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We walked home soon after that, taking the groceries into my kitchen, spreading them out to determine what we had to use. For some reason, I was jittery by the time we got home, my heart racing and sweat trickling down my neck as I struggled to stay still. I hope this didn't have anything to do with Kevin. I looked over at him, Kevin looking at me oddly. "You okay, Double Dork?" he asked.

"Fine, fine, what makes you think that a-anything's wrong?" I asked, smiling unnecessarily wide.

"Well for one, you're pouring flower on the eggs," I looked down, realizing I had in fact been pouring flower onto the unopened eggs, stopping immediately, holding my arm still as it shimmered on my side. My restless, wide eyes kept switching from one thing to the next, never stopping. Soon I felt a warming hand wrap around me, stationing itself on my shuttering shoulder, attempting to make it still. I looked over at Kevin's concerned face, still shuttering and moving my eyes. His narrow eyes were fixed on me as he reached for something across the table. He pulled back a bottle, examining it. It was the bottle I was drinking earlier. "A Shimmer. No wonder you can't stay still, dummy," he said bopping my forehead with the bottle. "You took an energy drink."

"I-I...," I paused, breathing heavily "I didn't know!" I said, staring at him, chest pounding. "What should I do?! Should I bake?! Should I stop?! Tell me, tell me, TELL ME!" I said, grabbing hold of his shoulders, my arms shaking so much that I thought I was shaking him myself while in reality, Kevin never moved.

"You're sure as hell not making a cake," he said calmly, putting the bottle on the counter. "Shimmers are really strong. The only thing you can do is weigh it out." Kevin said, removing my shaking hands from his arms, smiling irritably.

"I can't do anything about it?" I murmured. "I have to do something! I can't just stay like this! The cake will never be made, and father and mother will get mad at me! Help me! Help me! Hel--" Kevin suddenly leaned forward and kissed me, stopping me in the midst of my spazz attack. A chill of surprise ran down my back when receiving this, my shaking body easing slightly, my mind blown. I felt as though I was in a realm where nothing existed but surges and thoughts, my shaking body becoming numb. Kevin broke away, my eyes blinking me back to reality.

"What was that for?" I asked, body still shaking, my face stunned.

"So that you'd shut up," he said, flicking my forehead before walking over to the other side of the island, examining the ingredients. My brows strained and eyes wide, I continued staring at Kevin's previous location, my shaking slowly quickening. I flicked a glaring gaze over at him, a build up of liquid forming in my eyes, fists made.

"You can't just do that to me!" I shouted, slamming my hands onto the island. "You're such a dick! Such a self-centered DICK! Everything has to be for you and nothing for anyone else!" by this time tears had well formed and were racing down my cheeks as I yelled. "You lead people on and don't even give a shit! How could I ever fall for a guy like you!? How could I fall for such an ass!" the nonthinking effects of the energy drink had taken over, and all I could do was yell the thoughts in my head, hardly realizing I was saying them aloud.

"How could I actually begin to LIKE you!?"

I was sniffling now, the tears drenching my face, my fists still pounding, the power dimming with every pound. "Why'd I want you to be with me forever!? Why'd I never want you to leave!? Why, why, WHY!!!" I couldn't stand it anymore, this point sobbing as I collapsed to my knees on the floor, covering my eyes as an endless waterfall of tears ran through my hands. Kevin walked over soon later, hugging me dear as I tried pushing him away as I sobbed, him only hugging me more and more, never letting go. I gave up trying to push him away, my sobs drenching my thoughts.

I continued crying and crying in Kevin arms, gripping his shirt, my tears wetting the fabric. He never left, staying by my side, more and more tears drenching his shirt. "W-Why does this hurt so much?" I sobbed. "Why do I hurt when I'm with you?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," he whispered, pressing my head against his chest, rocking me slightly. I managed a rickety sigh full of tears, pulses coming from my chest. My burning eyes closed slightly, my vision blurred by awaiting tears. I wondered about this feeling and why Kevin said I didn't believe what it was, realizing that the forbidden burning was what I've feared. This hurt too much; I couldn't keep it inside for any longer. I looked up at Kevin, him releasing me slightly. His some what softened gaze drew me closer, making me sit up, leaning towards, careful not to make contact, tears still falling one by one as I stared into his eyes.

"Make it go away," I said in a pathetic, trembling tone. Kevin leaned forward, making me gasp quietly as more tears ran down my face, no contact made. My body trembling, eyes closed and brows strained, I waited for Kevin to act, my chest rippling toxic pulses throughout my soul at every second, no action taking place. I could feel his body heat bump into mine, indicated that he was still there, but he didn't move, hesitating to take away this undying pain. I gulped, calming myself slightly. Putting an immense effort of staying still, I whispered the following: "Save me."

A long pause accompanied the phrase before finally, Kevin answered: "No."

