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Chapter Five

Blatant Curiosity

.: November 24, 1997 :.

"I've been wondering, Severus," McGonagall said as she finished sipping her cup of tea. Severus made a sound from across the room, where he was quite occupied with his godson and Harry.


The man sighed and let Harry have his rattle. The little green-eyed baby got tired of his worn out teddy bear so Severus decided to transfigure it into a lovely rattle. The Potions master smiled when Harry tapped Draco's chubby legs gently with the toy. Surprisingly, Draco let Harry hit him and was smiling.

"Yes, Minerva?" Severus turned his attention away from the two babbling infants and looked at the witch across the room from him.

They were sitting in the Staff Lounge, relaxing – or in Severus' case – taking care of two babies. Severus and the two young ones had endured a day of mistake-making first years, ignorant third years, irritating fourth years, and last but not least, disruptive seventh years.

Just thinking about his day made Severus' head hurt.

"I was just curious about Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Potter," McGonagall started, "they don't seem to be aging – at all." She frowned a bit and picked up her teacup, taking another sip.

Snape mentally rolled his eyes; he looked to the side, only to see Harry toppled over Draco and both babies were gurgling happily. Harry's rattle had rolled to a corner of their playpen.

They should be able to stay entertained for at least ten minutes. Snape picked up his own cup of hot tea and drank before speaking.

"Well, the potion keeps them that way for six months. They will not age in any way during these few months. When the time is up, Draco and Harry will simply revert back to their original state." Severus placed his saucer back onto the small table next to the couch he was sitting in and turned away from McGonagall once more. "The transformation will not harm them, if that's what you are worried about."

The elderly witch hummed. She had been worried that the two boys would endure some sort of pain while turning back to their teenage selves. But if Severus said they wouldn't, then they wouldn't. She trusted Severus' words. He was the Potions master, after all.

"You just soothed an old woman's worry, Severus," McGonagall said softly, smiling. "I am quite taken with Draco and Harry. I find myself looking forward to holding either one of them during dinner or lunch in the Great Hall. Sometimes, I miss hearing them calling me 'Baba'." McGonagall chuckled to herself.

Ever since the first time Severus had let McGonagall hold Draco, the woman had been obsessed. Harry had been wary of the Transfiguration professor at first, but after some sort of persuasion from Draco – not that the blond baby had said actual words – Harry let McGonagall hold him. Severus remembered the first time Harry was held by her; his green eyes were round and extremely watchful.

The tension was broken between grown-up and baby when Harry let out a cute squeal and reached up to touch McGonagall's chin.

Severus had let out a relieved sigh and Draco had giggled and wanted to join Harry.

After that day, McGonagall chose to sit next to the Potions master, offering to hold Harry or Draco.

She really didn't mind which one she held in her arms.

"Yes, well, they've been around you for these past weeks and you never protested when they called you 'Baba'," Snape drawled. "As such, they deemed it fine to call you so, and not to mention it is easier for them to pronounce."

Severus stood up from the couch and straightened out his black robe. It was time to head back to his chambers. He had many papers to grade and a weekly class schedule to write up.

"Oh? Are you leaving, Severus?"

Snape rolled his eyes at his fellow colleague. "Yes, Minerva, I am taking my leave. Harry and Draco should be put down to their crib before dinner starts. They do tend to get cranky if they don't have their two hour long nap." Severus then bent down, about to scoop up both Draco and Harry at the same time, not noticing McGonagall making her way over to him.

"Severus, perhaps I can be of help?" McGonagall offered. "It must be hard to carry both of them at the same time. What if one of them wiggles and falls?"

"They will not fall out of my arms!" Severus exclaimed; he was a bit miffed. "You… You just want to hold them and walk with me to my chambers," Snape sneered at the witch. "Fine. But just so you know, I have no problems holding them both at the same time."

"Mhmm." Minerva held out her hands. Severus had a feeling she did not hear a single word he had spoken in the last twenty-six seconds.

"Baba…" Harry gurgled happily when he saw her familiar face.

"Riiight…" Severus dragged out the word and handed over an excited Harry to the witch. "I'll just lead the way, shall I?" Severus took out his wand with his now free hand and tapped it against the side of the playpen. The thing popped away; it should be in Severus' private quarters now.

