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Day one, homeroom: Cheery and prepared, I took my seat across the room from the teacher, my hands folded on my desk nicely. School was always fun, for me at least, but I couldn't say the same for all the other people in my school of Peach Creek Junior High. A good portion of the class was either sleeping or reading books during lectures while another portion was talking and playing crude games with eachother. I was apart of the portion who actual enjoyed class, me being the only one here today. There are usually one or two people in each of my classes who I tend to get along with, but out of those I talk to, all were gone at a weekly scouting trip. Preferably, Ed and Eddy--leaving me all alone for the entire week, it being only monday.

Class was to begin, and I was shakily waiting for the bell to ring so that it may do so, the school currently being in homeroom at the moment. Trying to stay calm, I pulled out a rather large book and began to read, a book I only bring out when bored or in a emergancy such as this. I had to look busy for otherwise I'd be bullied as usual. My book didn't save me today, this statement justified by a certain someone pushing my book onto the desk, exposing my worried face. It was the teacher, gladly, not who I assumed. Before telling me what he really wanted, he complimented my book, saying that it is one of the finest of it's class.

"Thank you," I said in my ordinarily friendly tone. "Did you want something, Mr. Bell?"

"Yes. Seems that I must change seats again to stop all this chatter in the class. You will be sitting over there for now," he said, pointing to a seat in a empty row right in front of the batch of aggressive talkers. I broke into a cold sweat.

"Why? Can't I go sit over there with the people who don't do anything?" I pleaded. He shook his head.

"They're getting moved too. Please just take your seat, Eddward," he said before walking over to the quiet people.

I sighed, collecting my items and moving my location to the seat near the back. Now within feet of the group, they glared instensly at my presence. I took my seat in front of them, ducking my head under my hands to appear invisable and out of the way.

"Forget about 'em, he's just a nerd," said one of the talk-group's members.

I sighed in relief, now knowing that they wouldn't bother me. Just at that instant, the bell rang and everyone took their seats. Hopefully no one would be sitting next to me. That hope was bold until Mr. Bell said my name. I didn't catch who else he said, but he was pointing to the seat next to me. I sighed, continuing to hide. Someone took their seat next to me, them rustling and figetting with every move they made. I heard a pause and a quick groan of annoyance, assuming the person didn't like me anymore than I liked them. I looked, noticing Kevin glaring at the white board. Kevin was sitting next to me? Getting over the high levels of shock and fear, I controlled myself, making sure not to show any form of defiance towards this act publicly. Wouldn't want a fight or the possibilty of a year worth of bullying to take place. Noticing someone staring at me, I looked to my side seeing Kevin looking at me curiously.

"Why do I have to sit next to YOU?" he muttered, rolling his eyes.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, trying my hardest not to get on his bad side. He only sighed, annoyed somehow. Darn, I already screwed this up. The class continued as usual, but instead of my hand flying up and down to answer questions, I was silent, trying not to do something that will doom me. When the bell rang, Kevin darted out the door, away from me, and as I was to leave my seat, Mr. Bell stopped me.

"Eddward, a word if you may," he said, walking back to his desk. I nodded and followed. He sat down, his hands folded. "Just because you're sitting next to Kevin doesn't mean you can't speak. This is a classroom, not a judging hall. You are free to question my teaching as you wish. In fact I purposly said something bias to see if you were paying attention. You have freedom of speech, son, don't foget it," he said. "Now hand me your pen. I need to write a note for your next class." I handed him the paper.

I walked outside the classroom and to my locker, the bell ringing behind me. As I was turning my lock, I large slam to the locker beside me caught my attention. Kevin was leaning against it, glaring at me.

"Listen, dork, just kuz we're sitting next to each other now doesn't mean we're friends!" he said, leaning forward, in my face.

"O-Of course, Kevin," I managed to say, trembling slightly. He glared and walked off, taking his time down the hallway. I leaned against my locker, staring down at the floor as I watched my legs shake with fear, disturbing my balance. What was I getting into?

Day two, classroom: The next day, I sluggishly went to school, exhausted from getting only ten minutes of sleep last night after talking to Eddy and Ed over the camp's phone. I was so tired that I could hardly see, but I had to go to school. I made my way into the building, going straight to my locker, bumping my head against it, too exhausted to stand without something supporting me. I slowly put in my combination, being sloppy while reversing the turning direction. The door opened and I neatly put in my items, one hand on the locker beside mine so that I wouldn't fall. I closed the locker, notebooks in hand and practically crawled to the classroom, hunched over as I fell asleep on my books.

