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chapter 7: finale, sad but true

"where are you?! Zoe!" Takuya yelled while searching in the hallways of the university for the Jester and Zoe.

He only can hear the sound of the jingle bells echoing trough the place, he realized that he was running in circles, despite how much he wants to find Zoe he knows he need to remain cool or he can end up in a trap, he stop running and walk slowly trough each hallway, the path lead him to the cafeteria, it was all dark but he can hear the laugh of the Jester inside, he kicked the door and walked inside, as soon as he put a foot in the cafeteria the lights turn on revealing a horrid image, the eight members of the student council but Zoe were nailed in crosses upside down in the ceiling, some of them were still moving in pain, their heads where at the same height as Takuya's head he can practically see the face to face, all the tables were at the sides of the cafeteria leaving an open ground to battle, or so it looks like the Jester wants since he was standing at the other side of the cafeteria with a fire-Axe in hand.

"you sick motherfucker, where's my girlfriend?!" Takuya yelled at the jester

"don't worry Kanbara boy, she soon will join with the rest of the council and besides you have more important things to worry now, like...YOUR OWN SAFETY!" The Jester said and trows a knife at Takuya, he evaded them but the Jester lunged at him and attacks him the Fire-Axe, Takuya blocks the attack with the Katana and kick the Jester in the ribs making him fall to his knees and drop the Axe, Takuya take the opportunity and kick the Jester in the face which he evaded and and stab a knife he has on the sleeve in Takuya's belly, making Takuya drop the Katana and fall to his knees too, the Jester kicked him on the chest making Takuya fall to his back, the Jester grab the katana and stand above Takuya, he rose the katana "this is it Kanbara, I'm very disappointed, I really thought that you were capable of killing me I was wrong, good bye" and strike Takuya.

The End

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and strike Takuya...

"AAAAAAHHHH *pant* what the*pant* hell happened? Takuya ask to no one

"you where unconscious for five minutes Kanbara" a female voice answer him

Takuya was on a bed, in a plain withe room, three lights were focused in him, much people were watching him they looked like doctors, then he looked to the person who answer him, it was a blond woman, with green eyes he recognized her but she was staring at him with a cold look.

"Zoe?! Oh God you're okay babe?" Takuya said

"it's doctor Orimoto for you and don't you ever call me babe again" Zoe said

"what are you talking about? We are a couple an-" Takuya said while he was a bout to sit in the bed he noticed that he was tied to the bed with leather belts on his wrist, ankle and waist.

"what the fuck?! Hey, why I'm tied up here? What is this place? Zoe!" Takuya yelled

every body in the room looked at him with a confusing face, nobody do nothing just stare at him

"hey, answer me let me go!?" Takuya was trying to break free

"hold him!" A doctor said, and some nurses grab him his limbs trying to hold his movements

"get off me, bitches! Zoe help me, please!" Takuya

Zoe approached to his face "you're not going to anywhere until you accept reality and responsibility Kanbara, nurse prepare him for another electroshock session! The patient isn't ready yet" Zoe said

"electroshock?!, no wait, Zoe what a hell is happening here!? ZOOOEEEE!" Takuya said as he saw her leave the room

"okay, 1,2" a nurse "no wait please" Takuya "3" the nurse *electricity sound* "gahhh..ugh" Takuya was unconscious again, all was a dream fabricated by his unstable mind, no Jester, no Zoe, just him the crazy Takuya Kanbara

that was the mental health ending, hahaha. Next!

And strike Takuya...

but before he could land the blow he stopped, Takuya saw a slender figure behind the Jester, this one had

the Axe sticked on his back, drop the katana and fall to his knees again.

"you're bitch saved you Kanbara, *cough* what a shame...hehe...heheee...agh" the jester fell to one side dead at last and Zoe was behind him crying, she help Takuya to stand up again, the police show up

after that Zoe was still carrying the Axe and the cops aimed to both Takuya and Zoe.

"freeze, drop the weapon now!" cop

"hey easy man, we just ha-" Takuya

"shut the fuck up, I said drop the weapon" cop insisted

J.P. Came running from the hallways behind the cops "wait...don't" but he tripped and fall to the ground "Fire" that was the last he said.

"fire,fire fire" a cop said and every cop fire their weapons against Zoe and Takuya

"seize fire! Seize fire!" J.P. Yelled but no one hear him, it was too late Takuya and Zoe fall, both were hugging each other, they were dead now but together.

Snif sniff that was the sad ending, next!

And strike Takuya....

but he roll to one side evading the attack, suddenly the windows crash and several Aliens entered the cafeteria and begin to chase Takuya and the Jester (the Benny hill theme is appropriated for this ending)

Takuya and the Jester ran to one side of the room with the aliens following them close behind, then the aliens came running from that side cause Takuya and Jester were chasing them with the katana and the Axe, they pursue them to the other side of the place, now Takuya and the Jester were running again from the aliens since all of them were carrying swords and axes more bigger and chase them again to the other side. Again Takuya, the jester and the aliens where running from that side, cause Zoe were chasing all of them with a chainsaw, then every body got separated and run for all over the school, Zoe and Takuya were running from the aliens and the jester too was running from another bunch of aliens.

