Chapter 21

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He removed his jacket and threw it to the floor, it was followed by his shirt and soon enough his pants, shoes and socks. Lastly, he removed his boxers and threw them on the pile of his clothing.

Ben stood on his toes and pressed his lips against Kevin's, softly. His hands moved around the back of the raven's neck, but he didn't deepen the kiss. His fingertips trailed down the black shirt before his arms wrapped around the broad chest and he nuzzled into his elder's warm scent.

"Let's go slow. No games, no toys, just us." Ben slowly reached down and unzipped Kevin's pants, lowering himself down to his knees and bringing his lover's jeans with him. Kevin hesitated, but stepped out of the jeans and leaned back against the altar. Ben reached back into his jacket and pulled out the box of condoms. He tore open the aluminum with his teeth and pulled out the wide circle of rubber.

Kevin watched the green eyes focus on him and warmth spread through his chest. It didn't matter how much he fought it. Ben was Ben, and he was still in love with him. He waited as the younger gently spread the condom down the length of his member and guided him to sit down properly on the cold stone of the altar.

Ben gave a light tug on the black fabric of Kevin's shirt and the elder hesitated.

"I won't beg this time," the brunette whispered, his lips brushing against his elder's once more. "We'll do it together."

Kevin cursed himself as he lifted the shirts above his head. The warm hands moving over his chest made him begin to feel hard and the sensation of Ben's smaller body climbing over him and straddling his legs didn't help.

The hero positioned himself and slowly began to bend his knees, letting the tip of Kevin's penis rub against his opening. Ben's hands grabbed onto the broad shoulders for support as he gradually lowered himself.

"You shouldn't do this." Kevin whispered, his hands reaching over the slender hips and reinforced the other's balance. "You should be scared of me."

Ben shook his head and continued to take more of the length inside him. He advanced slowly, giving each tiny movement significant thought before it took place. "I'm not scared of you. Not when we're like this…. Are you scared?"

The raven nodded and the smaller let out a small sound as more of his length was taken inside the other, sending a small spasm rippling through Ben's and making the elder moan gently at the feeling of his lover's body tightening.

"I'll stop you if you start to lose control," Ben whispered and his hands looped behind the thick neck. He leaned down into a soft kiss and let his body take in the last two inches of Kevin's erection.

He lifted his head to the ceiling and moaned very gently. Kevin bit his lip at the exposed neck in front of him. Ben was being too reckless, he thought. But he realized at that point that the urge to bite was not strong, in fact, it was hardly there at all. He wondered absently why that was before his lover spoke.

"You're all the way inside me," Ben said, his green eyes shining like emerald flames as the fire on his back cast shadows over his face. "Do you want me to stop?" He clenched his muscles and Kevin made a small noise of pleasure.

The raven hair frowned and thought it over. The bloodlust was, for the moment, hardly present, but that didn't mean it wouldn't reemerge without any warning. "Promise that you'll stop me if I lose it."

Ben smiled warmly and leaned down for another kiss, "I promise." Their tongues met between their lips and slowly played over one another while they gently began to move.

The hero pushed himself up, moaning as he felt the thick heat leaving his body, only to slowly have it return when he began to lower himself over Kevin's length. He let out a low hmm of pleasure as he moved, leisurely letting his hips rise and descend.

The raven let out a small grunt of satisfaction that mingled sweetly in with the moans let out by his lover. His pale hands trailed up Ben's spine, feeling the tan skin warmed by the fire. There were small moments of quiet that were inevitably broken by the shaking breathing or soft moans that were hardly enough to echo off the high stone walls.

Ben reached for Kevin's hand, clasping it lightly and guiding it towards his chest. The onyx eyes darted back and forth between the hand and the brilliant green eyes. The hero only smiled as he pressed the larger hand over his sternum and held it there. Kevin smiled painfully at the feeling of his lover's heart beating under his fingers.

"It feels warm," He whispered before Ben captured his lips and slowly pressed his tongue inside.