I took my seat towards the back, hitting my head against the book as I plopped into a comfortable sleeping position on the desk. I tried to stay awake, but not even my eyes would open. The bell rang and everyone took their seats as Mr. Bell began to teach.

"Yesterday we discussed the difference between the spartans and the athinians. Would anyone care to recall any of the facts that were mentioned yesterday?" I opened my eyes slightly, noticing no one's hands go up so I decided to be the first canidant as a means of proving to Mr. Bell that just because I'm sitting next to Kevin doesn't mean I can't talk. I raised my hand in the air so quickly I became light headed. Right when I did, though, Nazz put her hand up as well about a second before me so naturally Mr. Bell called on her first. I couldn't stand it. My arm was shaking at the amount of energy it was taking to lift it. I couldn't keep it up, all energy was lost. I shifted my arm to my side (towards Kevin) but the shift in weight caused me to fall, my head hitting his lap, my hand slapping against his leg.

"What the fuck?!" shouted Kevin, his arms raised. I was too tired to say anything or to speak but I was listening intently. I heard Mr. Bell call my name, and that was all that I heard before falling asleep. I awoke sometime later in the nurses room, Kevin pouting in a chair in front of me.

"What happened?" I asked.

"You fell on my dick!" I blushed "Mr. Bell said I had to stay with you until your mom came." I rolled my eyes.

"She's not coming. Mother and Father both work really far away. They're not coming down here just to pick me up. They're probably just going to tell the nurse that I should walk home." I said, curling back up under the blankets.

"Are you falling asleep AGAIN?" Kevin said, annoyed.

"Yes. So?" I said, drowsy.

"Whatever. You're just gonna fall asleep on the way home and get ran over by a car. You can't even stay awake when talking to me!" he said, loud so that I'd hear him through my dreams. I opened my eyes, turning my head towards him to see that he had gotten up and was hardly half a foot away from me. I suppose he was trying to give volume to his point.

"So?" I asked. "Why do you care if I get ran over?"

"I DON'T care. I just want to get out of school," he said, getting closer as a means of getting his way.

"So you want to escort me home then ditch half way so that you can go home yourself?" I said, clarifying the idea.

"Duh," he only said. Just then the nurse walked in, a faxed letter in hand.

"Your parents faxed me your note. You can go home but you need someone with you..." she said, noticing Kevin. "Awe yes, Kevin. Go with Eddward and make sure he gets home safely, alright?"

Kevin smirked. "Sure."

The walk home: afraid I was to fall over onto his dick again, Kevin carried my bag, holding my hand to guide me. We were about a acre away from the school, me tripping all over the place as I walked asleep. Kevin was getting annoyed. "How am I suppose to walk if you keep TRIPPING ME!!!!" I squeaked a sorry but he musn't have heard it as he unloaded the belongings he was carrying. "Get on my back," he said, squating down in front of me. I hesitated, the idea confusing me. He sighed, annoyed, and scooped me up, putting the bags on my lap and on his back. "Better?" he asked, his face now hardly three inches in front of me. I nodded, my eyes closed. My arms wrapped around his neck, I began to fall asleep, still listening.

The sound of things clanging together and the sound of snapping sticks and crumbling leaves filled my ears. Kevin was silent as he walked for the most part, but then I heard a slight "uh oh" come from him. I opened my eyes to see an unfamiliar patch of the forest. Kevin turned in different directions several times, figuring out where to go next. "Are we lost?" I murmured, still tired. He didn't answer, still trying to figure out which direction to take. "Well?" I yawned after sometime of him not answering.

"Yeah, we're lost," he said, dropping me on the ground as if I were a bag of gym clothes. I whined in pain, trying to stay still as the serges of agony ran through me. I opened my eyes, noticing Kevin with his hands on his waist, trying to figure out where to go. I closed my eyes, rubbing my face against the leaves and dirt. Suddenly I heard a loud rhythm of crunching come towards me. I opened my eyes to see Kevin stomping towards me. He stopped hardly inches away from me, kicking my stomach, making me to roll over onto my other side. I looked back at him, slightly crying. He was mad. "This is all your fault! If you weren't fucking distracting me I would know where I was!" Distracting him?

"How did I distract you? I was sleeping," I said. He was silent, rubbing his hat while staring off somewhere. "Well? So far all I've done is sleep. You're the one that picked me up. You're the one that threw me on the ground. You're the one that ki--" just then Kevin came close to me again, this time jerking me onto my back and propping himself over top of me. I stayed quiet, afraid he'd only hurt me even more if I continued. He grabbed hold of my shirt collar, pulling me up slightly as he dipped down, centimeters from my nose.

