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"Daddy!" my daughter screamed at my face, "I'm already thirteen!"

"Yeah, physically you are. But you're still a little toddler," I stopped myself. "I mean a little kid, thirteen is still a child, you know!" I groaned softly into my hand. What was wrong with me these days? I can never phrase anything properly.

Here comes the shrieking. I braced myself for another one of Nessie's temper tantrums, which is something she's been having quite frequently. Hormonal? Maybe.

"Toddler?" she whispered, at the point of tears. "Do I act like a toddler? A god damn four year old?"

"No, honey," I leaned forward to embrace her but I felt a something feather-light hit my stomach. Did I just get punched by my daughter? Wonderful.

"Let me have a minute alone, Dad!" she shouted between her dry sobs. Or wet sobs, if you want to call it that.

"What is wrong with me…?" I moaned at the wall.

"Oh, many things, my brother," Emmett mocked.

"I thought you and Rose were on another honeymoon?" I questioned suspiciously.

The last time Em came home early was when Rosalie got pissed and kicked him out of their suite in Barcelona. He was kind of missing a chunk or two from his body. He also wanted me to run back to their home and "get her back."

At first, he kindly asked. Then he kind of started begging, and then I was on a flight to Spain. I came home with a torn up shirt and an angry Rose tied up in my arms. I sighed.

"We decided to come back early. She wanted to be with your adorable, loving daughter every minute until she's completely stopped growing." He grimaced.

I'm missing way too much bedtime with my Rose!

"Too much information, Emmett."

"Turn off your brain-overload, know-it-all. I know you can."

I just scowled and naively stuck my tongue at him.

"Aw… baby brother's pissed… But seriously, Edward, what's the problem?"

"I am unable to please my daughter. Ever." I groaned again. Where was Bella when I needed her?

"Or maybe it's the other way around. What happened?" he honestly seemed concerned. I never thought I'd ever talk about my personal stuff with Emmett. What kind of world is this now?

"Don't interrupt," I warned. He used his hand and swiped it over his lips before he threw the imaginary key behind his shoulder. I couldn't help but chuckle.

"So Renesmee was complaining again how she couldn't go to school. But she didn't want to go to study and all that. I know most teens don't like to study and do homework, but most thirteen year old girls don't change their school just to spend an extra seven hours with some boy either, right? Especially if the boy is forever sixteen!" Emmett nodded just to make me feel better.

He should just exchange his body for a forty year old… Oh, whoops. Sorry, Ed. Continue. He gestured with a clown smile on his face. I tried to stifle my laugh and half-succeeded.

"Okay, maybe they do. But most of them can't, because their parents won't let them. Responsible parents would never do that. Yes, I also know that Ness is growing really quickly, both mentally and physically. But I was born over-protective!

"And lately I can say anything right. I said that she was mentally a toddler, and that her mind isn't as well progressed at her body, which is absolutely absurd. It's exactly the opposite and I know that.

"Then I tried to comfort her with a hug and she probably broke a couple fingers by punching me in the gut. Then she ran off back to the cottage and she's probably telling Bella how much of a jerk I was. Okay, end of story."

"That was the same problem as yesterday. And last week," Emmett said slowly after my speech that only vampire ears could comprehend.

"I know!" I exclaimed.

"First, you should send Carlisle to your place to check on Nessie's hand. Secondly—I can't believe I just used that word in conversation—, you need to talk to Carlisle on how to deal with Ness," he said seriously. Since when was Emmett Dale Cullen serious?

I read his mind and a very disturbing picture showed up.

"NO," I boomed. I could possibly kill him by just thinking that. Too bad he was my brother.

"Hey, it was just a suggestion. Usually works on most teens… including you, Jasper and me. Well, you're the only one that's actually adolescent." He mock punched me.

"Which actually makes it less embarrassing," I retorted.

"Go talk to Carlisle. I'm sure he can help."

"This will be the last time I take advice from you, Emmett. Even if this doesn't end with my daughter running away and eloping with wolf boy tomorrow. If it does happen, I won't be there to mourn your dead pile of ashes," I told him calmly.

"Whatever, little brother. Listen, if Rose asks about a torn up bed frame, just run away, okay?"

I shook my head. "Immaturity has taken over," I whispered.

"Well I'm not the one with a hormonal teenaged girl on my hands," he retorted, proud of himself for saying something so clever.

"Just go," I shoved him out the door. He surrendered his hands half-heartedly and chuckled.

"Good luck," Em said before he sprinted towards the forest.

"Thanks. I need it," I whispered to myself in the empty hallway. Solace. Escape. Responsibility. "Why is life so hard," I groaned again and pulled out my phone to call Carlisle.