"It's yours," the brunette whispered back once the kiss had ended. He continued his slow rhythm. Kevin sat in relative silence, unsure of how to answer such a decree. Ben only smiled. He didn't expect a reply.

Kevin swallowed hard, one hand remained pressed against Ben's chest while the other wrapped around his waist, helping him in his unhurried movement. Several times, it looked like he was on the verge of speaking, but he would only close his mouth and remain silent. No matter how he tried, he couldn't bring himself to admit the feelings eating away at his heart and mind. He was in love; completely and stupidly in love, and he knew it. But those types of feelings worried Kevin. Having more only meant having more to lose.

Ben gave a caring look into the worried eyes. His arms circled around Kevin's neck and his hips curled in a seductive pattern, pressing his erection against the other's stomach and smearing the small bit of precum on the toned figure. The arm that had been wrapped around the slender waist moved so that Kevin's hand could slowly play with Ben's penis. He thumbed the slit while his other fingers softly moved over the shaft. Finally, his palm pressed closer, fully circling Ben's length and beginning to pump.

The heart beating under Kevin's fingers pulsed more forcefully but the brunette did not change his pace. They both moved slowly, memorizing every inch and sound made by the other as if it would be their last moment together.

Ben felt his eyes watering at the thought. What if Kevin really did leave? Gwen couldn't track him and he could always ditch his badge to keep from being followed. He really could leave him…

Kevin felt a warm drop land on his shoulder and roll down his breast, his eyes traveled up to meet Ben's teary face.

"Sorry," Ben mumbled and sniffled.

"It's hurting?" Kevin asked, breaking his hand away from Ben's heart and lifting his body off his erection.

Ben whimpered at the emptiness and clung to Kevin, burying his face in the crook of his neck and shaking. "It doesn't hurt." He repositioned himself over the thick length and began to move down again, letting the hard length back into his body and grinding his teeth.

"Ben," Kevin began but the hero only moved his body faster as more of the tears rolled down Kevin's skin and he choked back little sobs. He could feel the pressure building inside him, spurred on by the faster movement and hungry little sounds. "Stop it." He grabbed Ben's shoulder and pushed him back so that he could look into the green eyes.

"Don't leave," Ben kept his eyes cast down and away from their two bodies. He could feel Kevin looking at him. So much for not begging, he was a wreck.

Kevin stared into the bloodshot green and felt Ben's body shaking around him. "Okay," he whispered back softly. "I won't leave you." He gave a weak smile. He couldn't leave him now, even if he really wanted to. He loved him.

The pale hand wrapped around Ben's smaller one and pressed it to his broad chest, letting the hero feel his heart beating deep under the skin. The brunette smiled through his tears and let Kevin's free hand guide him into a long and serious kiss. They parted lips and gave each other a shy smile. Things would be different from that small moment on. It was they closest they had ever come to confessing and probably the closest they ever would come to it. The feeling of change was new and frightening.

Ben began to move again, letting his warm body become filled inch by inch with his lover's thick member. He let his head dip back as he gave a harder moan into the dark hallway. The raven bent forward and kissed Ben's neck; just a little kiss, nothing more than a display of affection before he pulled himself away and helped Ben move up and down while giving small thrusts inside.

"Nnn!" Ben bit his lip as Kevin began to pump his length once again. His mouth opened slightly and he let out a sweet moan into the pale ear. The smaller body moved his hips in hypnotic circles, pushing on all the right places as the elder used his hand to skillfully work over the hero's erection. His thumb played with the tip, smearing more of the precum as it leaked out and down the quivering length in his hand. Once, or twice, he'd pull his hand away and lick off the warm liquid from his fingers. Ben would smile and move a bit faster than before, rocking his hips into the others and moaning.

"You're body is getting hotter," Kevin said in a low voice that was nearly a whisper.

"Mm.. I might come soon," He said back, "You completely fill me up."

"I'm getting closer too," he breathed, "Let's come together."

