The doors for the Great Hall flew open, letting the ball finally come into view. Rose felt awkward walking in on Lysander's arm, especially since Scorpius would already be in there, this made her nervous. What had she done before? Why hadn't she just been honest and told him that they were going as friends since this morning? Instead she tried to sound mysterious and then practically ran away, that was the last time she saw him. "Should we get our picture taken?" Lysander asked Rose forcing her to look at her date instead of searching the crowd for Scorpius.

"Um, yea." They made their way over to the photo area, but on their way Rose saw something that she was not expecting. Fiona was sitting at a table wearing a pale blue dress, her long blonde hair fell over her slender shoulders. She looked lost. "Three guesses who she's with." Rose mumbled to herself not meaning for anyone to hear.

"What? Who would that be then?" Lysander spoke in her ear, trying to cheer her up.

"Scorpius obviously. He told me he liked her."

"Um, I don't-" Lysander was interrupted but the photographer calling out for them.

Roxanne was not in a good mood, not only had she failed at making Annabelle and Rose hate each other, she was also shunned. The pre-ball in the Transfiguration courtyard had been a bore, to Roxanne's standards. Now she could see Max walking across the hall towards the punch table, she suddenly felt utterly parched. "Alone I guess." Roxanne asked Max who looked surprised and rather shifty as he hid something behind his back. "What is that?"

"Nothing." He threw something under the table and left with two cups in hand. What was that all about? Roxanne peered under the table, only to find an empty bottle of muggle Vodka. I bet that stupid muggle born friend of his gave it to him. Roxanne filled a glass with punch and as she started to sip, she saw him again, but he was not alone. As she craned her neck she could clearly see Max with his arms around Fiona, their eyes locked and that same suspicious look smiled at her. Roxanne felt sick to her stomach. He bought that stupid little mud blood to the BALL?! How could he? She quickly downed her drink just so she could get another one before finding somewhere to sit. This night was turning into a disaster for Roxanne.

Annabelle was having the best night ever. Her knee length colourful dress flew out as Albus spun her around. They had been inseparable since the pre-ball. As soon as they arrived at the ball Albus had asked Annabelle to dance. "Albus I'm thirsty, can we go get a drink?" Annabelle asked lovingly without breaking eye contact.

"Of course." They walked hand in hand over to the drinks. Roxanne was also up getting yet another drink; Annabelle looked at her with the worst glare she could produce and then proceeded to act like she wasn't there.

"Hi Annabelle!" Roxanne slurred her words together. "O-M-G are you two officially BF/GF?" Roxanne was shoving her face right between the two of theirs. Albus and Annabelle shared an awkward glance.

"Um, yes Roxanne, didn't you already know that?" Albus answered slowly.

"Well, I didn't know it was official."

"Albus, can we go dance again?" Annabelle whined, trying to get away from Roxanne at any cost.

"I thought you were thirsty,"

"Not anymore." Annabelle dragged Albus away from the punch bowl and onto the dance floor.

They were happily dancing in a group of Albus' Quidditch friends when the tone of the music changed from modern muggle dance music to a slow romantic waltz. Albus' friends quickly dispersed, probably over to the punch, so Annabelle and Albus were left on their own in the middle of the floor, he pulled her close and they began to dance. At first it was slightly awkward, but soon they were in a world of their own, staring into each other's eyes. It was as if no one else existed, they danced without stopping just holding on to each other and never letting go.

Fiona imagined this night being magical and perfect, but so far it was not so great. Max walked her in, not once commenting on her outfit, and just dumped her on a table for fifteen minutes. Fiona saw Rose, she had always liked her but Rose did not look happy to see Fiona. A little while after that she saw Roxanne, just as Max finally returned, Roxanne looked furious as Max grabbed Fiona around the waist and started kissing her neck, making her feel very uncomfortable in the process. She hadn't even seen Annabelle yet, and that was half the point of coming, to see her big sister at the ball. This night was not turning out that wonderful; she was starting to contemplate whether she should have come at all. "It's quite stuffy in here. Let's go outside."Max whispered seductively in her ear. He then proceeded to lead her out into the harsh night breeze without even waiting for her reply.

Rose felt awkward dancing with Lysander, his hands felt uncomfortable around her waist. After the song finished, they walked back to the table they shared with their friends. Roxanne was sitting at the table, acting kind of odd, talking with Jethro. "I'm going to get a drink, OK." Rose spoke up.

"Oh, do you want me to come with you?" Lysander was acting like the perfect gentleman.

"No, I'm OK, I'm going to go say hi to some people afterwards, anyway." Rose quickly left before Lysander could protest. Rose was almost at the punch bowl when someone stepped in her way, blocking her path.

"Can we talk?" Scorpius looked down at Rose who started to look annoyed.

"No thanks. I'm going to get a drink."

"Oh, wouldn't drink that punch if I were you." Scorpius was started to get distracted. "Anyway, Please Rose come and talk to me."

"No. Why would I go anywhere with you?" Rose was holding her ground.

"Come on Rose, I really need to talk to you."

"There is no way you can make me."

"Oh really?" A smirk started to spread across Scorpius' face. "Well, this is what I want for winning the bet. You have to come outside and talk to me."

"You cannot be serious!"


"Fine let's get this over and done with." Rose reluctantly followed Scorpius outside.

