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I. The Ootori Home

It is never certain what a child will grow up to be. Some will be doctors or lawyers or preists or bankers. Some will be rich. Some will be poor. Some will be butchers, or bakers, or candlestick makers. However, one thing is truly certain: All children grow up…except for one.

The nursery of the Ootori estate was brimming with energy. Playful shouts and laughter could be heard halfway down their foggy late-night street. That is, of course, if there were people on the street to hear it, but no one ever got close enough to the Ootori home to hear anything that went on inside. Its size was not the only aspect of the house that made it so intimidating; it was the man who lived there. Yushio Ootori was a stern man whose business was his only cause for concern. His children did not even meet the top of his list of priorities. Some believed that the only reason he had so many children in the first place was to ensure he'd have a worthy heir to the family company.

"Have at!" a young, smiling Kyouya Ootori shouted at his younger step-brother Mitsukuni, clutching a curtain rod in one hand and a hanger in the other.

Mitsukuni laughed and growled, "Aye, James Hook! I shall have at you!" The younger brother lunged toward Kyouya with a rolled up piece of paper that played the part of a dagger.

"Not if I have anything to say about it!" Kyouya playfully snarled, pushing up his glasses and adding an "Arrgh!" to the end of his sentence. Their sister Fuyumi simply sat on Kyouya's bed, grinning at her brothers.

"Boys!" she called to them. "You really should be getting to bed soon. Oh, and Kyouya, you've got the hook in the wrong hand." Kyouya was prepared to switch the hooked hanger to his left hand when he heard his father's loud footsteps echoing down the hallway. Yushio Ootori appeared in the room, hurriedly tucking in his shirt and fastening his belt.

"A little less noise, please," their father grumbled. "A little less—aah!" The man's stern face was now flat on the nursery floor. The black-haired children winced, but Mitsukuni, whose hair was the colour of honey, let out a tiny giggle. Yushio's face was tomato-red as he stood up and brushed himself off. He threw the toy train he'd tripped on against the wall and scrambled toward a mirror. Kyouya followed him, picking up toys and things as he went.

"Mitsukuni, what did I tell you about leaving your toys out?" Kyouya said. He was not the same boy he had been when he brandished a curtain rod sword and a hanger hook against his step-brother, the mysterious flying boy. "I'm sorry father, he will never learn."

The boy's father ignored his rambling and he fumbled over the bowtie around his neck. Fury caused his fingers to shake. "Insolence!" he shouted. "How many times have I told you boys that this is no way for any sons of mine to behave? You should be following the examples your older brothers are setting for you!" The angry head of the Ootori family gave up on the tie and turned to face Mitsukuni. "You are no longer a Haninozuka, young man. The moment your mother married into this family was the moment I expected you to behave like an Ootori!" Yushio's face was lobster red, and the honey-haired boy could have sworn he saw his step-father's glasses start to fog up.

"Of course," he grunted, gesturing absently toward Kyouya, "you'll never learn to behave like an Ootori when my own son insists on disgracing my name!" The spectacled boy simply stared ahead of him, trying hard to show absolutely no emotion. In time, he will learn to use this skill on a daily basis.

"And you!" he shouted, turning to wag a finger at Fuyumi, who was still sitting casually on Kyouya's bed. "I expected more from my daughter. Kyouya is almost thirteen years old! Practically a man! It's time you stopped filling his mind with these foolish notions of pirates and silly…flying boys! Kyouya will never get anywhere if you keep spoon-feeding him this nonsense!"

Fuyumi stood up and started to tie her father's tie for him. "Oh father. You don't mean that. And If I do say so myself, Peter Pan is not some silly flying boy."

"Peter Pan?" Yushio's face was practically steaming now. He pushed his daughter's hands away and continued fumbling at his tie himself. "Peter…Pan?! You call him by his name as if he were one of your school friends! He's not real, Fuyumi! My sons will never survive in the real world if you insist on…GAH! Blast this wretched tie!

Kyouya cautiously approached his father, his face still lacking expression. He bowed his head. "Sir, I know they are just stories. I'm sorry I've disappointed you."

Yushio continued to ignore his son. "It's time you've all gone to bed. Your older brothers and I will be attending a company meeting tonight, and I don't want you staying up late, am I clear?"

As sudden pang of fear struck Kyouya. "Father," he began, "should I attend the meeting as well? If it involves the family business, shouldn't I--?"

His father cut him off with a gesture like he was shooing a gnat. "This is no concern of yours. We will be discussing the next heir to the Ootori group. Fuyumi, for heaven's sake, fix this tie!" Kyouya's world seemed to stop spinning. He dropped to his knees in the middle of the room and stared at the floor. Just like that, he was fully denied the position of the Ootori family heir.

Completely unaware, Mitsukuni tip-toed to his big brother, clutching his teddy bear and whispered in his ear, "When he's gone we can play some more."

Kyouya's eyes illuminated with fury that he did not show. He whispered cooly, "No Mitsukuni. It's time you started growing up. You'll never get anywhere if you keep relying on foolish things like this," he grabbed Mitsukuni's teddy bear and locked it in a trunk at the foot of his bed, "to keep you happy." Kyouya saw tears brimming in his brother's eyes. "And don't cry. Tears show weakness. No one gives in to tears in the real world."

"Y…You," Mitsukuni sniffled and wiped his nose. "You sound just like father."

At that moment, Kyouya silently vowed to do whatever it took to make his father proud. He would be the Ootori family heir. He had to.


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