Ben nodded, "Let's take it off first; I like it when you let go inside me."

Kevin silently agreed, lifting Ben off his member and quickly peeling away the latex before he reentered with a low exhale.

The hero quivered slightly, "Ahnn… It's good…"

Kevin caught his lover's lips in a kiss as he slowly thrust up into Ben's body, enjoying every little tightening movement and sinful moan that came from him.

"A little more," the raven breathed, sliding himself in and out as his hand pumped and thumb circled around the head of the tanned penis.

"It's coming," Ben whimpered and his hands gripped the thick shoulders.

"Almost," Kevin breathed, using one hand to pump while his other guided the younger faster and harder.

"Aahn! Kevin! I c-can't-"

"Nn! Okay, let's do it," the elder pushed his lips up to crash into the hero's as his erection began to quiver in anticipation.

Ben could feel it too, the heat building up within as Kevin's hands and hot body writhed inside and around him. He let out a hard moan before his hands clenched harder on the warm skin of his lover and he began to lose control. At the very same moment, he felt a warm liquid spray inside him, coating him in a thick layer of hot cum that he could feel as his body continued to move, exploiting every last thrust to draw out all of the viscous warmth. Kevin did the same with his hands, earning a hard, open-mouthed moan from the hero.

When all was said and done, Kevin lifted his hands to his lips and licked the cum away. His fangs glistening slightly in the firelight as his tongue extended and cleaned his fingers of the white mess. Ben hummed sweetly and nuzzled into Kevin's neck.

"Do you feel okay?" the smaller asked, wrapping his hands up the pale back and giving the base of his neck a small kiss. "No… uh… violent urges?"

The elder thought it over, "No… actually, I feel… normal." And it was true. Even as Ben had moaned loudly and came with such a lusty expression, Kevin didn't have the urge to taste his blood. He felt completely fine. He briefly ran his tongue under his fangs and, to his disappointment, found they were still there. He moved to pull out but Ben held him closer.

"No… let's stay like this." The younger planted small kisses on his lover's neck and chest. "We've got all day."

Kevin nodded and gave Ben's forehead a small kiss and allowed him to cuddle. "Just don't fall asleep on me."

"Hmm… I have no intention of sleeping." Ben smiled when he felt a small twitch from inside him. He smiled and held Kevin closer, "Something tells me that I won't have to wait long." He gave his hips a small twirl and smiled at the sound made by his elder.

Kevin followed suit and reached down to play with Ben's penis, moving his fingers in teasing little strokes. The smaller let out a small moan and bit his lip, Kevin watched with subtle enjoyment as he felt his member beginning to harden inside the hero.

"Do you want to stay like this or try a new position?" Kevin asked, the slightest hint of a blush playing on his features as he slowly moved himself inside Ben.

The brunette gave a light smile and rolled his hips, "Let's try something new." He gave a few more movements before lifting himself off Kevin and crawling over the stone slab. Kevin felt his already hard member pulse at the sight of his lover waiting on hands and knees. Ben turned his green eyes upon his elder, casting a wonton look over his shoulder and dipping his spine at the center to make the angle more appealing.

Kevin moved to follow the boy, pressing his hands on the sides of the tanned hips and gently pushing in. Ben let out a full bodied moan as the large began to move in and out; he supported himself with one hand while the other reached behind him and gave Kevin's thigh a light grab.

"Does it feel okay?" Kevin asked as he reached under his lover and began to play with his member.

"Unn! Yeah… It feels really good." Ben breathed.

The raven smiled and continued thrusting. "It's a lot easier the second time."

"That's because your cum made things a lot slicker," Ben smirked, moving his hips with Kevin's thrusts and turning back to look at the ruffian's half-lidded expression. "You came really hard too. I think it's running down my leg."

Kevin pulled back a bit to peek down, a heated wave passed through his body when he saw himself moving in and out while a thick line of translucent cream drizzled down the inside of the tanned thigh. It was the first time he had actually bothered to watch himself as he pushed his thick member in and out of the hero. It was a miniature ego trip seeing his erection thrust inside while the smaller moved and moaned in pleasure. Ben really did look his best naked and wet.

