Chapter 2: Comatose

"I'll never wake up without an overdose of you." – Comatose by Skillet

This simply could not be happening.

Gio stared helplessly through the one of the hospitals waiting room windows. Down on the ground below, he saw many people of all ages entering and exiting the main entrance to the hospital.

Some of them are far too young to be here. He thought as he saw a frail looking young boy who couldn't be more than eight years old be carried into the hospital by presumably his father. The boy was coughing and spluttering and a woman, presumably his mother by the look in her eyes, was trying to comfort him.

Life is unfair.

That was all he kept coming back to in the end.

But even realising that, didn't help to settle his raging heart and swirling mind. Gio couldn't focus on anything, ever since…the incident, he couldn't bring himself to think about what had truly transpired, as it hurt too much. Ever since it happened it was like his body was on autopilot while is brain had just vacated the building as it were.

Just keep taking deep steady breaths…in 2,3,4, and out 2,3,4. No matter how hard he tried he simply couldn't get the image of the battered and bruised Betty out of his head. Yet somehow even that bloody state she still looked beautiful to him. What a depressing image that is. It's probably going to haunt me for the rest of my life. Especially if… NO! SHE IS GOING TO PULL THROUGH THIS! Even if I have to move heaven and earth to insure it. Oh who was he kidding? He couldn't do anything to help her and that hurt the most, just standing in this god forsaking waiting room!

Snapping him out of his thoughts was the sound of Hilda and Justin entering through the ICU doors. "Papi come on, let's just wait in here while the doctors do their jobs." Hilda shouted down the consealed corridor behind the double doors.

"Do you think Aunt Betty will be alright?" Justin asked as he strolled into the waiting room, neither of them had noticed Gio's presence.

"She's stubborn and a fighter, she'll be back to her usual self in no time." Hilda reassured him by following him and twirling him round to face her and gave him a warm embrace then placed her hands on either side of his face and kissed his forehead gently before slipping some cash into his hands. "Go get us some drinks, ok?"

"Sure." He replied sullenly as he walked off with a slightly hunched over, so unlike his usual bouncy self.

After watching Justin walk round the corner, Gio made his way over to Hilda who had seated herself on one of the grey plastic chairs they had lined up against the walls.

"Hey Hilda" He paused as she turned her head and sighed upon seeing him and gave a nod allowing him to continue. "I'm sorry."

She swiftly stood up and placed her hands on his shoulders and shook him slightly. "Gio this isn't your fault! The only one who can be blamed for this is the guy who ran over my sister! Too bad he was high on crack and crashed into a tree, good thing he died or he would've had to have answered to me!" By the end of her little speech she was practically screeching at the top of her lungs.

"I still should've done something. It should be me in there, not her."

"As I understand it, there's no way you could've got to her in time and if it wasn't for Betty then Antonella would've been in there." Hilda Paused taking in Gio's painful expression and realised it mirrored her own.

"I know that." He emphasised the words as if she'd just called him an idiot. "And the medics said that if Betty hadn't pushed Antonella out of the way then she would have been dead instantly. I can't ever repay Betty for this but I can't get over it either."

Hilda sighed in defeat knowing that she could never change Gio's mind. The only one capable of doing that was Betty and she wasn't exactly available.

"How's Antonella doing?" She asked quietly.

"She's fine, I didn't want to leave her but when Mum arrived, she practically ordered me to see Betty - "

"How dare you?!" Gio was interrupted as Ignacio's voice boomed as he swung through the same ICU doors that Hilda and Justin used a few moments ago. He marched straight up towards Gio and glared at him; if looks could kill then Gio would've been dead a thousand times over.

"Papi!" Hilda tried to calm him down by putting a hand on his arm to squeeze but he just shrugged her off.

"How can you just sit in here and pretend that my little girl isn't fighting for her life right now?!" That's when all the tears broke out from the Suarez family.

"Papi it's not his fault! Betty saved his little sister!" Hilda shouted wildly at him as her tears filled her eyes, blurring her vision and making her cheeks all puffy and red as they flowed down her pretty face like a river of sorrow.

Ignacio gasped and exhaled like he was hyperventilating. "I know…" He cried out and he embraced his eldest daughter and held onto her tightly. "I'm sorry for my words, she's… she's in a coma, but you can see her… if you'd like…"

Tears threatened to burst from his eyes but Gio was able to force them back for the time being as he simply nodded towards Ignacio and went through the dreaded ICU doors. He asked for directions to Betty's room and he could feel his heart trembling and his hands shaking in the terrifying anticipation of seeing her again.

When he reached her room, what he saw through her window broke the pieces of his heart even further.

Betty was deathly pale and lifelessly still, if it wasn't for the machine that ensured she breathed then she could've been mistaken for a statue. She appeared so fragile and vulnerable.

How much pain and suffering can one heart take?

Unfortunately his heart had already taken too much.

It wouldn't be long before he broke down.

If that happened, he wasn't sure if he'd ever bring himself together again.

A doctor that was just finishing up her chart walked out of her room and gave Gio a sympathetic smile.

"H-how is she?" His voice cracked and he wasn't sure how much longer he could hold of the tears.

The doctor could clearly see that Gio was distressed beyond his limits and was hesitant to inform him of the extent of her injuries.

"Please…" Gio pleaded as he forced his eyes away from the woman he loved more than life itself and looked directly into the experienced doctors eyes.

"She has six broken ribs, one which almost punctured a lung and her head got knocked around quite a bit. We're unsure of the damage it's inflicted on her brain, but it's unlikely that she'll awaken from her comatose state and even if she did and I must stress the if, she won't be the same Betty again." Upon seeing that his words had pushed Gio too far, the middle-aged doctor patted his arm and went to see his other patients.

Unlikely to awaken from her comatose state.

Won't be the same Betty again.

Won't be the same Betty again.

Won't be the same Betty again.

Won't be the same Betty again.

Won't be the same Betty again…

Those words kept swirling around inside his head as Gio lost to the real world around him, unconsciously brought his left hand to wipe away the tears that he didn't even know had started and stared at Betty, and placed his right hand on the cool surface of the window and let out his shaky breath as he tried futilely to bring himself back into self control.

"Betty you can't do this to me! You can't leave me here all alone! I need you Betty Suarez to pull through this! Without you I-I'm – Without you Betty I'm nothing!" He cried harder and his whole body began to shake with uncontrollable trembling.

"Betty I-I can't imagine a world without you in it anymore… I need you… more than humanly possible… more than you know…"

A/N: I hoped you enjoyed it; please let me know what you think of it. The quotes are from songs that I use as inspiration for the story and each chapter is based on that one song. So I play it repeat until I've finished the chapter. Just a suggestion but you may like to try and listen to the songs on youtube just so that you can get the atmosphere. Plus the title for this came from All That I'm Living For by Evanescence and Apology by Alesana used in chapter 1 go for the acoustic version.