Summary: Nathan is dating Brooke, while his best friend Haley pines away for him, waiting for the chance to realize that she's the girl for him. Haley enlists the help of Nathan's step brother Lucas to make Nathan jealous, but will the plan work?

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Rating: T

Pairings: Naley, Brathan and Laley

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He's Everything You Want

Chapter 1 - We've Only Just Begun

Haley's POV

Nathan Scott, 6'2, dark brown hair, blue eyes, star shooting guard for the Tree Hill Ravens, and dating the most beautiful girl in school... who in case you were wondering, isn't me. I'm just his best friend who just happens to be head over heels in love with him and he is completely clueless.

I know what you're thinking... how Dawson's Creek of me to fall in love with my best friend right? I mean it's bad enough that he's my best friend, but he's also the most popular guy at school, while there's me, Haley James... book worm. I know what you're thinking, no chance right? Believe me... you don't have to tell me.

It's been three years of me pining away for Nathan and I still have yet to tell him how I really feel. So until that time comes where I can put my heart on the line... my role is limited to one of the best friend.

Nathan and I had been best friends since we were five, and we've lived beside each other since we were three. We were pretty much attached at the hips all throughout middle school, and then once we hit high school, he started playing basketball. While he became Mr. Popular, I became "that girl who always hangs around him." It could've been worse, I mean at least he stayed friends with me despite what everyone else said. It was just hard to see him date these popular cheerleaders all the time...

"Are you going to get in the car any time today Hales? We're going to be late for school..."

I had completely dazed out on my front curb as Nathan had backed out of his drive way and had pulled in front of me. God I have to stop day dreaming of him and his eyes, and body and... well just him in general.

"Sorry Nathan, just dazed off a bit there. You know me in the mornings..." I said while getting into the car as Nathan smirked at me before driving off to school.

"So you're coming to my game tonight right?" Nathan asked while stopping at a stoplight that was red.

"Of course, you know I never miss a game." Of course I'm going to be there, it's Nathan... all sweaty and in a basketball uniform. Is there anything better than that?

"Good." Nathan turned to me and smiled.

Oh god, I loved that smile.

We arrived at school shortly after, and was instantly greeted by fellow jocks and cheerleaders. Well Nathan was, while I just stood there looking like an idiot.

"Hey boyfriend!" a beautiful brunette ran up to Nathan and gave me a kiss and looped her arm around his.

Brooke Davis, head cheerleader, pretty, perky, all stereotypical things for someone who is easy. She and Nathan had been dating for about three months now, which is by far the longest Nathan's ever dated one of "them". She didn't really take a liking to me, being a girl and Nathan's best friend, but she put up with me, at least when he was around.

"Hey pretty girl. Man, I do love game day, not only do we get to beat Bearcheek's asses tonight, I get to see my girl parade around all day in her sexy cheerleading uniform."

"And all night if you're lucky..." Brooke giggled as she pulled her boyfriend in for a long kiss.

See, super easy. I don't make this stuff up.

"Well I'm going to go so you two can have your privacy as you're... making out."

"Wait, Hales!" Nathan yelled, pulling away from Brooke as he saw me leaving. "I'm sorry, I'm still going to see you at lunch right?" He asked sincerely, smiling apologetically like he had just killed my pet fish or something.

"Sure Nate, I'll see you later." I smiled and nodded, gesturing him back to Brooke before I turned around and began walking towards my lockers.

Like I could say no to that smile... man, I'm so pathetic.


Lunchtime approached unbelievably slowly that day, but nonetheless I found myself at my lockers putting away my books after second period. I heard a high pitched laughter to look over just in time to see Brooke pulling Nathan frantically into the girl's washroom, lips attached to his, and his hands all over her body.

"You really need to tell him already." I heard someone whisper behind me.

"Huh?" I turned around to see a tallish boy with dirty blonde hair standing behind me.

"Nathan..." The boy pointed over to where Nathan had just passed with Brooke. "You like him don't you?"

