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I looked around the room. It felt so empty and desolate without Arthur here. He could bring a warmth to any room and to any situation. Thinking of him made me smile, and blush slightly when I thought about what we had just done.

I can't believe I kissed Arthur! I ran the kiss over and over again in my mind. Arthur's tongue gliding against mine, his hips rolling down onto mine creating a delicious friction that I couldn't wait for again. Stuck in my thoughts about Arthur, I didn't realize how tight my pants were getting.

I was ripped from my thoughts by yet another knock on Arthur's door. By pure coincidence, I happened to look down, and I was surprised and embarrassed at what I saw. Blushing like the fool I am, I quickly reached for one of Arthur's blanket. I held it in front of me, hoping it would look like I was attempting to fold it.

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