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Ziva woke up from the nightmare with a gasp. It was the next day after the 'elevator incident' as Tony, Tim, and Ziva called it. Abby and Gibbs had not come back after that making Tonys' assumption correct. She was happy for them, though. Abby and Gibbs complemented each other like bread and jelly.

She sat up on her bed and looked out at the beach. 'What the hell was that?' she asked herself. Ziva placed her head in her hands and sighed. The horrible images flashed threw her mind. How could that happen though? Gibbs can not die! Nor could Tony! And why was Abby-. Ziva ended that thought before it even finished.

A knock could be heard from outside her room. Ziva got up from her bed and opened the door to show Abby, wearing her black bathing suit and a huge smile on her face. "Ziva!" Abby squeeled with joy. "I'm soy happy right now you have no ideal!" Ziva tried, and failed to pry Abby from her death hug. "Abby I get it now let me breath!" She pleaded to the energetic girl.

Abby quickly let go of her and twirled around. "I'm sorry, I cant stay still, as soon as Gibbs brought me back I couldent stop moving, I was, Well am, so happy and excited and-"

"ABBY BREATH!" Ziva said with laughter in her voice. She compleetly forgot about the dream now and was enjoying the hyperactive Abby.

Abby spent the next few mimutes trying to calm down, She gave up though and Ziva gave up and decided to just let the girl crash.

Two hours later they both were sleeping from exaution.

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