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Summary: justice protect the innocent but who is really innocent, what kind of justice or evil will encounter Takuya and friends? this is a Dark story rated M for extreme violence, character death and suggestive themes. AU story Takuya and Zoe are the protagonist.

chapter 1: a wicked smile

Near the Eliot Maximo University of Chicago, in some low neighborhood, it was midnight, some gangs where chasing a girl about 17 years old.

"leave alone please!, help some one help me!" the girl was screaming being chased by the gangs

"come hottie we only want some fun with ya!!hahah" one of the gang member said as he grab her wrist

they caught her and beat her, she was bleeding in her mouth, some men grab her by the back and another was riping her clothes, "please no, not that!" the girl plead, "shut the fuck up bitch" the gang fisted her in the stomach, and continue his evil doing, but before he can finish the last part of his job he just stunned for a while, the other 3 men that was holding the girl stay confused why his friend just stopped so sudden.

"c'mon John what are you doing?" one of the said

"puffck..ughh" gang John fell to his knees then to the ground revealing a big sharp dagger in the middle

of his back.

"fuck, what a hell, John are you okay? John!?" one said

suddenly, behind them a dark figure appears behind them concealing his face in the dark

"yoo hoo" a voice like clown was heard, and the gangs turned very fast to see from where "tch tch tch, you are such a bad boys isn't" the dark figure said while walking to them

"and who the fuck are you? Did you did this to John?!" one of the asked

the figure reveal itself, it was a man in black and red leggings, a silk shirt of the same colors, a metal mask of a smiling Jester and a three point hat with a jingle bell at the end of each hat tip.

"yessh I was the one that kill your little friend there, as for my name you don't need to know that my dear" the Jester said mocking

"you son of a bitch" the gang pull out a knife from his pants preparing to stab the Jester.

"nice knife!, but my dear"the jester said as he too pull out not one if two long blades from the sleeves of his shirt "mines are BIGGER, BADDER and BETTER!!" the Jester said as he make a jump straight to the armed gang and impale his stomach "like that little man? Here comes the best part or i must say two parts-hyyaaaaaaa" the jester said as he slash from inside out his blades cutting in half the armed gang.

"you bastard!! you'll pay for this" the other to said, one of them have a baseball bat and attempt to hit the Jester but this one evaded it easy with a dancing spin leaving the attacker off guard and stab him from the back to chest with one blade, the only left gang push the girl to the ground looking for a weapon but with the free blade the Jester make a swift slash in his neck cutting his head clean off.

The Jester kick the impaled gang on his blade to free his hand then turn his eyes to see the scared girl on the ground staring at him with a shock impression, shaking by what she just see, he approach to her, he draw one blade and lend her a hand, she take his hand and stand in front of him.

"oh thank you, you just saved me" the girl said

"you're welcome my lady, but tell me what's your name if may i ask?" the jester said

"my name is Jenifer Rothchild" Jenifer said

the jester remain silent for a moment

"is something wrong?" she asked

"are you Jenifer Rothchild...alias Jenny the Heroin?" jester asked

"WHAT?! How do you-"jenny said

"AAA YESSHH YOU ARE ISN'T" the Jester said grabbing her hand more strongly

"hey what are you doing? Let me-ugh" jenny said but the Jester use his blade to stab her in the stomach

"Jenny the heroine, the drug dealer of the near university isn't" Jester

"ughaag..please..what you want..yes im*cough*" she coughs blood "what you want?"

"nooothiiinggg" The Jester said mocking "just...YOUR LIFE" he said as he lift her with the blade on her stomach pulling again his other blade and impaling it in her mouth, she died in that final blow, she trows her to the ground and start to laughing maniacally, a moments later he do something with the five corpses and leave in the dark of the night.

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