Takuya and Zoe hide in a locker, he made Zoe the "sshhhh" expression while he closed the door, the aliens past by not noticing them, the jester sat on a bench and grab a newspaper to cover his face, the aliens came to and stare at him, the Jester only point with his hand a direction which the aliens followed, the jester wait for them to pass and then run to the lockers, the aliens noticed they were tricked and chase the jester again, the jester tried to hide in a locker, he hide in one and the aliens were near, suddenly the jester came out running in fear, there was an angry and naked couple pursuing him that's right it was Takuya and Zoe, naked, the aliens wonder what they were doing in there but hey had no time to think that's because they had the angry naked couple behind them and run to their ship in fear, at the courtyard the aliens and the Jester board the ship and fly away before the couple catch them Takuya and Zoe shake their fist to the air in anger.

Ok that was the stupid ending, it was in a fast motion velocity BTW. Next and last the good one

and strike Takuya...

Takuya grab the Axe that was laying on next to him and block the attack of the katana, when the jester rose it again to attack Takuya waste no time in use the Axe and chop the left leg of the jester making him fall on his back squirming and screaming in pain, Takuya sat on the chest of his enemy and remove the mask of his face, he can't believe who it was, Kouji Minamoto his best friend, the assassin.

"K-K-Kouji!? What the hell!?" Takuya can't said more

"hehe...surprised Takuya? Yes I'm the Jester, the assassin of the past week" Kouji said smiling forgetting the pain he felt a moment ago

"but why?!" Takuya asked his voice shaking

"because...it must be done...I.. want to make Justice...Justice that the police can't do, just me" Kouji said, he was loosing to much blood

"but how did you know to who kill?" Takuya asked

"*cough* it was very easy really...your neighborhood..that mister Marsh, you told me once that he yelled at his wife almost every night...it was a time bomb, I was to kill him in his room but surprisingly he left the building...the director...I heard when Zoe told us about it's corruption...I don't think it twice and acted that same night...and my first kill, those gangs and the drug dealer, I knew her, I used to bought drugs from her...but drugs are bad..heheheheh." Kouji replied

"but...the students here and the gym...what they do?!" Takuya asked

"nothing...but they will, in every person I saw, I learned the same thing, everybody has the same single object of obsession, the selfish and atavistic desire to pass on one's seed...it was enough to make me sick...every living thing on this planet exist to mindlessly pass on their DNA...we're designed that way...and that's why the is war and crime, humans weren't design to bring each other happiness...from the moment we're thrown into this world...we're fated to bring each other nothing but pain and misery...I must make a confession...I never believe in the justice...I just wanted an excuse to kill as many people as I could! hehehe*cough*" Kouji

"YOU SICK FUCKER! WHERE IS ZOE?!" Takuya yelled at him

"I-I- not going to tell you...hehehe...and beside she is probably dead by now...heehehe" Kouji said with a smirk

"tell me you son of a bitch! Where is Zoe? Or I'll kill you!" Takuya said

"do it then! I don't care any more!" Kouji

Takuya rose the Axe preparing to hack Kouji, he was hesitating and Kouji notice this

"I enjoyed ever single drop of her blood, she has nice body you know I touched her!" Kouji said teasing him

"you..you..FUCKING BASTARD!" Takuya said chopping Kouji to pieces, Kouji was laughing until he died, Takuya was furious, feel betrayed, he don't know what to feel anymore, his best friend a serial killer, who also killed his girlfriend, he cried on top of his ex-friend body, moments later the detective J.P. Arrive with Zoe, she was alive, with some bruises but alive and able o walk by her own, Takuya can't believe it, Kouji said he killed her, then he understand, Kouji wants to die at his hands, at that moment he don't' care anymore, he ran to Zoe and hugged her with all his strength, she return the hug.

"so...who it was?" J.P. Asked to Takuya

"it was...it was Kouji.." Takuya replied

"don't fuck me?! That kid?! I never imagined that" J.P. Said

"yeah...I think nobody do, I don't know what to say to his brother" Takuya said

"it's not necessary Takuya..." Kouichi said while he was standing in the entrance of the cafeteria.

"Kouichi! I-I'm sorr-" Takuya was interrupted

"it's okay...you don't know, neither do I, nobody knows it" Kouichi said approaching to his brother body

"Kouichi if you need something..." Zoe said

"thanks Zoe, I just need to be alone right now" Kouichi

"I will stay here, Takuya, Zoe you can go home now I handle everything here"

"thanks detective, Kouichi...later my friend" Takuya

Zoe and Takuya left the school and walked to their apartment, J.P. Where to the entrance to the cafeteria smoking a cigarette and Kouichi was staring at the body of his brother, he took the mask of his brother, he examined it for a while and for some reason he feel the urge to put it on and so he did.

THE END......?

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