A/N: okay this is just my boredom kicking in while I wait for a few parts in my other story, I kind of got the idea from 'The Past of Isabella: The ImmortalChild' and a few other stories but yeah I'm going to get the disclaimer out of the way now so I don't have to repeat. But tell me what you think of the summary.

Disclaimer: I obviously don't own anything twilight related or some of the plot line in my story. They obviously belong to those who inspired me to write this. Thank you silverwings1986 and ... :)

But here is the summary.

Ever wondered how Didyme really died? Or the reason why she died? This is the story of Marcus and his daughter Isabella Marie Swan Volturi; she is the last immortal child.

Isabella is 8 years old with remarkable self control with unbelievable powers of life and death. She has the power of elements anything that is made naturally, her one dominant power is fire but the other is of life, to be able to turn you human or seem human as long as she wishes you to be, that includes having children. But when she's human her original toffee scent is changed to the strawberry and freesias.

But as she grows older with age in years she wants to be human her self but only start realising her desires after meeting one of the first Cullen. Carlisle.

Many years past and she finally lets her age till 17 then moves to forks with the thought she would be the only vampire in the area, boy was she wrong when she falls in love with the bronze haired god and sees her friend from many years ago who inspired her onto the 'vegetarian' diet.

Tell me if you want me to continue or not :) or if you like it and if you have any suggestions feel free to throw them at me.