Do not own NCIS takes place after Gibbs leaves.

Ziva was sitting at her desk finishing up her paperwork when Abby came glanced up at her and saw Abby wearing a black tee-shirt with a red plaid skirt and leggings. She herself was wearing jeans and a green shirt. She stopped her work and looked at Abby who was now sitting onher desk. Abby looked at Gibbs desk and sighed.

It had been two weeks now sience he left for Mexico. She missed him so much her coworkers were worried for her. They had tried to cheer her up with Caf-pow but that only made her eyes water. Then they tried giving her black roses. She did cry then when she remembered the time Gibbs got some for her when she was sick.

The first three days were the worst. when she figured out something instead of Gibbs comming down to look Tony or Tim came. Abby had to walk into the back room for a few moments before comming back out and telling them what she found. It broke everyones heart to see there little Abbys so sad.

Ziva saw Abby sigh and looked at her friends sad face. She then opened her desk drawer to reveal two plane tickets. Tonyy had the ideal to get these and everyone agreed it was worth a shot. Abby looked at the tickets then back at Ziva.

"Where are you going Ziva?" She said with sadness. Now another person was leaving her. Ziva shook her head and smiled at Abby who looked about to cry.

"We are going to Mexico tomorrow."