Roxanne was not feeling herself. She felt dizzy and a little bit queasy. So far she has had a run in with Annabelle and Albus and tried to hit on Professor Longbottom. Now she was sitting at the table with Jethro keeping a watchful eye on her. She did not dare to dance, she could picture herself now, one spin and everyone would see her lunch. "Wha's the tiiime?" Roxanne turned to Jethro.

"It is about eleven o'clock."

"I think imma gonna go to bed now."

"Really, but it's quite early."

"Well, I don' really wanna stay here an' watch Max with 'is new girlfriend."

"OK, well I'll walk you back to Ravenclaw, I don't trust you to get there all by yourself."

"Oh kay kay kay." Roxanne attempted to stand up but immediately fell over. Jethro held her arm, to keep her up right and led her out of the grand hall.

Max had led Fiona out and away from the ball, eventually they stopped in an unknown courtyard. "So having a goodnight?" Max whispered to Fiona seductively while pushing her towards a wall.

"Um... yea... it's been good... thanks-" Max shut her up with a kiss hard on the lips. "Shouldn't we get back to the ball?" Fiona gasped when she was able to breathe.

"Na... no point." Another kiss. "It's almost finished, and I thought we could have our own after ball." Max pushed her closer to the corner.

"Well, I really want to see Annabelle."

"You can always see her tomorrow." Fiona was now backed into a corner, with no way to get out. Max lifted her up the wall and continued to kiss her neck.

"Max! I don't want to do this."

"Come on. You owe me something. How many fourth years do you know that were going to the ball. Just relax."

"NO MAX! GET OFF ME!" Max slid his hands up her dress towards her underwear. "STOP MAX! HELP!"

"So what do you want Scorpius?" Rose had waited until they could no longer hear the noise from the ball to question him.

"I just want to talk to you. I want to know why you have been having so many mood swings lately, and most of all... why you won't talk to me and keep avoiding me." Scorpius sounded serious. They continued walking while Rose thought about what there was that she could say.

"Do you want the truth?" They stopped walking and turned towards each other.

"Yes, more than anything."

Rose took a deep breath and explained to Scorpius how she felt when he asked her about Fiona. "So I just don't want to think that there could be something going on with us, when obviously there isn't. I'm just putting myself in bad situations with you, and I know I will just get my heart broken. So I've been trying to avoid any situation that could potentially harm me. AND not to mention you bought Fiona to the ball." Rose took another deep breath, finally able to relax again.

Scorpius started to laugh. Rose was now really confused. "Are you serious?!" Scorpius spoke through fits of laughter.

"What is so funny?" she scowled.

"Did you just say that there would never be any chance with us, even though you like me?"

"Yes, and I don't see the punch line in that."

"Oh, I'm sorry, it's just you are so daft!"

"That is it. I am not going to stand here, taking your abuse. I just let my heart out and you laugh in my face." Rose turned and started a quick stride to get away from him.

Scorpius stretched out an arm to stop her. "Wait Rose. It's not what I mean. Please let me explain."

"Fine." Rose crossed her arms and stared at him.

"Well, the only reason I asked you about Fiona was because I thought that YOU would never like ME." Rose uncrossed her arms. "And, did you say that I bought Fiona here?" Rose nodded, lost for words. "Well, I didn't, if the gossip I heard was correct, Max invited her."

"OK, so in summary we have both just been complete and utter twats?"

"I think so. But now what are we going to do?" Rose shrugged her shoulders, a hint of a smile could now be found on her lips. "I think I have an idea." He whispered seductively, towards Rose. There face's where only an inch apart.

"STOP MAX! HELP!" They froze, and immediately ran in the direction of the screams. Rose paused momentarily to remove her high heels, abandoning them in the dark. Rose was faster than Scorpius and got to the courtyard first. The scene that she found was one she would never forget. Max had Fiona pushed up against the corner, unable to get free. His large cold hand was now covering her mouth preventing her from screaming, his other hand was between her legs. The look of on Fiona's face was one of absolute terror.

Without thinking Rose pulled out her wand and pointed it straight at Max. A flash of green light burst out of the wand, pushing Max out of the way. Rose ran towards Fiona, threw her arms around her in comfort. "Are you OK?" Fiona only buried her head into Rose.

The sound of Max throwing up could now be heard. "You... bitch" Max could not continue talking as he felt a large group of slugs climbing up his throat.

Scorpius now arrived to see Max throwing up Slugs, and Rose, with her wand on the ground next to her, comforting a distraught Fiona. "What the hell happened here? Are you two OK? What happened to Max?"

Rose replied, "I'm fine, I'm not too sure about Fiona though. Um, I just used a curse my dad told me about, it was the first thing I could think of, he should be throwing up slugs for a few hours."


"Scorpius, I need you to do something."


"I need you to run back to the ball and find Annabelle and Professor McGonagall. I need you to show them here, but try not to let anyone else follow you, Fiona does not need a group of teenagers staring at her at a moment like this." Without another word Scorpius was gone.

Rose was sitting with a crying Fiona, when Scorpius finally came into view again, McGonagall, Annabelle and Albus following soon after.

"FIONA!" Annabelle shot past both Albus and Scorpius, bare foot, and ran straight to Fiona, taking Rose's place around her. There was no need for explanation, everyone knew what had happened.

A gasping McGonagall finally reached the scene. "Malfoy can you please escort Finnegan to the hospital ward."

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