I bowed my head, curling forward, shaking with the massive hit made. I was staring down at the floor, my shocked eyes dropping more and more tears. Kevin stood from the floor, staring down at me. I looked up, his eyes narrow and glaring. "Save yourself," he muttered, stomping away, leaving me to sob on the floor, alone.

I heard the door slam on Kevin's way out, me laying on the floor, it getting wet with my tears. Abandoned, I only stared off at nothingness, thinking only of Kevin. How am I to save myself from something he caused? My heart only ached even more, pulsing the toxic ripples, constantly, this catastrophic feeling pervading inside of me. I only wish Kevin had stayed so that I could feel his warm body keep me out of harm, my skin turning cold and icing from the kitchen tiles. Though, did I truly want Kevin, or did I just want to be freed of this pain? Regaining some energy by laying on the floor, I sat up, hugging my knees as I determined possibilities to why Kevin left. Did he leave on account of me yelling at him? Did he leave because I was crying? Did he leave because I wanted this feeling to stop? But what is this feeling to begin with?

It's an undying pain that surges throughout my body and has yet to stop. When did it begin? Oh yes, yesterday, when... that moment in the living room stopped, the moment where things got out of control... What's been it's status? This question's easy for it's yet to stop climbing ever since then. Is that because I want that to happen again...? But why would I? Kevin is nothing but a teasing brute. Why would I want someone so cruel? Perhaps that's the problem: wanting. Kevin has done so much and when I try to repay him, I end up letting him do as he pleases, actually contributing, a matter of fact, but after that I kept yelling at myself for being so ridiculous, denying the fact that what we were doing felt so amazing, felt so right.

Maybe my body is trying to tell me something, something that may not be understandable to intellectual terms but physical ones. I sighed, realizing and accepting the truth. I....-ed Kevin. I...-ed him so badly. Even though I've realized it just now, I've known it for sometime. I stood from my floor, rubbing the remaining tears not yet dried off my face, smiling slightly. I hurried out my door and headed straight for Kevin's house, pounding at the door repeatedly until he finally came. I smiled once seeing his face, shooting into his arms on contact.

"I love you!" I said sweetly, holding him tight. "I love you so much!" I felt Kevin's body shake slightly, him giggling.

"Took you long enough," he said, pulling my up to kiss my lips, the burning feeling that once overwhelmed me replaced by a sweet rattling feeling that delighted my body, my mind, and everything in between.

Day seven: I awoke in an unfamiliar room, my arms wrapped around Kevin's bare, chiseled chest, a feather-fluffed black blanket over top of us, I sat up, my arms sliding off his chest, Kevin sleeping. The room was amazingly ordinary with pale green walls decorated with a sports poster every now and again. This was Kevin's room, obviously, since we had fallen asleep in his bed after all. It was a new surrounding for me, most of the affairs taking place at my house more so than his. I looked over at Kevin, smiling warmly as I pressed pressed my fingers to my lips slightly, recalling memories that took place in this very room the night before. I kissed my sleeping knight's splendid lips before collecting my clothes from the floor. I put them on and sat down in the bed, folding my legs and staring at Kevin as he slept, him rolling towards me on his side, continuing sleeping.

I examined his practically perfect chest, the shade made by his muscles exhilarating my senses, relaxing me more than necessary. Would it be wrong to touch his perfect chest? The question didn't slip my mind as I reached forward, feeling the beats of his heart as my hand laid on his singing chest. I ended up putting both hands on his chest, leaning forward as I collected his body heat, the feeling stimulating. My hands warm, my body cold, I decided to lay down, wrapping my arms around Kevin's torso, snuggling close, laying my head directly under his and onto his chest, listening to his body. That's better. I sighed, greatly relaxed, smiling as I drifted off into a deeper sleep, Kevin close to me.

Sometime later, I awoke in the same bed except missing a very important element. Kevin was no longer laying beside me, his warm chest no longer pressed against my face. I sat up, noticing a small letter on the pillow. I picked it up, reading it aloud, "Made food, come downstairs if you want some." I neatly folded the paper before putting it in my pocket, my stomach grumbling soon after. I hopped out of the bed and walked down the stairs, his house's design rather similar to mine. I walked off to where his kitchen supposedly was, finding him putting a cup cake on top of a three layered chocolate cake.

He... made the cake... for me?

Awestruck, I could only stare at the superb cake, amazed at Kevin's skills. I looked over at him, smiling widely. I ran up to him, kissing his forehead before standing giddy beside the cake, looking up at it's beauty, that is, before Kevin pulled me away from the cake and into his arms, smiling at me before kissing me with his succulent mouth, making my giddiness drop as my face heated up. He let go of my stunned lips and kissed down my neck, my face petrified slightly. I shook my head slightly, pulling Kevin away before looking back up at the amazing cake. "Did you make this?" I asked.

