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"I am youth! I am joy! I am the sun, the moon, and the stars! I. Am. PETER PAN!" Triumphantly Peter dove from the top of Marooner's rock, dagger in one hand, large, ticking alarm clock in the other. When Smee saw him, he disappeared faster than a little man like him should have been able to.

"Pan!" Kyouya screamed, but Peter didn't listen.

With a laugh, he pelted the clock at Hook's head, yelling, "Not so tough when the clock strikes, eh, Hook?" When Peter touched down, Hook already had his sword brandished against him.

"You know, Peter," he grinned, "you've become predictable."

Pan wielded his dagger against Hook's sword. If he were anyone else but Peter Pan, he wouldn't have stood a chance with such a small weapon. "Well, Hook," he grinned in return, "I could say the same for you." He let out a triumphant laugh as he blocked another of Hook's strikes. Sharp clings and clangs of metal on metal resonated throughout the cave, making every ear ring. Kyouya winced with every almost strike, silently praying that Peter wouldn't get hurt, and silently wondering why he cared so much.

"I knew without question who had taken Tora-Yuri," Peter said, "and where you had taken him." His whimsical voice filled the cave with pure joy. The pleasure he got from simply helping somebody, from defending them, was astounding. His pure soul made the water shimmer with a new light. The sword versus dagger battle commenced through the shallow parts of the glistening, black river, up the rocky cliffs, and onto the highest point of Marooner's Rock. Kyouya still hid in a crevice dangerously close to the fight, just close enough that he could get a full look at Hook's face. "Your plans are getting old, Hook," Peter spat. "Just like you!"

"Not everyone is afraid to grow up, boy!" Hook growled. "Some people would rather do things with their lives!"

At this, Peter just laughed. "And what have you done with your life, you scurvy rat?"

There was something about Hook's face that rang a bell in Kyouya's mind. His high cheekbones, his coustache, his cold, lifeless eyes… Eyes full of icy hatred and deep-embedded insecurity. Dark, dark grey eyes that seemed so familiar…

"What have I done?" Hook laughed. "Boy, I am the most successful Captain the Jolly Roger has ever known! I have pillaged more gold than any captain before me has ever seen! I have wealth! I have power! What have you got?"

With an adept twist of his dagger, Peter swept the sword straight from Hook's hand. In the blink of an eye, Hook was cornered with a sword to his throat and a dagger to his chest. Peter bent down over him, narrowed his eyes, and whispered the answer in his ear. "Happiness." Only Peter could see the sadness and fear that quickly filled the captain's coal eyes with the mention of the word.

"Now," Peter said, pressing his dagger harder against Hook's throat, "I want you to get in your little boat and leave me."

"Aye," Hook's voice came out in a whisper as he backed slowly toward the edge of the giant skull.

"And never harm Tora-Yuri or any of the Lost Boys again."

"Anything you want." Hook's tone almost seemed sarcastic, but Peter was too swollen with pride to notice.

Moving the point of the sword from Hook's chest to his back and keeping the dagger pressed against his throat, Peter grabbed Hook's shoulder and turned him to face the deep, black river. "Go," he snarled in the deepest voice he could muster. Without looking back, Hook stepped off the edge of the rock and disappeared into the darkness below.

Hesitantly, Kyouya stepped out from the shadows. "Peter," he began, his voice meek, "I must say, that was. . ."

"Amazing?" Peter smiled. "Stupendous? Breathtaking?" With each word he took a new pose, each more dramatic than the last.

"A ridiculous thing to do."

Peter's smile immediately vanished and was replaced with a puffy-lipped pout. "You're not even a little proud of me, Momma?"

For some reason, Peter calling him "Momma" made the corners of Kyouya's mouth curve upward just slightly. "We could have just saved Tora-Yuri and left without being seen."

"But where's the fun in that? You know I can't resist a good challenge."

