April 25



Oh Goddamn it. Stop that stupid alarm, please. Someone is trying to sleep. I felt so exhausted. I just wanted to stay here, in this soft bed, in these great sheets, listening to the birds outside. Oh my God, I'd never slept this good in my room. Maybe Alice or Rose had changed my sheets or my bed, because it was great.


The alarm clock rang again. Argh! I covered my face with the pillow, trying to fall asleep again. I stood there for five seconds. Then suddenly, it stopped and I sighed relieved, closing my eyes.

I heard a gasp behind me and I froze, the pillow almost letting me without air. I jerked my head outside and as slowly as possible, I turned around, to find the most gorgeous green eyes ever staring shocked at me. My mouth hung open.

We stared at each other for what seemed an eternity, unable to breathe, move or speak. His eyes never left mine and I started to feel dizzy. I took quickly a deep breath and he seemed to do the same thing. We looked at each other for another five seconds, then we both screamed.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" I shook my head shocked, trying to remember what I did last night. Nothing came to my mind. I only remembered being dragged along by Alice and Rose into a horrible club.


"Heck no." I said firmly, crossing my arms across my chest, as the taxi dropped us in front of the club. There was no place in hell I was going to enter that club. I've never been in one of those places. "What if I end up drugged?" I asked horrified, as Rose and Alice burst out laughing. "I'm glad I amuse you."

"Bella, you're watching too much TV. No one will drug you. Stay calm. You're with us." Rose smiled encouragingly, after she stopped laughing. I looked at the door, at Rose, then at Alice, then at the taxis that were coming and leaving. Crap. Why couldn't I just ran away?

"Fine," I said through my teeth. "But if something strange happens, I'm out of here."

They exchanged a glance. Something put me on fire, as I saw their smirks.

"You worry too much, Bella." Alice laughed. "Have fun and maybe we'll find some cute guys tonight. Who knows?"

She took my right hand while Rose grabbed my left one. I filled my lungs with air and entered that damn club. The music was exploding in the docks while everyone was dancing in the middle. The bartenders and waitresses were making cocktails, showing off their tricks while the girls threw themselves at them. God, didn't they know that they look pretty pathetic? A globe was changing the colors in the club constantly: to red, then to green, followed by yellow and so on. Squeals were coming from some girls from the dance floor, followed immediately by whistles. I turned quickly at Rose and Alice, who were searching for guys. I sighed frustrated.

"I need a drink." I mumbled and ordered a Margarita. Alice came to me and squealed.

"Oh my God, this club is full of hot guys." she fanned herself and turned to the bartender, winking seductively at him. "Cosmo, please."

"Where is Rose?" I asked. Alice giggled, pointing to the dance floor. There was Rosalie rubbing herself on a muscular guy. She locked her arms around his neck and started moving her hips, making him to literally drool over her. I rolled my eyes. So Rosalie!

The bartender gave me the Margarita and I drank it all in less than three seconds. I ordered for another one.

"Got to go. My prince charming is waiting for me." she squealed and then danced in some guy's arms. I rolled again my eyes, drinking again the whole Margarita. Then the bartender came with another one. I looked confused at him.

"That lady said to bring you another one." he said, pointing at Alice. Argh! That pixie. I nodded and drank my third Margarita. Ok, I think I'm exaggerating with the alcohol. My head was already spinning and I was starting to laugh like an idiot.

Rose whispered something in the his ear and he nodded. She winked at him, before coming over to me. "He's so hot. Did you see him dancing?" Rose sighed happily and I burst out laughing. "Bella... are you... ok?" she looked confused at me and then saw the Margarita. "Oh. So Alice was serious about it." she snickered.

I got serious for a second. "About what?" I asked, as she asked for two Cosmos. The bartender put one in front of her and the other one in front of me. "Are you trying to get me drunk?" I almost screamed.

Rosalie looked offended, before drinking her cocktail. "Of course not, Bella. Aren't you our friend? Oh look, he winked at me. I got to go." I stared shocked after her and I saw someone wink at me, a blond teenager. I drank quickly my Cosmo.

End Flashback

Oh, I drank four cocktails – from what I remember -, Alice and Rose were dancing with two guys, and I got drunk. Ok, so, what happened next? Why am I here, in this bed, with this green eyed guy? What did I do, God? Why are you angry with me? I promise to go to church, just please, tell me this is a dream. Well, I have to admit it. He's gorgeous, and his tousled bronze hair just makes him sexier. Just look at his chest and his worked abs.

Ok, ok, Bella, but he's still a stranger you made sex with. I mean, you don't even remember his name or how you met him. Oh my God. But what if he rapped me? Maybe he's a pervert who likes to rape girls just for fun. Oh God, oh God, I'm dead. I'm screwed.

"Oh my God. You rapped me." I screamed horrified, holding the sheet tightly around my body. His eyes widened and then scowled.

"I did not. I don't even know you. I don't even remember you." he screamed back.

"Well, then care to explain why the hell are we in the same bed?" I shouted, being extremely irritated. He tried to control his anger and took a deep breath, pinching the bridge of his nose and closing his emerald green eyes. "And by the way, where am I?" I asked, looking around. It was a nice bedroom, with white walls, a sweet dark red carpet on the floor and the curtains were beige.

"My place." he mumbled, through his teeth, his eyes still closed.

I fell onto the pillows, sighing. I was frustrated – because I didn't remember anything -, tired – because I still didn't remember anything – and angry – because Alice and Rose left me alone with him although they knew I was drunk. They'll pay for this. They have no right to scream at me if I accidentally burn their clothes.

"What did I do?" I groaned, hiding under the sheets. I groaned again, as I felt the sheets being pulled off of my face. The most gorgeous green eyes were staring at me.