"What did you say?" McGonagall asked absentmindedly; Harry was now cooing and nuzzling her shoulder. McGonagall's eyes twinkled merrily as she tickled Harry's chin.

Snape sighed.


"Yes, thank you, Minerva," Snape said tersely as he tried to take Harry back from the witch's arms. "I think it's time for you to leave so that I can put them down for their much needed nap." He narrowed his eyes at McGonagall when she seemed reluctant to part with the green-eyed baby.

The Transfiguration professor sighed and carefully deposited a droopy-eyed Harry back into Snape's arm.

"I'll see you at dinner?"

Severus was already walking away from the elderly witch when she asked the question. He huffed, the sound startling Draco, who was almost asleep in his godfather's arm. Draco blinked a couple of times before drifting off again. Harry was not fazed by the sudden sound; he snuggled deeper into Severus' hold.

"That is without question, Minerva. I do have to eat, and not just drink blood to survive like some students has said of me, I'm sure."

McGonagall shook her head at the younger man. "See you, Severus." She took Snape's grunt as a dismissal and let herself out of the Potions master's living quarters.

.: November 26, 1997 :.

"Hermione, can we not stay too long this time? Snape scares me." Ron scowled at the door that led to Snape's chambers. "I still think he threw Harry's squishy ball at me that time."

Hermione barely held in her giggle. She took in a huge breath and ruffled Ron's hair.

"I'm sure Professor Snape didn't throw it," she said; Ron batted at her hand and Hermione huffed and dropped it.

"I don't care. I know the greasy git did it," Ron said stubbornly.

"Ronald! Language," the bushy-haired girl chided. Ron promptly looked sheepish.

Before he could apologize, the door swung open, revealing Snape – who was not wearing his usual black robes.

He was wearing a gray, wool sweater with a pair of black slacks.

Severus smirked at the stunned Granger and a blinking Weasley. He stepped back and held the door wider.

"Ms. Granger, Mr. Weasley. I believe Harry and Draco are expecting you."

Hermione was the first to snap out of her stupor; she had never seen her professor without his black, heavy robes on.

"I – Uhm… Er… Yes, good evening, professor." Hermione blushed lightly when the man merely smirked at her. "Sorry… It's just… You're not wearing your work robes," she finished lamely.

Ron continued to stand there like a statue.

"There is no need for me to dress in those heavy robes," Severus informed the girl. "Besides, I had to clean them, so they would be ready for class on Monday." He gestured for his two students to go inside. "Your friend is with Draco by the couches, babbling happily to each other." Severus shuddered lightly. "How they are entertained that way, I have no idea."

Hermione smiled when she heard Harry's happy squeal once she was in his line of sight. Ron chuckled and made his way over to the two babies. Draco giggled and crawled over to the red-headed boy, planting his small bum right in front of Ron's crossed legs; Harry also made his way to Ron and half fell on top of Ron's folded legs.

As Hermione watched all three boys play, Snape stepped up to her and stood, gazing at the scene before them.

"Do not worry about Harry, Granger," Severus drawled. "He's very happy here. I assure you, he hardly cries. Half the time I think it's because Draco makes him happy."

"I never doubted your abilities, sir," Hermione said quickly, looking over at the tall man. "I can see that Harry is very content." She paused and let a smile show on her face when Harry started hitting Ron's knee in earnest. "As for the happy part, sir, I think that is natural. Harry was – is – a very easy-going teen."

A very, very small smile formed on Severus' lips. He looked at the girl beside him and tilted his head towards the dining table.

"Care to join me, Ms. Granger? Maybe a cup of tea, perhaps?"

"I – I…" Hermione stammered. "Wh – at?" She blinked owlishly at her professor.

Severus chuckled.

Hermione thought she was hearing things. But there he was, walking over to the dining room. She shook her head and followed; Ron was still busy playing, so he did not see nor hear the things that happened.

The witch sat herself down in a chair as the Potions master made two cups of tea, perfect for the chilly November nights.

"There you go, Granger." Severus set down a cup in front of Hermione's folded hands.

She thanked him and chewed on her lips. "Please… call me Hermione. It just… seems so formal, calling me by my surname. You're not really my professor now… We're not in the classroom. It just…" she trailed off, worried that she was out of line.

"Ah, then I must ask you to stop calling me 'sir'," Severus said.

At the same time, Draco yelled out 'daa-ee'. Severus rolled his eyes.