Kyouya started going on about the "logical thing to do" and didn't notice the fear that flickered across Peter's eyes. Before he could do anything about it, Pan screamed his name and pushed him face-down onto the rocks. He was able to flip to his back just in time to see Hook's sword, back in its owner's hand, pushing against Peter's dagger just inches above his Peter's face.

"Didn't think I'd give up that easy, did you, Pan?" Hook sneered, spitting water from his dripping face onto his opponent as he spoke. "You should know me better by now." The more Kyouya looked at Hook, the more helpless he flet. He could not stand up to those eyes. Those eyes… Those familiar, ice-coal eyes…

His father's eyes.
Kyouya breathed in a short hiss of cold air. He felt like he had been punched in the stomach, like all the life had been sucked out of him. How long have I been in Neverland? he thought. Surely not long enough to forget my own father! Yet here he was, Yushio Ootori, entangled in a match of blades with his new best friend. But it can't be. . . Kyouya's mind blurred through all the possible options. I came to Neverland to escape my father. He can't be here! But there was no denying that those eyes, the shade of a desolate, foggy night, were the cold, patronizing eyes of the head of the Ootori family.

A sharp wince of pain caught Kyouya's ear, and he averted his eyes from his father to Peter. The horror of the scene before him took every breath of life out of his body, and yet he still found himself screaming at the top of his lungs until his throat was raw. "PAN!"

Everything happened so fast. There was a flash of red, a pained cry, a cruel burst of laughter, and for a split second, when Peter's eyes met Kyouya's, they seemed to say "I'm sorry." The meeting of their eyes stopped time. The earth slowed its turn enough for Kyouya to see the thick, crimson liquid dripping from a menacing silver hook. Peter's eyes rolled back into his head as hot, red life poured down his chest. Unable to fly, unable to fight, unable to stop the inevitable, Peter plummeted to the blackness below.

"PETER!" Kyouya heard the scream, but didn't recognize his own voice. Before he knew what he was doing, he threw himself from the top of Marooner's rock in an uncharacteristic act of selflessness. As Kyouya fell through the air, his world still turned at two kilometers per hour. He reached his arms out in front of him and pointed his legs behind him to pierce the air and create momentum. Painfully slowly, he grew closer and closer to the falling, bleeding Peter, until he was almost close enough to touch him. Finally, his fingers clasped around Peter's wrist. He pulled him closer and tucked Peter's head safely into his own chest. He turned his body around just in time for his back to smack into the water. The blow knocked the wind out of him, but he didn't care. All he cared about at this moment was keeping Peter safe.

Making sure Peter's head didn't touch the water, he pushed himself to the base of the rock. Carefully, he lay Peter's body on the surface. Barely taking the time to pull himself up next to him, he took Peter's shoulders in his hands and shook them violently.

"Peter!" His voice shook and he could barely breathe, but Kyouya was completely unaware of the pain he was in. "Pan, wake up, you idiot!" His vision became blurry and his eyes began to sting, but he didn't notice or care. He was about to resort to trying CPR, though he had never performed it before, when he saw Peter's eyes flutter. At that moment, the painful coughs that shook Peter's chest were the most beautiful sound Kyouya had ever heard. "Pan!" he said, his face lighting up.

"K-Kyouya?" Peter's voice was strained and dazed.

"Shhh," Kyouya whispered. "I'm here."

"Kyouya, you're…crying," Peter breathed. Even through the pain, he was able smile. In disbelief, Kyouya wiped the tears from his cheeks.

"Peter coughed and spoke again, his voice barely audible above the crash of the water against the rocks. "How many times do I have to make you smile and laugh…and cry, before you believe that you have a heart?"

Kyouya didn't know how to respond, so he said, "I'll…I'll carry you back home, okay? Get on my back. I'll get you cleaned up."

"What good would that do you?" Peter whispered.

"What are you talking about, Pan?" Kyouya said frantically. "Come on, this is no time to be facetious. I'll help you get on my back."

"I thought you didn't do things that brought you no personal game?"