"Sure, let's go with that," he said sarcastically, swiftly hugging me. I rolled my eyes, smiling. He didn't make it, so he must had bought it. Bought or made, it was still a very sweet act of him. He brushed back hair from my face before running his fingers down my neck, gently pulling me close to kiss my awaiting mouth. Kissing, I opened my eyes, checking the time. I broke away, suddenly, realizing that a certain someone, or should I say someones, were coming today! I broke away quickly, holding my hands out in front of me, my trembling eyes causing my heart to race. "What's up?" asked Kevin, his tone confused. I looked at him, immediately.

"Ed and Eddy are coming home today from camp!" I said. "And they'll be here any minute!"

"Shit," Kevin flat out said, his brows agitated and shoulders slumped forward. "Well what are we gonna do? Dorky and Dorkier are gonna get super mad at you if they find you hanging out with me," Kevin said, pressing his finger on his chin. "Because obviously, this isn't gonna stop just kuz those two came back," he said, bluntly, pointing at me. "After all," he said, smiling slyly "You said you love me," his smile widened, his face blushing slightly, the first time I've seen him blush, actually.

"That being said, you still gotta keep your distance, even more so now that my friend's are coming back. So no following me home," I said firmly, Kevin leaning slightly closer "--and seducing me in public--" and closer "--and being so touchy feely all the time--" and closer. "--and...." I became silent, far too distracted by Kevin's dashingly smirking face to pay attention.

"Is that it?" he asked, moving closer, just short of making contact, teasing me as my face heated up.

"... There's more but I can't think of them at the mo--..." Kevin moved closer, bumping his mouth against mine just barely "...--ment..." I pressed forward, closing the gap between us, Kevin running his hands down my body, me relaxing my arms on his shoulders. He turned me towards the wall, dipping me down as he turned, his hair falling slightly on my stunned face, him smiling. "This is exactly what I mean," I said, my gaze becoming annoyed.

Kevin rolled his eyes, dropping me on the floor before standing up straight. I whined at the sudden blow, glaring up at him from the floor. "So what's the plan?" he asked, staring down at me.

"The plan is that you go back to ignoring me," I said, folding my arms. Kevin dipped low, so low that he bumped noses while I was sitting on the floor, him smirking irritably.

"Not happening. You're too cute," he said, kissing my forehead. I rolled my eyes, standing from the floor, patting my shirt.

"Well then what do you suggest?" I asked, walking towards the front door.

"How about that after school thing that you're going to now?" He asked, wrapping his arms around my shoulders, standing behind me. "I could walk you there and make sure you 'get home safely.' We don't want another mishap to happen again now do we?" he asked, poking my busted lip. I sighed.

"Fine, so you'll come with me to the study center and that's it?"

"Do you want more time with me? I could sleepover if you want. We could say you were tutoring me and we ended up falling asleep," Kevin pulled me close, my back hitting his chiseled chest.

"But what about Nazz?" I asked. "I'm probably making her mad just being here."

"Oh yeah, she came over here earlier when you were sleeping. I told her that she and me aren't going out and never will be. She wasn't very happy, but she swore to keep us a secret. I dunno how long that promise is going to last though..."

"Thank you," I said, patting his shoulder. "I think I should be at my house when Ed and Eddy get back." Kevin agreed, and he and I picked up the cake and carried it over to my house. Once we got the cake in, Kevin relaxed, making me gesture him to leave before they came. He snapped back to senses and hurried out the door, slamming it on his way out. "Gotta look busy, gotta look busy," I said to myself, grabbing an apron and some decorating icing. I was just in the midst of writing the message when an alarming message was shouted in my ears.

"Hey Double D!" startled I messed up the message, spreading the messed up part with a knife, over lapping it with icing. I looked over my should at Eddy's smirking face. I smiled warmly, about to ask about camp when I was tackled by Ed.

"Double D! I was so sad with out you!" he said, sniffling as he pressed my face against his cheek. "But that's okay now kuz I'm back!" he said, holding me out in front of him, smiling joyfully.

"I missed you too, Ed," I said, patting his arm. Ed put me down soon later, staring off at the mesmerizing cake in front of him. "So how was camp?" I asked, Eddy's face disturbed. He turned towards me with a macabre stare, frowning bitterly.

"Never. Speak. Of that. Again," he said. "Right?!" he asked, looking over at Ed with warning eyes. I turned towards Ed, his face turning all red and becoming all sweaty. I looked over one of my living room windows, noticing Kevin sitting on his front stoop. I smiled warmly, my face blushing slightly. Nothing would be the same after such a week as this...



Dissapointed it's over? Don't be. As the title suggests, this is only the beginning of Kevin and Double D's tale. There are still so many more things to happen in the future that it's almost overwhelming! EddxKevin isn't the only pairing for future stories either. I have a number of ideas for some EddxEd (in Ed's point of view, naturally), some EdxEddy (what DID really happen at camp anyways?) and many more. I hope that you join me as I share with you my works that will potintally (if i'm lucky) give me the expierience i need becoming a novelist (if i choose to do so in the future). Thank you SO much for reading, and I hope to hear from you in other/future works!