Jacob's POV

In two days' time, I'm going to move to Vancouver. As in Vancouver, Canada. From all the rumours I've heard, that place is a boring hellhole. I would be separated from my pack, and Paul would blow up into that giant puff of angry fur every minute and he'd never be able to regain humanity. Sam would take over and never let me have my place back. I'd be second again. My world would tumble down. Dad would reject me for being such a disgrace. And I'd have to run with vampires the rest of my life and look at Edward and Bella make out all day and hear them doing the nasty every night.

Nessie, who sat weightless on my shoulders, slapped my head. "What are you thinking about," she said. I pretended like I didn't hear her. One thing I've learned in my few years of life, was to never let your girlfriend feel neglected, especially when her father is a boring prick that's as strict as a schoolteacher from 1910.

So I just shook my head. "Just need to find my pack. Mind holding my clothes for me when I shift?" I joked.

"Sure. Just let me off your back," she responded cool-headedly.

I gave her a look and furrowed my eyebrows. "I was kidding, you know."

She said with a straight-faced, "I wasn't. We'll find Quil and them much faster if you shift. You run like a snail."

I run like a snail? "Okay, if this is your magical plan to seduce me in a forest while I'm about to inform my ruthless pack that I'll be leaving, please stop. We said we'd wait." I sighed. I did agree that we would wait. It wasn't really my choice. Edward blackmailed me into agreeing. Now that I think about it, I'd rather have him tell Nessie that dressed up as a girl and tried to pick up men at a gay bar last year. Emmett's idea. Enough said.

"I know you don't want to wait, Jake. It's just my Dad that's getting in the way…" she whispered. No shit, Sherlock.

Restraining myself, I said, "Not now, not today. Most of all, not here. I've had enough of the forest."

"Just shift, Jacob," Nessie said ignorantly.

I rolled my eyes and stopped to let her off my back. "Don't look or anything, Ness. Spare your eyes from eternal blindness."

"How old are you? Twelve?" she scoffed, "I'll be behind that tree, Mr. Modest." I noticed how her form-fitting t-shirt hugged her curves and her grey wool tights shaped her perfectly.

I stripped down and left my clothes in a pile. Ness walked back with re-applied lip gloss and took my clothes and stuffed them in her bag. I nuzzled her and flung her onto my back with my paw. Her giggles brought a smile to my lips. I didn't know how she could stand the smell of us wolves, especially with such powerful sense of smell.

This is why I love this girl.

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