"You better don't hide your face, if we want to remember what happened last night." he whispered softly, making me blush. I sighed.

My phone started ringing and I startled. I looked at the guy, blushing furiously. "Um... please, can you... can you turn around till I get dressed? I know you already saw me... um, naked... um but, please." I bit my lip, being extremely embarrassed.

He chuckled embarrassed too, before turning around. Oh my God, he looks great. Look at his back. OK, ok Bella, snap out of it. Answer that damn phone and get out of here while you still can.

I answered quickly, while I tried to put my dress on. I almost fell on the floor, when someone screamed in the phone.

"Isabella Swan, where are you? We thought you were dead." Alice screamed, making me more furious. I assume this is their plan to play cool and drive me crazy. They'll say that they are innocent and that nothing seriously happened. Goddamn it, he must zip up my dress.

"I'll talk to you later." I hissed. "Till then, prepare your funeral." I said, snapping my phone shut. I threw it in my purse and cleared my throat loudly. "I know you probably hate me... for appearing... um, in your bed, but... oh God, shoot me... can you please zip up my dress?" I asked, blushing again. He turned around and nodded slowly.

I felt his warm fingers brush lightly against my skin, as he zipped up my dress. I shivered and I thought I heard his erratic breath. I shook slowly my head, trying to escape from that burning feeling his fingers left on my back.

I ran to take my purse and he got out of bed, putting the sheet around his waist. I froze, staring at his chest like an idiot. Oh my, I had to admit it, I was lucky, although I didn't remember anything. I suddenly felt the urge to touch him. He chuckled quietly and I blushed again. Great, Bella, make a fool of yourself.

"Oh yeah I got to go." I mumbled, opening quickly the door.

"Well, if you... need something, you know where I live." I heard him whisper and I saw red. I turned around to face him, suddenly feeling like Xena and I screamed in his face.

"If you think I'm a slut, then sorry to disappoint you, mister. I don't know how the fuck I got here; I only remember being dragged by my ex friends in that damn club. And then they tried to get me drunk, that of course, they succeeded. Now, please, never speak to me again and leave me alone. If I'd slept with you, that doesn't mean I'm your slave."

"I wasn't saying that." he screamed back. "I don't think you're a slut or anything. I don't know what happened either. And if you want not to speak to you again, fine. I won't. I don't even know you."

"Fine." I said angrily and without taking another glance at him, I stormed outside.

I climbed in a taxi and the driver turned around to wink at me. I felt sick. "Hey sweetie."

"Oh shut up and drive." I spat at him and he frowned at me. I closed my eyes, trying to calm down. What did I say to him? Was he just trying to be nice and I screwed up everything? Why did I feel so guilty?

I got out of the taxi and took the elevator. I took a deep breath, before entering the apartment. I opened the door and on the couch were Rose and Alice. They were so relieved to see me that they ran to hug me. Yeah yeah right.

"Bella, we thought we lost you. We are so happy you're home." Rose cried. "Where were you, girl? You scared us shitless."

"Bella, Bella. Don't ever do that to us again, you understand me? We thought aliens came from out of space and kidnapped you. We haven't slept all night, waiting for you." Alice babbled and then I saw the black circles under their eyes.

"I don't know why are you trying to cover this up. I mean, it's your fault I got drunk and happened what happened." I hissed. They exchanged a confused look before returning to me.

"What happened?" Alice asked, then turned to Rosalie. "See? I told you. She has been drugged all night and brainwashed. She's completely lost."

"What are you taking about?' I asked, being pissed off. "Look, it's your fault, because you thought it was a great idea to get me drunk. Then, that guy thought it was a great idea to have sex with me. Then I woke up in his room, remembering nothing of last night. It's that enough complicated to you?" I screamed and they froze, staring at me.

I crossed my arms across my chest, waiting to see what they were going to say in their defense. The first one to speak was Rose.

"Was he hot?" she asked and I snorted. "Ok ok, forget it. Um, I'm sorry Bella. We didn't know. I swear. We didn't know where you were or with who."

"When we come at the bar, you were already gone, so we assumed you were dancing with someone. After two hours, you were still gone and we started to freak out. We searched for you in the whole club, but we didn't find you. Then we decided to call you. You didn't answer. We were so scared that something bad happened to you." Alice mumbled.

"And then we thought you came here, but after we found out you didn't, we were devastated. We're so sorry, Bella. Can you please forgive us?" Rose begged and she and Alice made the puppy looks.

I stared at them for three seconds and then remembered something they said. "Wait. You said you called me." I whispered, searching in my purse for my phone. I took it quickly and looked if I had missed calls from last night. Indeed, there they were. Thirty missed calls from last night and twenty from this morning. All of them from Rose and Alice. I sighed. "Now I must go in my room to die."

"No, no, no. You stay right here and tell us what happened." Alice squealed. "And I want to hear all the juicy stuff." Rose nodded quickly.

I rolled my eyes. "Sorry to disappoint you, guys, but I don't remember anything, like I said. All I know is that I woke up this morning in his bed."

"Uuuhhh." they pouted. "Ok, but was he hot?" Rose continued.

I smiled sheepishly and they took it as a yes. Alice clapped excited and Rose smiled evilly. "He was very hot. He has gorgeous green eyes and bronze hair." I sighed.

"And his body?" Rose asked quickly.

"All muscles." I said and they sighed. But I won't see him again. It was just a one night stand. That was all. He probably forgot me already and I don't blame him. "Shower time." I said as I ran in my room.

"Wait. Did you get his number?" Alice screamed from the living room.

"No." I screamed back and I heard them cuss. "But he told me I could go back to his apartment... if I need something." I continued. He better keeps dreaming. I heard them sigh again.

"Hey but where is your bra?" someone screamed and I realized I forgot it at his place.

"Crap." I screamed.

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