left hand, filling the air with the sound of crackling lightning and chirping birds. Naruto's chakra cloak flared brighter as the ninth tail formed, before he held up his right hand, chakra swirling into a bright ball of energy.

The two young men suddenly charged at each other, signature jutsu held forward, careening towards their final clash.



Team Nova, the Zoids, and the prisoners braced themselves as a huge shockwave of energy blasted forth from the collision of the two techniques. Neither Sasuke nor Naruto gave an inch in their titanic struggle. Sasuke noticed the ring on Naruto's hand cracking under the pressure and he smirked, thinking he had won. This triumph was quickly replaced by shock and then horror, as the ring shattered and the Rasengan in turn shone brighter and bolder. The Chidori was enveloped by the swirling chakra sphere and the Susanoo itself seemed to be slowly drawn into the mass. Naruto, realizing what was about to happen, resigned himself to the grim finality. With a resounding roar, the Rasengan ripped through Sasuke's arm, continued through to his body, and utterly erased the avenger from existence.

As the remnants of the clash faded, so too did Naruto's chakra cloak. His shoulders slumped as the emotions of the final battle fell on him. Sakura rushed forward and engulfed him in a tight hug, neither one able to say anything. Kakashi, face grim, placed his hand on Fugaku's shoulder.

"For what it's worth, we never wanted to kill him." the jonin said.

"I understand Kakashi." Fugaku replied. "He gave you no choice."

As each of the shinobi dealt with the death of Sasuke in their own way, König turned to face her fellow Zoids.

"Looks like that's it." she observed. "You guys can probably change back now."

Instead of acknowledging her, Liger's attention remained focused on the sky.

"Liger, what is it?" she questioned, catching the human's attention.

Liger gave off a low, metallic growl that no one but König understood.

"What do you mean something's wrong?"

"König, what is it?" Kakashi asked, walking over.

This time, Fury growled too.

"You feel it as well?" the wolf Zoid asked, turning to Fury.

Before Kakashi could ask for clarification again, König's face turned to one of complete shock.

"Oh no." she said, her face showing a mixture of surprise, confusion, and fear. "No, not here. How is this possible?"

"König what's going on?!" Kakashi demanded.

The Zoid finally turned to answer him.

"You all need to leave, right now!" she shouted.

"What?" he questioned. "Why? What's going—"

Kakashi was interrupted by the sound of rushing wind and crackling energy coming from somewhere above. Everyone turned to see an enormous pillar of energy slam into the ground in the center of the valley, several hundred yards away. The pillar was very dark in color, with blue lightning arcing through it. Naruto noticed that it featured the same coloration as the portal fog the Zoids came in. But before he could comment on this, a resounding boom shook the entire valley, almost knocking everyone down. As the light faded, the Zoids all crouched down in anticipation of battle, while the shinobi got their first look at a monster straight out of Zoidian legend.

The new Zoid, for that is what the monstrosity was, towered over all of them. It was Tyrannosaur in appearance, similar to Fury. A blood red body was accented by pitch black armor. Silver claws on the hands and feet were large enough and sharp enough to cleave anything in twain. A large turret on its back, a similar, yet smaller one on its head, and a third on its tail looked able to destroy targets from all directions. And the piercing red eyes struck fear into the most resolute of men.

"König," Naruto asked in awe, "what is that thing?"

"That," König shakily responded, "is one of the most powerful Zoids on Zi. The Death Saurer."

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