"And do not – ever – call me what Draco just screamed out."

Harry then screamed 'daa-daa' after Draco was finished. Severus huffed annoyingly; it was as if the brats could hear him.

"Or that."

Hermione laughed and picked up her steaming cup of tea. "I'd never call you that. They both see you as a father figure, I don't." Hermione drank her tea and let out a sigh. "Thank Merlin I don't see you as my father. No offense, Professor Snape."

"None taken." Severus wrapped his hands around the warm ceramic cup. His dark eyes stared down into the steaming liquid. "I don't know why I am telling you this, Gra – Hermione," Severus winced and corrected himself, "but I never thought of having children."

Hermione wisely kept quiet.

"I had my life planned out by the time I was sixteen." Long fingers played with the rim of the teacup. "Finish Hogwarts, work my way up to become a Potions master, get the position at Hogwarts. Then, work until I can't anymore." Severus let out a depreciating laugh. "Of course, I was also interested with the Defense Against the Dark Arts position, but Potions won over.

"By the time I was twenty one, I earned the title and had the right to teach here. When I was twenty-three, I was well-known as the master of Potion making, outside of Hogwarts. Other professors, some long gone, used to ask me if I ever thought to find a nice woman, settle down, and marry…

"Marriage never crossed my mind. It wasn't part of the 'life-long plan'. With that, children were involuntarily out of the question." He finally looked across the table and into Hermione's eyes. "Do you understand?"

The sounds of childish laughter were extremely loud compared to the whispered conversation she was having with Snape. Hermione set her cup down and met her professor's eyes – her professor that had just told her his life story in a way.

"I – I guess…" Hermione tilted her head a bit and looked at Snape questioningly. "But Draco… You two are very close."

Severus sighed and nodded. "He's the closest thing to a son. I took care of him when Draco was a young child. That is why I have some experiences in taking care of the two babies, but I was still worried about messing things up."

"You're doing a fine job, Professor." Hermione smiled warmly at the older man. "Even if you never planned to have children, you still took care of them as if they were your own. You didn't neglect their needs… or ignore them when they needed your attention.

"Believe in yourself, Professor Snape."

Believe in yourself, Professor Snape…

Severus replayed those five words over and over again in his head.


He sighed and continued dressing; Severus was getting ready to turn in for the night. Both Harry and Draco were already sleeping soundly in their crib hours ago. If Severus was lucky, they wouldn't wake up until morning came.

Hermione's words floated around in his mind. Was he lacking confidence?

Yes, Snape thought. But the girl was right. He should really believe in himself. Harry and Draco were doing just fine in his care. There's nothing to worry about.

Severus nodded to himself and got on his bed. As he pulled the blankets up, Severus smiled and closed his eyes.

Nothing at all.

.: November 27, 1997 :.

"Granger… Hermione, thank Merlin you are here," Snape said breathlessly; in his left arm, Harry was crying, his nose bright red.

Hermione took in Severus' disheveled look. Ebony locks were everywhere; jet black eyes were darting around frantically.

"Pro –"

"No time, Granger." Snape thrust Harry into her arms before she could protest. Harry howled and grabbed the front of her shirt in his tiny fists.

"What's wrong with Harry? He was fine last night." Hermione frowned at her friend and bounced the infant in her arms.

"It seems Harry caught the common cold and has a stuffy nose. He can't breathe comfortably and thus he is crying to show his discomfort." Severus turned on the balls of his feet and went to the couch, where he grabbed his robe. "I am going to the hospital wing to get some potions. I don't have time to make some myself; Harry needs it now. I'll just dilute it when I get back." With that said, Severus rushed out, leaving Hermione standing by the doorway.

"Uhm… I'll take care of them!" Hermione yelled down the passageway. Snape flapped his arms at her and rushed away. Shaking her head, Hermione went in and closed the door.


"There, there… Your daddy will be back real soon," the bushy-haired witch crooned. She rubbed her left cheek against Harry's flushed ones.

Harry sniffed and babbled something at Hermione, a full pout on his lips. Hermione nodded, agreeing.

"Yes, baby, I know your nose is stuffed up." Draco picked that moment to babble something as well. She turned to the other baby – who was sitting against a pile of cushions – and smiled at him. "That's right, Draco, your daddy will make Harry better."