"W-w-what? No..." I scoffed, being a little less than subtle stuttering as I could only look down and blush.

"That bad huh?" The boy laughed as he leaned up against the locker in front of me.

I sighed loudly, dropping my shoulders as I looked expectantly at the boy. "Is it really that obvious...?"

He laughed and patted my shoulders lightly. "Only to everyone but Nathan... I'm Lucas." He said, throwing his hand out for me to shake.


"Haley, I know." He cut me off nodding. "Falling for your best friend, that's harsh."

"Especially when he's the most popular guy at school, yeah, I know..."

"Well at least he isn't your step brother, then you'd really be shit out of luck."

"Wait, you're Lucas Scott? Dan's other son?"

"The one and only..." He joked, taking a bow in front of me and smiling. "Nathan would probably flip if he saw me talking to you."

"Well good thing he's too busy with Brooke right now to notice." I pointed back to the washroom before turning and smiling at the blonde standing there smiling back at me. "So that means I'm free for lunch, want to join?"

"Sure, how can I turn down a chance for Nathan to get even more pissed at me?" Lucas sarcastically commented, as I closed my locker and we walked to the quad. "Hey, we may be even to have a little fun with this..."

"Uh...what do you exactly mean be fun?" I asked curiously as Lucas led us to a table with a single girl at it.

"I mean I'm probably the last person he wants to see you with... so I get the satisfaction of seeing him fume while you get the satisfaction of seeing how jealous he gets." He explained sitting down and gesturing that I did too. "This is Peyton by the way. Peyton this is--"

"Haley James. It's an honour having the star basketball player's best friend eat lunch with us 'off beats'." The blonde stared up from her sketchbook to return to it a second later.

"How does everyone know my name...? It's not like I'm exactly popular." I asked, throwing my hands in the air out of confusion as the blonde girl looked me up again and rolled her eyes.

"It comes with the territory..." Peyton said in a monotone voice as she looked back down at her sketchpad and continued drawing.

"So what do you say, Haley James, want to see how jealous we can make Nathan?" Lucas raised his eyebrows up and down as he bit into an apple and grinned.

"What the hell...sure, why not."

"Good, cause here he comes with Brooke." Lucas whispered, scooting closer and throwing his arm around my shoulders quickly. Brooke and Nathan walked by us without saying a word to me as I kept my head down or towards Lucas, who was whispering nothingness in my ear.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?" I heard Nathan's voice behind me, turning my head to see him right behind me facing Lucas, holding his arm that was a second ago around my shoulder.

"Uh, I'm eating lunch." Lucas responded, standing up and throwing his arm back, releasing it from Nathan's grip. "Last time I checked, I was allowed to have lunch with whoever I wanted."

"Not Haley, you don't."

"I'm pretty sure she's not your property and she can do what she wants, isn't that right, Haley?" Lucas asked me, holding out his hand to help me stand up from the table.

Peyton remained sitting there, sketching away and not paying attention to what was happening in front of her. It was like she was in her own world when she was drawing.

"I'm fine, Nathan. I choose to sit here because the person who was supposed to eat with me, didn't show up."

"Hales..." He sighed and gave me his puppy dog eyes.

Oh god, not the eyes.

I grabbed quickly onto Lucas' arm and gave Nathan a look telling him 'no'.

"Nate, let's just go... people are starting to stare and we are over at the dysfunctional tables." Brooke pleaded, looping her arm around Nathan's and grabbing onto his bicep, nudging him away from me and Lucas.

"You better go, the jocks and cheerleaders await." Lucas laughed, shooing them away and pointing over at the popular tables.

"I'll see you at my game after school then, Hales?" Nathan asked, smiling at me and ignoring that I still had my hand on Lucas' arm.

"Yup, both of us." I replied, looking at Lucas who played along and smiled at me.

"You can't be serious?" He scoffed as Brooke dragged him back to the popular tables.

"Oh, we've only just begun." Lucas whispered in my ear.


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