Chapter 1

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Warning: this story will involve graphic scenes involving torture, blood, and possibly rape… but not by whom you may think…

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The mouth opened wide in a gasp and the cold night air rushed inside, highlighting the taste of metal as the pointed tongue rushed over the blood-covered fangs in overwhelming ecstasy. This was so much more fun than simply draining power from schoolgirls; when he broke the skin and felt their blood rush past his lips, it felt like he was taking their very souls.

Michael Morningstar looked down at the nearly dead body and smiled before he bent his head down and bit in again, opening a new wound simply because he liked the feeling of the skin breaking under his touch. He would drink this one dry; he hated turning humans because he would always be disappointed when he accidentally killed them later. They were so fragile.

The blonde dropped the body to the cold ground with a smile as he examined his fresh rosy skin. His body had begun to retain his youthful if not dashing appearance since he began drinking- and killing.

But he did want a companion, someone strong enough to survive the hunger of the blue eyed villain but also amusing enough to provide entertainment between the long hours of the day when he couldn't go outside because of the horrid sunlight that broke him back down into that pitiful and decrepit form.

Gwen Tennyson would make an excellent choice- only she could overpower him if she tried- and she would. But her cousin couldn't fight like she could; he would make a suitable companion, only there was no guarantee that the Omnitrix would not correct the changes to his DNA. His mind wandered as he flew off into the darkness of the sky, leaving a strange pattern of black lights in his wake.

There was always Kevin. Not much there, but enough to work with. He was strong, able to take a hit and come back for more. The days wouldn't be fun, but they would certainly keep things from becoming boring. And there was always the little joys of watching the proud become humbled. Kevin was rough around the edges, but he'd taken to Plumber's work like a pro- a sure sign that he wanted to be a hero like the Tennysons or like his own Plumber father. He would be proud enough to fight the change- but his rough tendencies would be his undoing. The boy was strong enough to fight, but not strong enough to win.

Michael smiled and licked his red lips. What a fun little plan.


"Are you seriously going to work on your car all night?" Gwen asked as Ben leaned far to the left in subconscious movements as he played on the hand-held game console. He made a squeaking sound and then leaned to the right, oblivious to the conversation taking place without him.

Kevin scooted out from under the car and shot Gwen a glare. "Yes," he said, the oil on his cheeks matching his dark eyes before he pulled himself back under the hood and continued working.

"But I want to go to the movies," she protested.

"I don't like anything that's playing."

"But you like me, don't you?" she asked, trying to prod his memory back to the horrid time she had at the auto show.

"Not enough," Kevin snorted, thinking his joke quite funny. Gwen did not.

She gave an outraged look and grabbed Ben's arm. He cried out and kept pushing the buttons furiously, trying not to let his pixilated sumo die as she dragged him out of the garage in a red fury.

"Oh, come on- Gwen!" Kevin called as he came back out from under his car to stop them. But it was too late. The girl had legs a mile long and she could walk faster than anything; by the time the raven hair was up on his feet, she was already halfway down the block. He cursed and reached for his towel and smeared the oil around on his hands. No good, he needed a shower.

The tall boy had been working on his car for three days straight. He'd slept very little during that time- unless you counted the long hours of trance-like work that he could do without any thought. It left him cranky and fatigued; but he needed a project and he was restless without a good car. The raven hated the idea of not having a reliable getaway.

He grunted as he left the garage, the only clean part of his house, and moved for his bathroom. He peeled off his oil-stained clothing and tossed it unceremoniously onto the linoleum floor before stepping into the shower and turning on the water.

Michael sneered at the litter on the floor. The carpet was spotted with potato chips and god knew what else. That would be one of the first habits that would need breaking. He could sense the other's energy in gentle pulses that waved at him through air, bouncing off the wall and making him nearly giddy with anticipation.

He followed the vibrations of the energy, his senses keen after just having eaten. He knew that Ben and the lovely Gwen had left not long ago as tiny waves of their energy could still be sensed at random. But the mutant was alone now, vulnerable also, as the waves of his energy were not as strong as when they fought the Highbreed.

The villain raised his dark eyebrow at the sound of running water. Slowly, he pushed open the door and let the steam cascade out of the small bathroom. He walked in casually and sat on the counter, waiting for the brute to notice his presence. He fiddled with his nails and leaned back against the mirror but soon grew tired of waiting and looked up to the body behind the frosted glass. It was slumped down on the floor, head leaning against the back wall and not moving. The blond stood to his feet and wrenched open the shower door, finding the raven hair fast asleep under the falling water.