"Ai!" Draco scowled and nodded.

When the soft click of a lock unlocking was heard, Hermione sighed in relief and turned, just in time to see the Potions professor stepping inside, his face solemn. In his right hand was a glass vial of a reddish liquid. Hermione grimaced in distaste.

Harry would not like the vile taste of the potion.

"I'll be in my private lab, making a diluted version of this potion." Severus held up the small vial. "It'll be done in fifteen minutes. Wait here."

He nodded at the young witch and smiled lightly when Harry waved his arm at the man. Severus walked over to the group and stopped right by Draco. He bent down and ruffled Draco's tuft of blond hair and then went over to Harry and Hermione.

"You'll feel better soon, Harry," he assured his young charge.

Harry gurgled and wiggled his nose at Severus.


"Ms. Granger, please hold Harry's head still," Snape instructed. Hermione huffed and didn't even bother to correct him and did as Snape asked.

Harry was crying again, flailing about as Severus tried to use a dropper to give Harry the potion. Hermione gently held the wriggling body and kept Harry's head still so that the green-eyed baby could not twist and turn his head. Draco was still sitting where he was, watching everything with narrowed eyes. It was easy to tell that Draco was displeased about the whole situation.

"Now, now… Open your little mouth wide," Hermione cooed; Harry blinked at her and furrowed his eyebrows. She rolled her eyes; it was as if Harry was labeling her as traitor for asking him to open his mouth.

Severus had enough. He had knelt on the ground for the past ten minutes and all he succeeded in doing was making his floor dirty with droplets of pink liquid. With a firm hand, he held Harry's chin and pulled down. Harry let out a cry as his bottom lip was yanked downward. Hermione frowned but kept quiet.

Two drops were put onto Harry's tongue. The green-eyed baby scrunched up his face and swallowed… and cried some more.

Severus sighed and placed the dropper back into the vial. "The potion's effects would only last three hours since it is diluted. Let's hope Harry has a strong immune system and can fight off the cold within two days."

"He should," Hermione murmured; she rocked Harry and smiled when the cries subsided. "Harry was hardly sick as a teen, but I'm not sure when he was younger…"

Severus stared at Harry. "He's already breathing easier. His nose isn't making weird noises."

It was true. Harry was no longer making small snorts as he breathed in and out.

"Dah! Dah…" Draco wiggled and leaned forward, asking to be picked up.

"It's time for bed, young man, but a bath first," Severus muttered as he went to pick his godson up. Severus tightened his hold when Draco bent at his arm and tried to reach for Harry, who was still in Hermione's arms.

Hermione looked up and took the hint that it was time for her to stand up from where she sat. Carefully and not to wake up the slowly falling asleep Harry, she got to her feet.

"Do you want me to help tuck him in? You still need to give Draco his bath, right?" She moved closer to Draco's reaching hands; the baby gurgled and gently placed his small hand on Harry's flushed cheek. "Draco," she whispered. The baby's silver eyes landed on her. "You'll be next to Harry soon, alright?"

Draco stuck out his bottom lip at her and sniffed. He then pressed his face into his godfather's chest.

"Thank you," Severus mumbled. "I just got worried and frustrated when Harry started crying earlier. I didn't know who to get and you came into mind, seeing how you are Harry's friend." He shook his head. "I appreciate all the help, Granger."

Hermione narrowed her eyes and nodded. "I'll put Harry in the crib."

Severus watched her go and disappeared into the boys' nursery. He then looked down at Draco, and he scowled at him when Draco blew spit bubbles.

"Don't you dare mock me, Draco. I know she's upset because I called her by her surname." Severus began walking to the bathroom. "Calling her by her name is awkward, and not right. It's almost as if we are friends." Snape's lips curled upwards. "She's one of my many students. She is also your… boyfriend's friend." He rolled his eyes when Draco gave him burble, as if saying 'yes, Harry is my boyfriend'. "I do not plan to become closer to her. Even if she thinks otherwise… It would only disappoint her.

"She would drift away once you and Harry are back to normal. Best not to put too much emotion into this.

"This is also why I am so distant… to everybody." Severus sighed and went inside the bathroom. "I am telling you this, Draco, because you are a great listener, but won't be able to tell other people about what I just said. It'd be our secret."

Draco giggled and reached up to pat his godfather's cheek.



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