"Well, I—"

"I knew you came with me because you cared about something. I just didn't know what it was. But now I do," Peter's voice was gaining a little more strength. "You were right. You didn't come because you care about Tora-Yuri. You didn't come because you care about the Lost Boys. You didn't even come because you were looking out for yourself. You came along because you care…about me." The corners of his lips curled into a smile.

Kyouya was aghast about how right Peter was, but didn't show it. "I…Now isn't the time for dramatic speeches, Pan. I'm taking you home."

"Kyouya," Peter began, suddenly serious. "Do you really think you'll be able to fly back by yourself with dead weight on your back?"

"I have to…"

"No. Leave me here, Kyouya. You'll never make it."

"Don't talk like that, Pan!"

"Funny. Now I'm the one thinking with my brain, and you're the one thinking with your heart."

"Pan…I can't just…" more tears came to Kyouya's eyes, but he wouldn't let them fall. "I can't just leave you. I'll never have enough…" Kyouya faded away, unable to finish.

"Here," Peter said, reaching beneath his clothes and pulling out a tiny, animal skin pouch tied to a vine around his neck. He poured out a bit of iridescent, glowing powder. "This is my emergency dust. This should be enough to get you back safely." He couldn't gather enough strength to sprinkle the dust on Kyouya's head, so he held it in his palm and blew it at him, creating a beautiful, shimmering whirlwind. Despite the glorious light that surrounded him, Kyouya's outlook was still grim.

"Kyouya," Peter began again, "just go. You can—"

"Pixie dust isn't the problem!" Kyouya shouted, letting his new tears free. His voice was strained from expressing more emotion than he was used to. "I'll never be able to… I won't have enough happy thoughts to get me there!" he said, his voice quivering. "Not without you. I had no happy thoughts before you came." The last sentence was almost inaudible.

"Peter smiled, but the newfound strength in his voice disappeared. "Maybe I can help."

The sudden feeling of Peter's cold fingers around his own made him jump, and somehow, his body and soul felt lighter. Peter used every ounce of his remaining strength to put his other hand on the back of Kyouya's head and pull him closer to himself.

Before Kyouya could do anything about it, Peter's lips were pressed against his own. The touch was brief, but it felt like a lifetime. When Peter pulled away, Kyouya felt weightlessness overcome his entire body. He didn't realize it, but his body was now drifting upward beyond his contril. Soon he was too high up to maintain grip of Peter's hand, which he didn't realize h was still holding. He had never before felt a happy thought so powerful, or so incredibly confusing. Another boy had just kissed him. A boy who he couldn't stand, yet he couldn't stand to be without…and he was happy? More than happy. Ecstatic! It made absolutely no sense to him.

"I…I'll get help!" Kyouya shouted back to Peter. "I'll find Tink and Bells, okay? I can't just go and leave you here, Peter!"

Something in Kyouya's words made Peter's eyes glossy. "Go!" he breathed. "I'll be fine!"


Before he could lose his happy thought, Kyouya disappeared out the mouth of the cave. Despite the excruciating pain he was in, Peter held a grin that lit up his entire face.

"Boy, why are you smiling?" The sound of Hook's slimy voice behind him made his chest clench. He had forgotten all about him. "He left you," Hook said, jumping down to the rocks where Peter lay, "and that makes you happy?"

"I told you to leave," Peter glared.

"I know," Hook sighed, looking at Peter with an incredibly fake sad expression. "Isn't it a pity when your enemies would rather stick around to watch you die than your closest friends?"

"Shut up," Peter spat. "You know it wasn't like that."

"You know, that boy would make an excellent successor to the Jolly Roger."

Without hesitation, Peter barked, "He would never become a pirate!"

"How do you know?" Hook sneered. "He could be an amazing pirate. Or maybe an engineer. A businessman. A doctor. When he grows up."

"He won't!" Peter's voice quivered. "He can't!"