"Not much of a challenge right now, are you?" the young man said as he looked down at his prey. He didn't bother to lower his voice, he knew a sound sleeper when he saw one. He shrugged lightly and reached down, grabbing a fistful of the dark hair and pulling upward.

Kevin woke with a start and tried to fight off the grip but Michael quickly pressed his hand against the strong chest and held him against the cold shower wall. The water cascaded down their two bodies, soaking the black cloth worn by the assailant.

"Evening," he said with a charming devil's smile before he leaned in to bite down on the pale neck.

"No!" Kevin growled, thrashing under the other's control. Michael had grabbed one of his wrists and was holding it down, so the raven used his only free hand to beat and grab vainly at his captor's back, clawing at the dark fabric as he felt his body growing numb. He cursed his lack of sleep as he felt his mind clouding over.

Michael lifted his long, horrid teeth from the pale skin and shuddered. "You're lucky I already ate, Kevin." His fingers pressed into the wet skin of his chest and slowly moved upward to the bleeding wound. "You're taste is far better than I would have thought." His finger circled over the broken skin and lavished the hiss that escaped the raven's lips. The pain was apparent in the pale body as it quaked on the wet floor, betraying the dark eyes that glared up at him in an effort to look fierce.

"If you're going to kill me, better get to it," the weakened body growled through his bared teeth but the blond only smiled back.

"I have no intention to kill you. At least not until I've had my fun." He pressed his hand over the wound and focused, letting his energy seep inside the bleeding gaps and slowly gather to form a new skin.

Kevin sank to the floor once again, letting the pain fade away as he was healed. The blue eyes narrowed at the relaxing expression on the others face; he grabbed another handful of wet hair and jerked the raven's attention to him.

"I want you to listen to me now- and listen carefully. I don't like repeating myself." Kevin glared back and the devilish smile returned to the blond, "You are going to forget what just happened. When I leave this room, you are to wash the blood off and go to bed."

As Kevin glared into the blue eyes, he could feel the words seeping into his mind, stinging the thoughts he had of fighting and calling the others for help.

"When you wake, you will contact the others as you normally would." Michael gave his most fiendish smile yet, "And you're going to clean up this disaster of a house. Do you understand?"

Kevin grit his teeth, trying not to submit but his mind would not allow it. He nodded briefly.

"Good," he released the mob of black hair and stood to his feet before stepping out of the shower and grabbing a towel. "And one more thing," he said as he dried his hair, "you are to avoid the sunlight. Small exposure won't hurt you, but your eyes will burn from it. And if you're out too long, you will weaken significantly." He threw the towel against the counter and walked out of the room with a smile on his face.

The raven blinked and looked around. Had he fallen down? He remembered sitting, but the shower door was wide open and he swore the water had a slightly red tint. He felt his head and looked around. Maybe he was just imagining things. With a fatigued grunt, he wobbled to his feet.

"I must be more tired than I thought," he mumbled as he shut off the water and staggered into his bedroom. He didn't bother to put on clothing or even to dry off his body. He face-planted onto the mattress and started snoring loudly.


"The nerve of him!" Gwen hissed when they reached Ben's house. The brunette let out a whine and shut off the game, having finally lost his last sumo warrior. "I can't believe I spent that whole time at the stupid auto-show just to have him ditch me for his stupid new car!"

Ben shrugged and walked towards the kitchen; once there, he opened the fridge and began to rummage.

"We spent hours there! Hours! And for what?! What, I ask you, is so fascinating about working on cars?!"

"He probably wonders the same thing about you and your books." Ben said as he pulled off a chunk of bread and shoved it into his mouth.

"Not helping," the red head folded her arms and scrunched her face.

"Oh, come on," Ben said through a mouth full of bread-stuffs, "by tomorrow you'll have forgotten all about it."

By now, some of you may have realized that the poll was a lie. This did turn out to be a sparkle vampire story because of Mike Morningstar… But what can I say? My sadistic side likes him.

And the title has many meanings. Black Light is a slight play on Twilight; a reference to Kevin and DarkStar, a joke because certain things glow under a black light; and finally, a pun because it can be shortened to BL, which means Boy Love.

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