A/N: Well, there is more to be written on the Harry Potter fic, and I have actually written it, I'm just in too lethargic a mood to write 10,000 or so words onto my computer. So, I was sitting here, googling the New Moon movie, and this literally struck me like, I don't know, a really good right hook. It explains very much my absolutely ridiculous feelings for Emmett Cullen, who is pretty much my embodiment of perfection. If i could be, I would be this story's protagonist. Unfortunately, I'm not. I just wish. Just to let you know, Rosalie Hale does not exist in this story, I always begrudge her very existence, but in MY story, she has never been there, and she never will. Hehe, Emmett is all mine now. Also, this is sort of a taster chapter I suppose, I may continue it just in my head, for my own pleasure, or, if enough people like, I'll write some more. So let me know, please?

Disclaimer: If Emmett were mine, I would not be sitting here writing this, most definitely.

Whoa. That was my first thought. My second thought was, dropping knives on your toes can sometimes be a good thing.

"So, Miss Taylor, it was a paring knife you dropped on your foot, am I correct?" Dr. Cullen, without a doubt the yummiest physician in the world, asked me.

"Uh, I think, perhaps, yeah, maybe, hmm." Not the most eloquent sentence that I'd ever muttered, I must admit, but if you'd been there, you'd understand.

Dr. Cullen smiled at me kindly, and touched my foot gently. It bloody hurt.

"Ouch" I winced, and the 'I'm a brave person facade' I'd been putting on melted.

"You'll need stitches, and to keep the weight off your foot for a little while, I'm afraid. May I enquire as to how your toes almost came to be severed by a knife?"

Embarrassing story alert. "Uh, well, I was using it, and then the radio made me jump, and the knife landed blade down, on my foot."

Yes, the radio made me jump, that was it. Absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I'd just received a text from Alex Phillips, asking if I wanted to go out for coffee sometime, and jumped up and down squealing like a hysterical teenager. Nothing at all.

Dr. Cullen smiled again (Alex who? Why the hell would I ever want to look at another male face ever again when this guy was my doctor?) and I blushed.

The curtain around my cubicle was pulled back quite abruptly and my heart near enough stopped. Actually, yes, my heart stopped for at least three whole seconds. I scratch the preceding statement about never wanting to see another male face ever again. Dr. Cullen was angelic, no doubt about it, but, he, he, words just couldn't describe.

The dark haired boy's face screwed up, as if in physical pain. I thought maybe he was just squeamish, didn't like the sight of blood, and when he looked into my eyes all the blood in my body rushed to my face, and the pained expression was heightened.


So that was the boy's name. Emmett. It fitted him perfectly. I wished Dr. Cullen would go and tend to some other poor person's needs and leave me with Emmett. Or, on second thoughts, I wished that the world would just end now, whilst I was living this perfect bliss.

"Emmett?" Dr. Cullen repeated. "Did you want something?"

"Er, yeah, Carlisle, I was just...never mind." Emmett's voice had the same American accent that Carlisle's did. I imagined them to be brothers.

"Miss Taylor, I'll be back in a little while to check up on that foot. You just stay put, you'll be out of here in no time"

"Okay, doctor." Pathetically shaky voice, but who could blame me when the two most beautiful people on the entire planet, in the entire universe, were standing at the end of my hospital bed.

"Emmett, come along, Miss Taylor doesn't need a bodyguard" Dr. Cullen said, since he'd turned to leave, but Emmett had stayed stock still.

"What's Miss Taylor's name?" Emmett asked, his low voice sending actual shivers down my spine. It was almost a growl practically. Whatever it was, it was sexy as hell.


I think I'd actually forgotten how to speak, because he was speaking to me.

Dr. Cullen gestured towards the board above my bed, the one with my name on. "It's Katherine, isn't it Miss Taylor?"

A gurgling sort of noise was emitted from my throat, my attempt to tell these beautiful people that nobody but my grandmother called me Katherine, it was Kate.

My breathing became laboured again as I realised that Emmett was having just as hard a time dragging his eyes away from me, as I was from him. I couldn't see why. Inexplicably beautiful person vs. Ordinary, sort of plain looking English girl. No competition.

It actually hurt when he turned away, to follow Dr. Cullen, and the pain compelled me to speak.


The random disembodied word was enough to make him turn back around.

"Sorry?" he asked, "What did you say?"

He was talking directly again to me, and it was too much for me. So much that the disembodied comment stayed that way.

"Oh." His eyes lit up as he made the connection. "Not Katherine, Kate, right?"

I nodded, and it seemed to take up all the energy that I had in my body, despite the fact that all that hurt was my foot.

"See you around, Kate"

I hoped, really hoped that he meant that. In fact, I hoped so much that I was pretty much willing to drop another knife on my other foot in order to stay in this place a little bit longer.


A different voice, not Emmett's. Smoother, softer. Attractive, just not as attractive.

"What's up, Edward?"

What the hell? Where were all these stunning people materialising from? The newcomer, this Edward, ignored Emmett's question, and smiled at me, "Believe me, I wouldn't. At least, no more knives. No more blood. I'd try a compound fracture, that'll keep you in here for a while"

"I don't know what you're talking about?" I huffed, irritated by the fact that Emmett's attention had now turned to this bronze haired beauty, and away from me. And also because it must have been so obvious in my face what I wanted to do. Edward smiled knowingly, and took Emmett by the arm.

"Goodbye, Kate" Edward said, and I really, truly wanted to rip his heart from his chest for taking Emmett away from me.

I lay back a little, and blocked out all the sounds that I could, in order to try and hear the ensuing conversation between Emmett and Edward. But, try as I might, and even with my fairly good hearing, the only word I caught was my name.

I'd been 'in love' before. There was Liam Carter, when I was in nursery school, and probably a new one every year, up to Alex Phillips. But this wasn't love. This was Fate, Destiny, Unavoidable, all those big words that need capitalizing and aren't down to human choice, but some gravity in the universe, that is beyond control.