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Chapter 1: Interesting

Crack! Slam! Vroom! Screech! Elizabeth Sexton's eyes shot open to these sounds that echoed through her modest house in Windsor. Typical she thought. Her parents were not the most agreeable people to say the least, but her mother was always encouraging and supportive.

But nothing could disappoint Elizabeth today. It was September 1 and she was finally going home. She had declared Hogwarts her unofficial home for the past six years and she was happy for it. Elizabeth got ready and made her way downstairs. Her mother's tear stricken smile greeted her.

"What do want for breakfast my Head Girl?"

"Nothing really," she replied.

"Oh come off it, you are not going on that train with an empty stomach besides who's going to feed you?"

She silently consented and ate a few pieces of toast and drank a glass of milk.

"Ready to go, we've got a long trip ahead of us." She wasn't lying, they needed to take the Central to Oxford Circus then take the Victoria and get off at Euston to take the Northern to King's Cross.

"You're coming?" Elizabeth questioned her mother.

"Of course, I'm coming," her mother replied indignantly, "why shouldn't I?"

"No, come by all means, I'm just surprised." Her mother was never up to trips by the tube no matter how safe they were. Elizabeth just guessed a bad experience, but honestly what could possibly happen on the London Underground. Her mother shrunk the bags and Matches, her cat, went into her jacket pocket. They locked the house and made their way to Notting Hill Gate.

10:30 read the clock on Platform Nine at King's Cross. They walked onto Platform 9 ¾ and her mother went to give in her luggage.

"Lizzy!" someone screamed. Elizabeth turned around to see Lucy Weasley. Lucy had graduated a year earlier and was currently working at the Ministry in the Immediate Response Force.

"Lucy, hi. What are you doing here?"

"Here to see James, Albus, Rose, Hugo, and Lily off." She replied absent mindedly. Elizabeth looked over at the huge group of red heads and grew slightly envious of the amount of affection that every cousin was there. Even Louis and Antoinette had popped in from Egypt.

Nevertheless, Elizabeth inwardly cringed at the mention of James Potter, but just nodded her head in understanding. The older girl was too busy staring at the pin on her purse to notice the other girl's discomfort.

"So you took my position," Lucy joked. Elizabeth smiled back. "That's interesting."

"Interesting?" Elizabeth repeated, "How would it be interesting?" But Lucy was spared an answer, as the whistle blew.

"You better get going. Have a good term." Lucy turned and disappeared into the crowd toward her family.

Elizabeth turned and saw her mother.

"Alright dear, this is it. Be good, not like I need to tell you, but all the same. Don't forget to write." Elizabeth nodded and hugged her mom. "I expect a letter in the next 3 hours."

"The next three hours! Why?" Elizabeth cried out.

"I want to know who my future son – in – law is going to be." Elizabeth stared at her mother, "What?!! Most Head Boys and Head Girls get married." Elizabeth shook her head at her mom's lame attempt to joke.

Elizabeth boarded the train and made her way through the corridors of the Hogwarts Express to find her friends: Alice Longbottom, Katrina Andrews, Charlotte Grey, and Jacqueline Cromwell.

Alice had dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. She had immediately befriended Elizabeth when they were sorted into Gryffindor. Katrina was the resident Slytherin of their group, with chestnut hair that reached mid back, celery green eyes, and creamy skin; she captured the hearts of many. Charlotte Grey was the resident bookworm and Ravenclaw of the group. Elizabeth and her had met in Transfiguration and normally did their patrols together when they had been prefects. Charlotte had long waist length raven hair, and grey eyes, which had been hidden by glasses till their fourth year, when she had lost a bet to Katrina. Last but not least, Jackie, the resident sweetheart and Hufflepuff. She had blonde hair and dark green eyes. Elizabeth on the other hand had red hair and sea blue – green eyes.

As Elizabeth entered the compartment she was bombarded with hugs. Alice was first to comment on her pin though.

"Oh my god, you got it. Congrats." She smiled before she started laughing, soon everyone else joined in, even Jackie. Charlotte was being somewhat more tactful than the rest by laughing silently behind her book, Rooftops of Tehran.

"What's so funny? Elizabeth asked.

"Oh nothing's funny, per say, just quite interesting." Katrina replied mysteriously.

Time passed as the five friends caught up with each other. Alice talked about her summer job with Mrs. Scamandar. Katrina talked about her rendez – vous in Eastern Europe; particularly in Romania and Bulgaria. Jackie had spent time in France with her mother's family. Charlotte talked about her sporadic weekends in Bath, Oxford, Cambridge, and other cities in the English country side.

"Well, we better get going," Charlotte stated. They locked the compartment.

"I don't get left behind this time." Alice giggled. Alice, until this year, hadn't been a prefect, not that she was resentful it was just lonely for a little while; she would normally go and hang out with James, Frank, and Andrew, while their friends Eric and Chris were at prefect meetings, and lock the compartment door.

Elizabeth and the rest of them parted ways, when she reached the Heads Compartment.

"We'll see you in about 15 minutes." Katrina winked and shooed the others away before vanishing down the corridor herself.

Elizabeth took a deep breath and opened the door. The face that greeted her explained what was so interesting to everyone all those hours before.

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