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Five years later

"Happy Birthday, Kathy." everyone clapped and I leaned over, whispering in her ear "Make a wish."

She blew out the candles and laughed lightheartedly, kissing his little brother on the cheek. I and Edward linked arms and I smiled towards Rosalie, who was yelling at Emmett for not taking care of his pregnant wife.

If someone had told me six years ago, that I would be happy with two little kids and a wonderful husband, I wouldn't have believed them. Now I was the happiest woman on Earth.

Edward and I got married five months after Kathy's birthday. It was a simple wedding, with our friends and parents - much for Alice's dismay who wanted to throw a bigger one. I liked it the way it was. And I knew for sure that Edward agreed with me. My dress was created by Alice and I had to say that she outdone herself.

Now at five years old, she's more gorgeous than ever. Renee had already told me she was going to break a lot of hearts. She was smart, funny and obedient; her eyes were the same color as Edward's and her hair was brown and silky, falling on waves down her tiny shoulders.

Soon after our wedding, I got pregnant again. Nine months later, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Anthony, who was now three years old. He was a mini Edward, he also had green eyes and his bronze hair was messy and unruly. He had Edward's charm too. Anthony had the same age as Alice's daughter, Sophie. Her hair was as gold as honey and her eyes were a deep gorgeous blue – definitely a copy of Jasper; but she had Alice's personality. She and Katherine were already best friends, although the relationship between her and Anthony wasn't the best.

As for Emmett and Rosalie, well they had their ups and downs, but after three years, they finally got married. They had a few problems, because Rose couldn't remain pregnant, but eight months ago, she found out she was carrying a baby inside of her.

"What are you thinking?" Edward whispered in my ear.

I sighed and rested my head on his shoulders. "At everything. Can you believe Kathy is already five years old?" I shook my head in amazement.

"It seems like yesterday when we first met."

"I know. And now we have two gorgeous children." I giggled happily, kissing him chastely on the lips.

"Oh, puh-lease. Cut it out, you guys. Here are more than ten kids staring at you." Alice scoffed, covering Sophie's innocent eyes. I blushed, while Edward chuckled and took Anthony in his arms.

"Hey, champ." he tickled him and Anthony laughed. "Do you want cake?"

I frowned. "Edward, remember what your dad told us about sugar."

"Yes, Bella. I do remember what he told us. Don't worry." he winked at me and ran with Anthony in the kitchen.

I sat down on the couch with Alice, staring at our kids and their friends running through the house. I saw our parents talk in one corner, Emmett and Rosalie arguing in the other and Jasper playing with a few kids in the garden.

"Bella, I want to tell you something." Alice whispered towards me and I raised my eyebrows, curious. "But you have to promise me you're not going to tell anybody. You can tell Edward, but Jasper doesn't need to know until I decide to tell him myself." she begged me and I became even more curious.

"What it is, Alice?"

She grinned. "I'm pregnant."

My eyes grew wide and I let out a short scream, and then I hugged her. "Oh my God. This is so awesome. Congratulations, Alice. Really."

"Shhh. Bella, you're ruining it." she frowned at me.


I looked around and almost everyone was staring at us confused. Blue, green or brown eyes were boring into ours and I blushed furiously. They ignored us like nothing ever happened and continued to play together.

I noticed that the adults didn't even hear me and Jasper was in the backyard, so he hadn't heard any of it.

"Whatever." Alice rolled her eyes, smiling. "The point is that you're the first one to know this and I want to tell Jasper tonight." she bit her lip nervously.

"He's going to be so happy, Alice. He's such a good dad." I beamed at her, still shocked by her confession.

"I know. I'm just anxious. This baby wasn't planned. It just happened." she shrugged.

"But that's the best thing about it." I pointed out. "Congratulations again, Alice." I hugged her again and she giggled.

"If you hug me one more time, people will start suspecting something."

"Yeah, well, I'm just so excited." I shrugged, smirking.

We continued talking about our kids, our happy lives when Emmett and Rosalie plopped on the couch next to us. Rose's face was red with anger and Emmett was biting his lip nervously.

I exchanged a short glance with Alice. "Is everything alright?"

Rose glared at Emmett. "He wants to name our son Bentley. That's such a stupid name. Please tell him it is, because he doesn't want to listen to me."

Emmett frowned. "But I like it. It's awesome and unique."

"Unique my ass. It's like naming him Volvo or Mercedes. It's stupid." she fumed and I pursed my lips, trying not to laugh.

"Honestly, Emmett." Alice laughed in her palm. "I agree with Rose."

He suddenly looked at me, full of hope. I had to laugh. "Not you too." he moaned and crossed his arms across his chest.

"Sorry, Em, but I don't like Bentley either." I raised my eyebrows innocently. "But you can use a book. There are millions of names and I think you're going to find the one you'll both love." I suggested and Rose threw me a relieved smile.

Emmett pulled me in a tight hug and I laughed.

Three hours later, the parents came to take their kids home and they thanked us for taking care of them. Edward and I said goodbye to our parents and friends and watched how their cars disappeared after the corner. It was a beautiful Christmas night, everything was white and it was still snowing.

I took Kathy in my arms, while Anthony remained in Edward's.

"Now time to sleep." I sang to both of them and they groaned, Kathy hiding her face in my hair.

Our room was between the two of them. When they both fell asleep, I got in my room and was surprised to find Edward already there. I smiled evilly towards him and he closed the distance between us by taking two steps forward.

He locked his arms around my waist and crushed his lips into mine. I ran my fingers through his hair and the next thing I knew I was pressed up against the wall, my legs wrapped around his waist.

I sighed into his mouth when our tongues met and my hands searched for the buttons on his shirt. He grinned against my lips when I finally threw his shirt on the floor and I giggled quietly.

"Mommy, why is Daddy attacking you?" someone whispered and we both froze.

Edward released me and put his shirt back on, blushing three shades of red. I think my face was the same color as his or worse. I turned around and found Kathy staring at us with big green eyes and I gulped in embarrassment.

I cleared my throat awkwardly, exchanging an embarrassed smile with Edward. "Nothing, sweetheart. Daddy was just tense." I shrugged, hoping she wasn't going to ask me more questions. "Is something wrong, Kathy?"

She pouted sadly and I quickly took her in my arms. "I can't sleep."

"Would you like me to read something to you until you fall asleep?" I suggested, but she shook her head.

"No. Can I sleep here with you and Daddy?" she asked and Edward nodded, chuckling quietly.

"Of course, dear. Come here." he stretched his arms out and I gave her to him. I sighed contently and ran in the bathroom to change in my pajamas.

I stayed with Kathy in the bedroom while Edward changed and I brushed gently her hair. Her eyes were closed, but she wasn't sleeping. I stared at her beautiful little face and smiled lovingly.

Someone cried in the other room and I quickly jumped out of bed, running in Anthony's room.

"What's wrong, baby?" I asked, trying to calm him down. Tears streamed down his cheeks and I brushed them away with my thumbs. "It was just a nightmare. Shhh. Mommy's here."

Taking him in my arms, I brought him in my room. Edward looked at Anthony anxiously and I shook my head, telling him he just had a nightmare.

All four of us cuddled under the covers and I met Edward's hand on top of our two children. I squeezed his hand, while pulling the kids closer to our chests.

"I love you" I mouthed to Edward and he grinned, mouthing the same thing back.

I looked at our two sleeping angels and fell asleep peacefully.