"Oh?" Hook smiled. He bent down to whisper directly in Peter's ear, as Peter had done to him just before. Peter glared and tried to pull away, but he lacked the strength. "And how do you know what he wants? He was told you what he wanted from the very beginning, hasn't he? But did you listen? He had a plan, and you took him away from his home, his family…his future. I must say, I applaud such an act of cruelty."

"It's not…It's not like that!"

"You know…he could be on his way to following his dream right now. And who are you to take that away?" His tone reflected mock sadness with a dash of filthy slime.

"No!" Pan choked. "He wasn't…He wasn't…happy!"

"What makes you think he's happy now?"

"Because he—"

"How many times have you put his life in danger? You know, if he dies, it will be your fault."

Peter's head felt full of air, and the world around him seemed to grow white. "No," he breathed.

"And if you die here…well, there's really no hope for his survival in this strange land, now is there? Unless, of course, he comes to live with me on the Jolly Roger. Did I mention he would make an excellent pirate?"

"Kyouya…" The scream came out only as air.

"Such a pity," Hook sighed. He stood up and started pacing as if all this had just crossed his mind, but Peter knew he had planned to say it all from the beginning. "If you hadn't come along, that boy could have invented things or saved lives, or…inherited his father's hospital, perhaps?

"How…did you…?"

"That was his dream, wasn't it? But you had to go and dash it all away. How cruel."

Everything around Peter seemed to disappear into whiteness, and he could feel his body swaying. "Kyouya…" he croaked.

"His life would have been better if you had never come for him, Pan. You are so very selfish."

Peter could no longer feel the rocks beneath him, the waves that crashed against his skin, or the thick ropes that were now being wrapped around his wrists and ankles.

"If you were anyone else, I would just leave you here to die," Hook snarled, "but you have proven yourself stronger than that far too many times. I must say, I admire your…persistence." He banged his hook against a rock several times, creating a shrill, horrible clang that echoed a thousand times louder in Peter's throbbing head. "Smee!" he called. "Smee, you coward! Come back!"

In the distance, Smee banged something against a rock, creating another echo. "Aye, Cap'n!" a distant voice called. "I'm comin'!" The little man in a tiny boat came around a corner of the cave, already out of breath and sweating. "I went to…investigate…the, uh…outskirts of the, uh…"

"You got scared and went to hide, didn't you, Smee?"

"Um…I, uh…Aye…Cap'n." Smee hung his head in shame as he rowed the dingy up to the rocks.

"Nobody appreciates a coward, Smee. Or a liar."

"Aye, Cap'n."

Once again, Hook kneeled next to a fading Peter Pan. The glow of his skin and the golden blonde of his hair were now faint and pallid and his head and limbs hung limp, but his chest still rose and fell. "High tide is near, my friend," Hook whispered in Peter's ear, not caring whether or not he could hear him. "And you have no way of getting to higher ground. Maybe you'll get lucky, and the scent of your blood will attract some merciful creatures of the deep to put you out of your misery. Or maybe it will take all night for the tide to fully take you," he cackled. "It's quite a shame, really. I never thought it would end so easily. I may be rather bored for a while with no one around to ruin my plans, but I'm sure my amazing success in being the most powerful living thing in Neverland will ease the boredom. Plus, I'm sure it's not long before your precious Lost Boys replace you." Hook stood up, grabbed the sword and dagger from Peter's loose fingers, and began twirling the point of the dagger on his fingertip. "You were a worthy opponent, I must say." Hook said, genuinely. He threw the dagger at his near unconscious enemy and said a final, "Farewell, Peter Pan."

Peter watched with blurred vision as the two pirates rowed away in their tiny boat. Hook took one final look back and put his hat over his chest in respect for his fallen foe. Even Peter's barely conscious mind noticed something was strange about Hook's face. Instead of wearing a satisfied grin as was expected of him, his eyes held a hint of sadness.

Just before Peter's eyelids finally fell, he used his last breath to whisper to no one, "To die…would be an awfully big adventure."

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