Kevin pulled out, letting the full length leave the smaller body before reentering, hitting the younger's prostate dead on. Ben's mouth opened wide in a loud moan and his body shook. The hero's hand moved down to his own erection and pumped with the larger, paler hand.

"Do that again," Ben breathed.

Kevin smiled, pulling his body back before driving it back in and hitting that sweet spot. The younger cried out loudly and his pleasure echoed off the high walls.

Hearing the sounds of his lover's pleasure echo back again and again made Kevin move faster. He pushed his full length inside but made sure to hit the bundle of tissue with each thrust, making Ben bite his lip and move his hand faster with Kevin's.

"Ah! I'm going to.. K-Kevin!" the hero's body quivered and his hips lost some of the rhythm.

"Go ahead and come," the raven stroked harder and smirked. "I might not be far behind."

Ben moaned louder and let the heat build inside him, forming an almost painful feeling as he neared release. He cried out Kevin's name as his cum splashed against the stone altar. He gasped for breath and brought his hand down to better support his torso as his elder moved his hand to the firm hip.

"Don't stop," Ben looked over his shoulder and gave the dark haired teen a lusty expression and, of course, Kevin didn't stop. He held on to the slender hips and continued to pull out, only to push back inside the tight warmth. His thrusts continued to brush against the hero's prostate, making his already spent member leak more cum onto the stone.

Kevin let out a low groan as a hot feeling gathered in his gut and pooled down to his groin. Ben fell to his left forearm and breathed out hard and immoral sounds while his right hand returned to play with his dripping member, smiling darkly at the feeling of Kevin's erection pumping inside him.

"I'm almost there," the raven breathed and Ben tightened around him. His pale fingers dug bluntly into the slender hips and his thrusts became slightly more erratic.

"Unn!" Ben moaned and wrapped his hand around his limp penis; pumping it was useless, but it felt good to do. "Do it inside, again."

Kevin smirked and hit the boy's prostate a few last times before losing control and coming inside him. His body quaked at the lasts of the thrusts as Ben screamed his name into the cold stone.

The echoes of their passion continued on until they were silenced by the great stone walls and left only with their heated breaths as they panted for air. Kevin pulled out into the cold and Ben shakily turned to kiss him.

Their lips met briefly before the hero managed to say, "That was… incredible." He wrapped his arms around the pale neck and sighed contentedly.

The raven kissed the sweaty forehead of his lover and smiled. That had been incredible. The sex was amazing but even more amazing was the fact that Kevin didn't feel the need to bite Ben. He hoped with all his being that this fact was more than just a fluke but the back of his mind nagged at him. He could still feel the monster inside him.

The pair of bodies moved to lie on the stone. Facing the fire, they lay on their sides, the larger curled behind the younger and Ben rested his head on the pale bicep that was offered to him and smiled at the feeling of the strong arm wrapping around his naked torso.

"I meant what I said," Kevin broke the silence with a somber tone. "If I ever lose control, I want you to stop me."

Ben frowned but nodded. "If that time comes, I will stop you." He breathed and reached for the pale hand, bringing it up to his chest and pressing it against his breast so that Kevin could feel the gentle beating inside the warmth. "But that doesn't mean I want you to give up. I want you to keep fighting. I'll help in any way that I can so you won't have to fight yourself alone…." He tried to think of what else to say, but nothing really seemed powerful enough. He finally settled on saying, "We'll fight it together."

Kevin stared forward into the flames and Ben settled into the warmth. It would probably always be like this. He would keep his back turned on the cold truth while nestled next to the warmth his lover. Maybe the monster would win, one day. But he didn't want to think about that now. Ben was right. He had to fight the thing, now dormant, inside him.

He smiled at the feeling of Ben's heart beating under his fingers. At least he wasn't fighting alone.

To be continued.

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