"Shut up, Double D," he said, shaky yet forceful. Something was eating at him. "Just go back to your books and stay out of my head." His head? I struggled to speak, too shocked to form words. My mouth opened, I could taste the feeling of his rage radiating off of him. He stared at my inarticulate mouth, his nose twitching slightly. Before I knew it, Kevin pressed his lips against mine and kissed me, his tongue taking over my mouth.

I put my hands on his chest, trying to push him away, but my tiredness drained me of what strength I had. Kevin didn't only stop with a kiss, no. He ran his hands up my shirt, my hands loosely around his wrists. With his burning hands, he played with my chest. This wasn't right! I bit his tongue, catching his attention. He raised his head looking down at me with an expression of confusion.

"I'm not gay," I said instantly, making the message clear.

Kevin only kissed my neck, ignoring me. Perhaps his hormones are the culprits for his actions. I wouldn't be surprised with all the study's I took of the human body (the delight in christmas presents of biology books and hormone membranes texts surprising me every year) his body's probably raving with hormones, but for the same sex? I had figured that he and Nazz were the ones to be, not him and me. Before this escalated, I made Kevin look me in the eye with my hands, trembling with fatigue.

"This isn't what you want," I said in a low, timid voice, still rather shocked over the whole ordeal. "Go back to Nazz."

"I don't want Nazz," he said. "Trust me, Double D, I know what I want," he dipped down, kissing my nose. He bumped foreheads, smiling, his eyes appearing exhausted from the roller-coaster of emotions that ran and probably still is running through him. I was too tired to speak forcefully or to take charge, so naturally I went with his little expadition, assuming I'd settle things once refreshed. I turned my head onto it's side, lazily staring off at the trees, Kevin's arm half in the way. I closed my eyes, embarking on a dream overfilled with confusion and distress, the emotions I'm feeling now.

Company: after what seemed a few minutes of slumber, I hurried awake, realizing that probably the worst thing I could do is leave hormone crazed Kevin alone with my body. I awoke on my bed, half covered with blankets, only my shoes taken off. The shadow produced by the half open blinds indicated that it was dusk, so I must have been here for some time. I practically ran to the bathroom, curious of how I looked. I flicked on the light to see hickeys all down my neck and on my cheek. My hair was all messed up too and had leaves and twigs all over the place, not to mention the dark rings around my eyes from my lack of sleep. I looked like I just took part in a street fight!

It was dusk, so my parents ought to have left the usual sticky note by the door when they came by to switch from work clothes to casual clothes. I rushed downstairs at a controlled rate, not willing to risk a trip down the stairs to look even worse. I found the sticky note on the table attached to a bottle of ointment with a box of banages beside it. I detached the note, reading it aloud to myself.

"Dear Eddward: Saw you beat up. This should help the bruises on your neck. P.S., Mother bought you a box of noodles and the meat balls you like. Meat's in the fridge. Love, Father." I neatly folded the paper into a tiny square before throwing it away in the trashcan, half laughing to myself. "They thought I got in a fight?"

My stomach rumbling, I boiled some noodles and preheated the meat. I put the dish onto the table, fetching a glass of healthy carrot juice before returning to my seat. Dinner prepared, I served myself and began eating, alone as usual. I watched the sun slowly set as I ate, the room slowly subsiding to darkness. I paused from my meatball-filled dinner to switch on the light then went back to eating, putting my dishes in the sink once done, a usual, silent dinner.

After dinner, I fancied a bit of telivision. I went to the couch, neatly taking a seat on the couch within reach of the remote currently on the coffee table and switched on the T.V. Right as a documinary of Niel Bohr's theory had left for a commercial break, I heard a knock at the door. I clicked off the telivision and went to the door, curious to who it might be, the sun practically completely down. I opened the door to find Nazz standing there, waving to me with a smile and with a bookbag on her back.

"Hey, Double D," she said, nicely, taking a step inside. "I'm ready for Tutoring," she said with open arms. Ah yes, Nazz had asked about tutoring for science class a few days ago. I completely forgot that tonight was the day we agreed on. "I hope you're okay with me coming today kuz you passed out earlier in class. If you're not up for it, we can do this another time, dude." I shook my head slightly, smiling warmly.

"I'm alright. I only needed some sleep. Take off your shoes and come in," I said, closing the door. Just as the door was closing, it was stopped by someone's foot. The door was opened by someone outside who peeked their head through the crack to lock their eyes on Nazz. It was Kevin. "Kevin?! Why is he here?" I asked Nazz.

"His mom said he needed some help too. It's okay, right?" said Nazz, clueless.

"Yeah, is that okay, Double Dweeb?" he asked, his nose almost hitting my cheek. My heart scattered. This was not aiming to be a good night!

To be continued in chapter two...