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The Chance

The impala's radio was turned down, the rock song it emitted near its end. The two occupants of the car sat quietly, each lost in their own thoughts about the 'job' they had recently finished. Although 'job' didn't really cut it, Sam thought angrily. Once again he had been dragged into this whole hunting business that he had sworn he would never be involved in, all because his dad was missing. Dad… the last time Sam had seen the man, he had shouted at Sam, telling him not to bother returning. All the frustration these thoughts brought vanished when Sam turned his thoughts to Jessica. Beautiful Jessica… how he longed to see her alive and smiling one last time. I'm so sorry for not telling you about all this, he though miserably. Suddenly, a pair of fingers snapped in front of his face.

"Sam." Sam jerked to attention, his grip on the wheel tightening.
"What?" he asked quickly, eyes darting around, checking whether he had missed something. Dean looked at him.
"Dude, if you're driving my car, you can't zone out. I swear; if something happens to her, you're paying. And then we're going to live in a circus. Forever." Sam let out a quick breathe.
"Haha, very funny Dean. I was paying attention."
"No, you weren't. You were totally zoned out; if I hadn't snapped you out of it, you would have crashed into that tree."
"What tree?"
"Exactly my point." Sam rolled his eyes at this statement and continued driving, although his eyes slid back to check on Dean. Dean was currently slumped in his seat, his hand resting against his side. Every so often, he would shift uncomfortably, face twitching.
"Dean, are you alright?" Sam asked him. Dean brushed aside the comment, and continued staring out the window. A heavy silence filled the car again, the only sound coming from the radio.

"That family. Haley, Ben and their brother. They're… they're alive." Dean said suddenly.
Sam raised an eyebrow at this statement.
"Yeah, we saved them," he said slowly. Dean looked at him.
"That's my point. We saved them." Dean took a deep breathe before continuing, his sentences somewhat stunted, as if he couldn't quite decide what to say.
"We… mum, the night she died, I just… sometimes I wish that someone had been there that night, to save her. Someone like…us. Someone who could scare away the monster, and make everything better. But there was no one."
Sam's eyes filled with tears despite himself. Damn emotions, he thought. His emotions had been quite uncontrollable these past few weeks, ever since Jess… ever since the fire. He turned his attention back to Dean, who was still struggling.
"I guess that's how I get through all this. And maybe how dad does, too. It's by knowing that we can help people. By knowing that their fate can be different from ours, that they're family doesn't have to be ripped apart like ours was. We have the chance to change things. And it's a chance I'm not going to pass up on."

And Sam finally understood what Dean was saying. He gave his older brother a small smile, telling his that he appreciated Dean's words. Dean, now looking quite satisfied, returned his gaze to outside the window. Once again, a silence fell in the car, but it was a comfortable silence. Dean suddenly gave an exclamation, his hand reaching into his pocket.
"Food! Man, I'm starving," he said grinning, hand scrambling around his pocket. Eventually, he pulled out his bag on m&m's. His grin suddenly disappeared as he turned, crestfallen, to Sam, his eyes wide and slightly accusing.

"Who ate all my m&m's?"